Thursday, December 07, 2006

Team Spirit & Camraderie

No, today's Blog is not about favourite Christmas songs (but thanks for the idea, Kathleen - look for that in the near future!!)

Now that I finally have another Friday Night Lights fan on board, here's an FNL update. (Enjoy, Kenny!)

It's been awhile since I wrote about my new favourite show, so here's your catch-up: In recent weeks, Jason figured out that his best friend, Tim, was sneaking around with his girlfriend, Lyla, and in the last episode, he confronted the two of them about it. Lyla left in tears, and Tim left with a black eye. It was good to see Jason fight back, even though he's in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, that new favourite boy of mine, Matt Sarracen, was trying to woo the coach's daughter, Julie, while her parents were encouraging her to steer clear of football players.

So on Tuesday night, poor ol' Tim Riggins was having a rough time. Rumour had spread regarding his black eye, and his teammates suspected he had fought with Jason. Some of the guys visited Street at the rehab centre, and they coerced him into admitting that he suspected something was going on between Tim & Lyla, and that he had punched Tim. Because all the guys are still loyal to their fallen quarterback, they ganged up on Tim. When he arrived home one night, they emerged from the shadows with baseball bats and smashed his truck up while he cowered inside the cab. Then, the next day, while he was trying to fix his truck up, his on-again-off-again girlfriend Tyra showed up and slapped him across the face.

The strange part is this: While I don't approve of what Tim & Lyla did, and I completely understand everyone's anger and resentment over what happened, somehow I still feel very sorry for Riggins. I think he was so lost and confused and scared after Jason's accident, and the only person who understood how he was feeling was Lyla, because she was just as lost and confused and scared. They turned to each other for comfort, and it went too far, but I hope Jason is able to forgive them, because I think they really do regret their secret liasions. They never intended to hurt thim, and they love Jason too much for this to be the end.

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the night was during the football game, when the Panthers were in need of a spark, and the coach threw Riggins back into the game. After all that had happened, one might have thought his teammates would hang him out to dry, but instead, they rallied behind him and they went on to win the game. It was an amazing demonstration of team spirit and camraderie.

Of course, my FNL recap would not be complete without mentioning my boy Matt Sarracen. The boy is so sweet and wonderful. After Julie finally agreed to go out with him, Matt went to his buddy Landry looking for advice on how to impress her. Of course, Landry told him all the wrong things - to be cool, to act like the quarterback, to strutt his stuff. Just when it looked like Julie was ready to ditch his cocky ass, Matt got a call from Landry, who was at Matt's place taking care of his grandmother. You see, Matt's grandmother is sick - while it's never really been explained, it appears she's suffering from Alzheimer's, and with Matt's dad overseas fighting in Iraq, Matt has been left to care for her alone.

Something had gone wrong, and Matt's grandma had locked herself in a closet, and Landry couldn't get her to come out. So Matt and Julie had to go back to his place so that he could calm his grandma down. When Matt heard his grandmother crying in the closet and begging for her dead husband, Matt deepened his voice and pretended he was his grandfather, asking her to come out. Then he sang "Mr. Sandman" to her, twirled her around, and tucked her into bed, all the while still acting as if he was his grandfather.

I'm telling you, this scene just about broke my heart. It was so unsettling and awkward, with Julie and Landry watching it all in disbelief, and seeing the joy in Matt's grandma's eyes when she thought her husband had come back to care for her. And for the viewers there was the realization that this wasn't the first time Matt had to pretend to be his dead grandfather to bring his grandma peace...Absolutely heart-wrenching. To think that one teenage boy has such a huge responsibility, such a burden in his life, but because she's his grandmother, he has no choice but to be there for her. It's no wonder Matt always seems so troubled and nervous about everything. My dear Lord, I adore him...And I think Julie does too, despite her tentativeness. When he kissed her after the game, she ran away, but judging from next week's scenes, Julie won't be running for long.

