Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hot Giant Chicks

Anybody else have a boring-ass weekend? 'Cause I did. Nothing exciting happened at all. But last weekend was so busy that this weekend was bound to be a let-down.

So I guess I'll go ahead and re-cap this week's Amazing Race episode while it's still fresh in my memory!

You may recall that the Barbies finished in last place when we last all met at the Pit Stop, but they were given a second chance and marked for elimination in this leg. They are my least favourite team still in the competition, so I was really rooting for their demise tonight.

Teams went winding down the Morrocan mountain roads - way scarier than our local Mountain Road - and that was when Kimberly made the observation that she was not fond of all the dogs in the mountains. Then she said, "Oh wait...They're lambs." Rob then corrected her by saying that they were actually goats. This led to him point out a field of cows and sarcastically ask: "Hey babe...What kind of animal is that?" Definitely one of my favourite moments of the show.

Teams then flew to Barcelona, Spain, with all of the groups teaming up against the Barbies, despite their desperate plea to Tyler & James to let them pass them if it came down to a race between them first place. Pfffttttt! said the Hot Boys. As if!! (Okay, they didn't say that...Then they really would've sounded gay. But that was what they meant). Tyler & James are smart boys, though - they know that when it comes down to a foot race, they can beat Bama with much greater ease than the Barbies. The Barbies must go!!

At the Roadblock, one team member had to find a butcher, take a bunch of camel meat to a café, grind up the meat, spice it up, skewer it, cook it, and eat it. The Hot Boy loved it - he said it tasted like a really good burger. It didn't appear to be that difficult a task. Lyn had to put up with Karlyn yammering away at her to eat faster, and I thought the Sistahs were gonna pound each other over it, but they made it. Kim gagged a few times, but I didn't understand why she was eating the camel to begin with. If I remember correctly, when they were eating the cow lips a few weeks ago, Rob finished much more quickly than Kim, but for some reason, he absolutely refused to eat camel. So Kim was allowed a few gags.

By this point, all the teams were completely flabbergasted to find the Barbies all caught back up to them and chasing the Hot Boys for first. It was pissing me off too.

Somewhere in there, everybody raced around in a big maze. I'm not sure why. At the Detour, teams either had to dress up like giants and parade around Barcelona looking for another giant to give them their clue, or search through a mountain of tomatoes for the clue while being pummeled by locals tossing more tomatoes at them.

The Hot Boys and the Barbies both chose to slug it out in the hot & heavy giant get-ups, while Rob & Kim and Bama went with the tomatoes. Kim had a little freak-out when she started getting hit with tomatoes, and she spent a lot of time screaming at Rob that she wanted to go to the other task. Rob, however, seemed completely oblivious to her shouts of protest. He was far too busy chucking tomatoes at their assailants.

Now, I'm not quite sure what happened next, because I switched over on commercial to Video On Trial over at Much, and I was shocked to see one of the "jury members" was Pete Zedlacher, who performed with Yuk Yuks at the Lions Hall here in Quyon a few years ago. (For those of you who were with me and remember, he was the dude who I bought a DVD from. And he's hilarious). I watched Pete for a few minutes, and by the time I returned to the Race, Rob & Kim were jumping onto the mat at the Pit Stop in first place. I guess Kim must have composed herself enough to find the clue in the tomatoe mountain. Either that, or they made quick work of the giant race! In any case, we got to see the sensitive side of Rob as he broke down in tears - I absolutely loved it. I absolutely love Rob.

Bama found their clue in the tomatoe mountain fairly quickly as well, despite some serious whining by Karlyn, who wanted to bail too. Good thing they perservered. They landed in second place.

So that left my Hot Boys and the Barbies duking it out in their giant outfits for last place. All of the mystery was taken out of the grand finale, though, as they were neck-and-neck, and knowing the Barbies would be suffering a 30-minute penalty no matter what, they were guaranteed to be eliminated. But it was seriously funny to hear one of the hot boys proclaim from beneath his giant's skirt: "I'm a hot giant chick!"

As it turns out, they finished in third, with the Barbies hot on their heels, but it was finally time to say good-bye to the Beauty Queens. And no, girls, we never thought you sat around and played with your tiaras all day.

Can't wait for the finale next week! I'm still rooting for Tyler & James, but I wouldn't mind if Rob & Kim won. But judging from the clips they showed in the teaser for next week, the smiles on the faces of those Hot Boys as they dashed for the finish line were the smiles of a couple of Hot Millionaires!!

One closing note: I'll be absent from the Blogosphere on Monday - I have the day off to do my Christmas shopping, so Mom & I are heading to Bayshore. Hope you all have a great day!!


Stacy said...

Have a fun trip to Bayshore - I hate malls...actually i went to Rideau on Friday and it wasnt that bad, i dont know if the weather had something to do with it but i didnt find it crowded and i wasnt waiting in lines at all so that was good. Still a few things to get for Christmas yet....almost done though!
Jill - i had a boring weekend too - we just relaxed, got our christmas lights up outside, Ricky put the plastic on our windows and cleaned the back room - i tidied up the baby's room - Ricky put up her letters on the wall and the curtain, i organized things, washed all the clothes, got my bag together, just have to add her things - just in case, i could technically go any time now!!
So this coming weekend is the big Christmas Parade in Quyon - hopefully it is nice!
Anyways im off to work!

Sharon said...

My weekend was okay, took a trip to the city on Saturday and spent a good full day of shopping. Just for fun shopping though so it wasn't stressful at all.

Sunday I decorated my tree and cleaned house and finished wrapping the last of the gifts and taggins and ribboning them all. My house is almost fully decorated on the inside. I don't think we'll do anything outside this year as we are not prepared to put anything up in this weather...

Friday's drive home was crazy. I went 50 km the whole way home, it took me 2 hours. My road wasn't even plowed but I made it to my lane way and just off the road and I was stuck and couldn't go no further. I went to the house and changed and went back out and was able to back out and get back on the track in the road. I went 60 the whole way to Waynes moms place and made it in their lane way and told Wayne we would need to take the truck home.

Tonight is AquaFit, I haven't been in a week. But I am hyped to go tonight.

Today is a non stress day at work... so I am happy with that.

priscilla said...

It's nice weather to be on the roads today. I have next Monday off to go shopping, so I hope there isn't a blizzard or anything. But if that happens I guess I can just stay home and bake. I hate malls too when it's busy, but hopefully a Monday will be quieter than the weekend. The Mexicans made it home okay. Mark called from the airport in Montreal at 4:30 yesterday. None of the animals died or got lost, so I guess I did an okay job babysitting them. On Saturday night we watched the parade in Shawville. It was okay, but it didn't seem that long and none of the floats stood out for me. It was nice to have the snow for the parade, makes it feel more like Christmas now. And I'm more in the Christmas spirit too. I'm making an order from Sears today, so that will be my start on my shopping. I just hope everything is available that I want. So about the potluck, is there anything that I need to bring? I think you guys already have enough cookies and squares that I shouldn't bring some of those. What about chips and dip or Tostitos and salsa dip? Is the carolling still on?

Stacy said...

the dip and chips sounds fine to me Priscilla - well if Jill's mom is making desserts and like i said, i can bring some of mine too - we may have enough of those -and as far as i know, carolling is a go!!

Sharon said...

For an awesome sounding chip dip go to and go to healthy choices or something and it's at the bottom, they remade the 6 layer chip dip and omg, it looks awesome, I am making some for the Christmas Cookie Exchange so I will let you all know how it tastes!