Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas House Tour 2006

Last night was the Quyon United Church's Annual Christmas House Tour. I know a few of you were on the tour, but for those of you who weren't, come along with me and I'll give you the tour right now! I'm not one to really critique home decor, but here were some of the highlights at each home:

Rick & Monique Lavignes' - This old stone house off the highway was so cozy and warm to go in to. Off the back of the sitting room was a closed-off porch that had Christmas balls of all shapes and sizes hanging from above. There were two beautifully-decorated trees, one in the kitchen and one in the dining room - I loved the pears that adorned the branches. The boughs decorated with berries and pine cones over every doorway were gorgeous and added a very elegant but simple touch. In the kitchen, snowflakes were hung from the ceiling, and daughter Virginia had hand-made giant snowflakes to hang in the windows. It just gave the feeling of "going home for Christmas".

Lorne Brady's - A log cabin nestled at the foot of the mountain, this home was filled with antiques and little bits of history. The tree was decorated with strings of popcorn, and the banister was strung with a homemade garland made of cinnamon sticks and dried fruit. I was shocked to see a china cabinet identical to the one in my grandmother's home. Shirley-Mae Davis' embroidery and quilting were on display all over the house. The upstairs loft was filled with antique dolls and Christmas decorations, as well as old beds, including a bassinet that came from the hospital in Shawville in 1961. I just felt like I was on Little House on the Prairie!

Bill & Susan Hamiltons' - At this home, we discovered the perfect balance between the sentimental crafts that children make and classy, elegant Christmas decor on display. Sue greeted everyone with glasses of cider or wine, dressed as Mother Christmas, while Bill played the piano in a wonderfully inviting atmosphere. Their tree upstairs was decorated in a musical theme with all of the kids' favourite Christmas storybooks on the floor beneath it, while the tree in the basement featured homemade ornaments that Jared & Lindsay had made as children, as well as one ornament that Bill had made in Kindergarten. The veranda also featured a manger scene and many candles to light the way. It was clearly a home that treasures old memories and invites new traditions.

Dave & Joey-Lou Bakers' - An old house that has been modernized, the Christmas decor was simple but so beautiful. Both the kitchen and dining room tables were set for Christmas dinner with gorgeous centrepieces and dishes. There were Christmas trees in the dining room, and both of the kids' upstairs bedrooms. (I was particularly fond of Michael's Senators-themed bedroom, while Ashley's had a tree decorated in pink to match the colour scheme of her room). I also fell in love with the bathroom, which was lit by candles and had several small Christmas decorations on display. Their backyard pool area may not have been intentionally set up for viewing on the tour, but peering through the window at the snow-covered pool and surroundings, it looked almost magical - like a winter wonderland!

Of course, the last stop on the tour was the church itself, where the basement was crowded with people sampling the refreshments and discussing the beautiful homes we had all just visited. As Sara & I always note, it's both an inspiring and depressing event - so many ideas, but we don't have our own homes yet to decorate, and even if we did, would our decor ever look that good? Probably not.

Nevertheless, it's an enjoyable evening, with lots of Christmas spirit and friendly faces. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


K said...

you know me like the back of your hand.....I was expecting a preview of tonight's game between the Sens and Hasek.

By the way are you getting the game?

Stacy said...

Nice recap of the tours Jill - i missed it this year because i had a doctors appointment - and of course Dr. MacLellan was running late so it's a good thing I didn't arrange to meet you somewhere or something. Well it was my last doctors appointment with Dr. MacLellan, December 26th I go to OBS Clinic at the hospital to get to know the doctors that may deliver me (however Dr MacLellan may also be there as he is assisting the team). I am almost 34 weeks - and in the last 5 weeks, I only gained 3 lbs, not suer what happened there seeing how I was gaining almost 10 lbs every month. My blood is a little low, so I am to take Iron Supplements just so i don't become anemic afterwards and lose energy...better to be safe than sorry right. So other than that, her heartbeat is nice and strong, everything is good - she's not breech, her head is down (for now anyways) - we're ready for her I think - still a few things needed in her room but that will come over the holidays I am sure.
Anyways I did go home yesterday Jill as I had no water at work and I wasn't walking around downtown to go to the washroom when I have to go every like 15 minutes. So we had a paid day off! It was nice to relax cuz Sunday night I didn't sleep too well. Anyways that's all for now - better get back to the drawing board.
Have a wonderful day

Sharon said...