The other big storyline this week was that Smash took the money his church raised for him and used it to buy stereoids to enhance his performance on the field. Going up against one of his childhood friends in his old hometown, he was feeling the pressure, and had a scare when he had trouble breathing while working out before the game. He ended up telling his sister that he's been taking "uppers", and I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before Smash's secret comes out, and then there will be hell to pay. We also got a little insight into Smash's life this week, as we learned that the reason his family moved to Dillon was get away from the bad memories in the town where his father died. Smash is a lot like Riggins - there's so many reasons to hate him, but I can't help but sympathize with him. It will be interesting to see what happens next...

This show really is the best new show on TV this year. It's so awesome, I'm already planning to buy it on DVD if it ever comes out. You guys should all check it out!! SERIOUSLY!!

Have a good weekend, gang!


Sharon said...

I don't watch it due to other shows that I would rather watch... so in response, I will give a recap on the OC...

Ryan has been having pornographic day dreams about Taylor ever since she kissed him. So he goes and asks her if she wants to hang out and just as they are about to kiss he gets freaked out. He decides that they would be better off just being friends.

Summer gets suspended from Brown thanks to that Hippe Che she has been hanging out with. So she packs up and leaves. As Seth is going to surprise her.

Upon their return to Newport, Kaitlin has decided to have a huge house party. Finding out that the most popular girl in high school's boyfriend is gay.

Taylor pays a gay guy to pretend to be into her so that she can make Ryan jealous and it so works. After Kaitlin has gotten rid of all her party guests, Ryan and Taylor decide they want to take it slow starting with a little session of 7 minutes in the closet which turns into 8 and 9 and 10 minutes. We get the idea.

Julie has basically turned a dating service into a gigolo service with all the young studs that are now part of their inventory of men.

Kirsten and Sandy audition to be the new Seth as he will be doing to RHISD in the Winter semester. Little does everyone know that he has decided to wait until the following fall semester so that he and summer can take on Rhode Island together.

I really like this season OC... it's much less drama with Marissa gone and things are fresh and new... not the same old same old that was before. Next weeks episode is the famous Christmakkuh episode and Ryan falls off the roof and bumps his head seeing how Newport would be if he had never come to the Cowen's in the first place. Apparently Marissa is alive... so I guess Mischa agreed to do a cameo.

I also watched Survivor but I am assuming that Jill will be recapping that... if not, I would be happy to let you all know who got the boot :)

That's all for now on this chilly morning at Algonquin! Stay Warm people!

Stacy said...

Good Morning - i dont watch Friday Night Lights either, just cuz I dont even know when it is on and I dont think it would interest me...besides Survivor - pretty much now cuz Amazing Race season finale is Sunday and Top Model is done and well Survivor's season finale is the 17th - my tv is usually tuned in on hockey. Anyways is it ever a cold one this morning - like -25 with the wind chill - too cold for me! I guess winter is here - no more nice warm temps...?? Well thats all for now, talk to ya's later

K to the E to the double N and Y said...

Jill I loved the re-cap. I have have asked for the book and movie for Christmas. I agree definatly the best new show on TV.

See ya tonight. I will get Meghan to call you after work.

Stacy said...

What is this talk of the hockey game?
Jill - i thought you mentioned that you were going to go to Atko's or something on Friday night?
Well Ricky's neices grandmother (Relic's mom) passed away suddenly Wednesday morning so we'll be in Campbell's Bay Saturday for the funeral and stuff...but maybe we'll see ya at the parade. Have a good day

priscilla said...

The only show I watched last night was Survivor, and it was a close call for my Survivor pool pick, but luckily Adam was spared. I hope Sara Beer is listening to Chez 106 today. It is the anniversary of John Lennon's death, and they are playing only John Lennon and Beatles tunes all day. Well tomorrow I am off to ugly Toronto with Chad and Woermke and Steph. I wonder if the Christmas party will be as wild and crazy as last year. The girls who danced on the table aren't supposed to be going this year, and I'm not sure if Scott will leave his Davy Crockett hat at home. Chad said there are different people going from the Ottawa office this year, so maybe it will be even crazier, who knows. I am looking forward to the nice hotel. They have good pillows. So have fun at the Quyon parade of lights and at Atko's tonight if any of you go.

Jill said...

Good Morning guys!
Stacy: Meghan & I are going to Luke & Kenny's hockey game tonight, and then on to Atko's - that's why all the talk of "the hockey game".
Sharon: Thanks for the O.C. update -I'll be watching next week, because I love the whole Chrismukkah thing. I'll be doing my Survivor Blog this weekend...VERY happy with last night's results!!
Kenny: I knew you'd like my FNL Blog...It was especially for you. And yeah, if I don't hear from Meghan, I'll call her on her cell. Very excited!!
PK: Have fun at the Toronto Christmas Party!! Just try not to drink the water...Remember what I said about it earlier this week...;o)
Everybody have a GREAT weekend...If you're going to the parade, enjoy - and hopefully I'll see some of you there!

Stacy said...

PK - holy they go far for a Christmas Party - well thats good though, something to do.
Is it Foundation at Atko's Jill?

Jill said...

Yep, it's Foundation...Chris keeps emailing me to tell me when they're playing. I don't know if they're getting small crowds or what, but he seems like he really wants us to come up and see them!

Kenny said...

Jill FYI Meghan will be at my house so call her there. I already told her to call you after work. I would leave my number on hear, but then all you crazy women would have and start stalking me over the phone.

stacy said...

Haha - Kenny - thats funny!
Well have fun then seeing Chris tonight - finally. I'm sure Ricky and I will have an eventful night of watching Pirates of the Caribean, or Beerfest, or Accepted or Miami Vice. Anyways I have my Open House so I'll be around for a couple of hours to devour the chocolate dipped strawberries and yummy hors d'oeuves then off to Walmart maybe to find an outfit to wear tomorrow to the funeral.
Talk to ya's later!
Have a good weekend if I don't see ya's.

priscilla said...

Stacy-the Enbridge head office is in Toronto and Ottawa is just a branch, and there are other branches too, so Toronto is kind of the middle. But I don't see why Ottawa can't just have their own Christmas party by themselves. The hotel room is free for the night. But now it looks like we won't be going. I just got a call from Chad -Stephanie rolled her truck last night in Bristol, so now they are not going. She told me the road was icy, and that shit happens, and that she is ok. Chad said we will talk more about it tonight, but he doesn't like the other people who are going, so we probably won't be going. I won't miss the strange single old men asking me to dance, so it doesn't really matter. My cousin Gerry is getting married tomorrow too, so we can go to the reception. Chad hasn't met the Kluke family yet, so that will be an adventure for him, let me tell you.

Jill said...

Hahaha Kenny...That's cool, I know you're number, so no fear of all the "crazy women" here stalking you on the I'll call Meghan at your place if she doesn't call me first.
Stace: You must've hit Blockbuster! Have fun with your movie night. And now you've got me craving chocolate-dipped strawberries!!
PK: That's too bad about your Christmas party, but I'm glad to hear Steph's OK - that must've been scary for her! Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a good time!

Sharon said...

Wow that is scary about Steph! I was behind Ryan thismorning and it looked like there was a passenger but I didn't understand why Steph would drive in with him. Poor her... man... I am traumatized just thinking about it...

priscilla said...

I just hope her insurance claim goes okay. Everybody it seems has bad experiences with claims, and then they are all cursing us. She told me she didn't want to talk to 'the other one' when I was passing her call to a broker, but Colette is in the Coulonge office today and I wouldn't do that to her. So Jen took her call and got her set up. Oh well, if I don't go to TO I will be able to get more Christmas baking done. And I have all the lights up outside, I just have to find extension cords to plug them in. But nobody else on our road have their lights turned on yet, so I still have time.

Anonymous said...

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