Lovely recaps Jill! I liked the house tours. The people were nice and the houses were beautiful!

Must get back to work, iwll check in later.

priscilla said...

I had the pleasure of a holiday yesterday. My mom and Jeremy and I went Christmas shopping in Pembroke. We started out at 9, but then we get out to Otter Lake and we had to turn around because the highway was closed from the big accident. So it took longer to get there, I went by Beachburg because my mom had never been that way before. We stopped at Sunset Nursery to look at their Christmas stuff. They have a Christmas Barn with lots and lots of decorated trees and other ornaments and all sorts of Christmas things. I recomend anyone who loves Christmas to go there, although it is quite expensive, but you get good ideas even if you don't buy anything. We then went to Wal-Mart which was super busy for a Monday I thought, it felt like a weekend shopping day. Then to Reitmans and Canadian Tire, then to the mall. While at the mall, I went in the jewellery store which is closing and everything is 50% off. So if any guys are reading, you can get some good deals for your sweetie there. I looked at the rings, but there's only a few left, nice ones though at good prices. On our way out of the mall I noticed a new Peoples jewellery store, which was apparently there the last time we were in Pembroke and the store that I walked right by when I came into the mall. But it was the first time I had seen it. So I said to my mom that we should go in and look just for fun. They had some gorgeous rings, then the lady came over and talked to us, and explained a bunch of stuff to me, then I ended up trying some on, you know, just practicing in case in the future maybe I would have to try them on. She let me try on their most expensive in the store, a $10,000 ring, a full 1 carat, Canadian diamond mined in the NWT. But I didn't find it any more special than the cheap ones. I learned that there are many decisions to make when buying an engagement ring. You have to decide white or yellow gold, what type of cut of the diamond, whether you want the banding on the sides, if you want to buy a set or pick out a wedding band to match the engagement ring. It's very complicated but that lady was helpful and I will need help when it comes time, if it ever does. I hope I didn't scare Chad when I told him about the 10 grand ring. Although he was very relieved to hear that I liked the cheaper ones better. Anyways, I am now about half done my shopping which makes me feel better.

sara said...

Hi Guys

I loved the house tours and my mind is swimming with ideas now. I can hardly wait to do more decorating tonight! I'm sure my dad will love me. Katie, Kelly and I are going to renfrew after school tonight. They nee dto get soem shooping done, and I have to pick up stuff for mom from dad.
Pk- that's funny about the ring...it was the topic of conversation Friday night at Graham's. I will tell you about it Saturday at pot-luck.
Stacy- glad to hear everything is good with you and the baby!
Have a great day everyone!

Sharon said...

Sara, I forgot to mention, I got our nice Christmas card! Thank you!

Jill said...

Happy Lunchtime!

Kenny: Sorry, I have to balance the hockey talk with everything else...Perhaps a re-cap tomorrow for the boys. I also may have to stay up to watch FNL... As far as I know we're ordering the game tonight. You???

Stacy: Glad to hear the baby is healthy and that everything is good! Hope you had a nice day at home yesterday!

PK: Sunset Nursery sounds cool! Sue had mentioned that they were doing that and it's supposed to be super-nice. I also had to laugh when you mentioned the $10,000 ring... I've heard about it a few times in relation to Sara...LOL..

I'm feeling very festive today. I just keep humming Xmas songs and I want to wrap presents and eat cookies or something. My mom's "gift" arrived in the mail today and I sneakily got Grace to yoink it from the box before Mama got there to get the mail...I'm so slick!

Sharon said...

Wel are Christmassy here at work as well. We have given everyone holiday names... here are a few:

Erin Sample : Sample Claus
Marc Brigden: MarckleToe
Margaret Cayen: Candy Cayen
Katherine Noble: NobleDoph
Heather: Holly Heather
Rick Racine: Racine Sleigh

We have put signs up and everything. Unfortunately, my brain is tapped out and can't think of any other for the rest of the staff... but I should to make it fair. Oh and Marc doubed me Rendle Bells

That's all for now!

K said...

Jill, this just in. Dr. Merideth Grey poses in an upcoming playboy. She isn't nude though :(


Jill said...

This just in: McDreamy is posing COMPLETELY NUDE in Playgirl.

OK. I made that up. But good for Meredith for keeping her clothes on. I respect her so much for that!