Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rayzer Worth $10.95

Last night, we paid up the $10.95 Pay-Per View fee to catch the Sens taking on the Detroit Red Wings in Motown, and it was definitely a worthy investment. The Sens won 3-2, and to say that Ray Emery was solid in nets would be an understatement. The Rayzer was positively stellar, stopping 43 of 45 shots, and he basically kept the Senators in a game they really had no right to be in.

They were extremely fortunate to escape period 1 with a 0-0 tie. Emery had to stand on his head, and all the Sens could muster were a couple of measly shots on net, compared to the 18 that the Red Wings fired on them. Things were looking pretty bleak after that first frame, with Emery being the only bright spot for the Sens.

However, the Sens opened the second period with a little more jump, and they took advantage of their opportunities. First, Jason Spezza scored on a break-away, and then Chris Neil re-directed a blast from Christoph Schubert past the Dominator - who, by this point, wasn't looking so Dominating. While Emery had kept the Sens in the game, good ol' Dom appeared to be letting his team down. Moments later, Spezza capitalized again, as the Red Wings defence basically let him walk to the net untouched, and he made no mistake.

Now, one would think we'd be free and clear with a three-goal cushion at the mid-point of the game, but Detroit didn't just roll over and die. 25 seconds after Spezza's second goal, they came storming back and took advantage of the Sens scrambling around in their own end. Before the end of the period, they added another goal, to bring them within one. This all set up a very entertaining third period. Once again, the Red Wings were coming hard at the Sens, but Emery was the star of the show, shutting them down, making stop after stop (and one was definitely highlight-reel worthy as he stuck his arm out on a Pavol Datsyuk shot that otherwise would have been a sure goal).

At the end of the night, the Sens skated away with the victory over their old buddy Hasek and his Detroit Red Wings, and the victory had to taste sweet for Ray Emery, who was certainly deserving of his "First Star" status. (The final shot count was 45-22 for Detroit, and the scoring chances were tallied at 18-8 for Detroit). The Sens were able to snap their three-game losing streak, they stayed out of the penalty box when it mattered, and the win provided hope that this team can survive without Daniel Alfredsson and Wade Redden - at least, for a little while.

I was so pumped after the game that I couldn't sleep, so I watched Friday Night Lights - and it was, once again, an awesome episode. With the Cheer America Championships approaching, Lyla was having trouble focusing on her cheerleading, with many of her teammates turning against her in the wake of the rumours of her cheating on Jason with his best friend, Tim Riggins. One girl even put some nasty stuff on the Internet about her, causing Lyla to crumble and quit the cheer squad.

Tim tried to make things better for her by joining her for lunch in the cafeteria, but it only drew the shocked stares of their classmates, and Lyla begged him to leave her alone. This led to Tim going to see Jason, who had just returned home from the rehab centre, and he explained to him how Lyla was going through hell, and that she loved him more than anything and that she'd made a mistake that deserved his forgiveness. Even though Tim loves her too, he sacrificed his own feelings for her, and pleaded with Jason to take her back. Then Tim went to Lyla and encouraged her to re-join the cheer squad, which she did just in time for the championship, and lo and behold, there was Jason in the stands watching. Tim stepped in and did what was right for his best friend and the girl he loves, even though it means he'll continue to suffer. I just love Riggins!!

And the other boy that I love, Matt Sarracen, was battling with the coach and Mrs. Taylor for the right to continue dating Julie. I'm not quite sure why the coach and his wife are so against Matt. He's so sweet and good-natured. He's definitely not your typical cocky high school jock. However, the coach did catch some of the guys joking about Matt and Julie in the locker room, which did not go over well, even though Matt wasn't the one doing the trash-talking. My favourite moment of the night, though, had to be when the coach crashed Julie & Matt's TV date, and of course, Matt jumped up to leave, not wanting to upset Coach Taylor. When he went to say bye to Julie, he stumbled and mumbled for a minute, then he reached out and shook her hand. It was so cute, and I had to laugh. It's a good thing Julie & Matt are determined to stick together, because they are an adorable couple.

So as you guys might be able to figure out, I'm more interested in the non-football part of this show - the relationship side of it all. Football really is only a small part of the storyline; most of the show is about what's happening off the field. I was disappointed that there were no scenes for next week, which likely means that FNL has gone on a Christmas hiatus, and that really sucks, because I can't wait to see what happens with Jason & Lyla, and Tim, and Matt & Julie, and Smash. I know I've said it many times before, but this really is the best new show on TV!

Have a good day, everyone!


Kenny said...

Jill loved the recaps. I was going to go over and watch the game with you but didn't know if I could stay up late enough to watch FNL at 11:00.

Did you also see that they are changing the night of the show to Wednesday. I'm going to need your help in the New Year to keep with the show. I told Randy to get us a PVR for Christmas, so if he comes through I won't need you to tape it but if not I will get you some tapes to keep me up to date.

Jill said...

You should have come over - I taped FNL on the downstairs TV and watched it right after the game, I was all tucked in by 11

I did not see that they're changing the show to Wednesdays...I don't like that, now I'll have nothing to watch on Tuesdays. Oh well, at least that means it hasn't been cancelled; maybe it will get better audience numbers on Wednesdays. Don't worry, if you don't get a PVR, I'll keep you on track with FNL!!

Kenny said...

I read in Sports Illustrated that its the most watched TV show in America these last few weeks.

Wednesdays isn't that bad for you cause the Sens play so many Tuesdays.

I was considering quiting hockey if you couldn't tape it. The show is just that good.

Stacy said...


Glad to see that Kenny is a regular blogger now - not one of these silent readers...!
Well everyone, hard to believe that Christmas is like 11 days away and we have no snow - kinda depressing actually having this mild weather - i am not complaining cuz it is saving us a lot on oil, however, all this does is makes me feel down - its dark outside today and the roads are slippy. Anyways maybe we'll get a big snow storm Christmas Eve like usual...cross our fingers (well those who enjoy the snow)!!
4 more days of work then I'm off for the holidays until after New Years - YEAH - can't wait, although I will most likely be bored out of my tree. Finishing up some presents tonight, my mom's tonight, my dad's will be in Friday - then I'm pretty much done - with a week to spare to grab some little things.
Anyways i'll check back in later - for those interested - the Equity has been updated! Actually first thing this morning.

Jill said...

Good Morning Stace!

I know what you mean about the weather - I'm kind of torn about it all this year. Everyone knows I love snow; if I had my way, we'd have three feet of it by now. And it's definitely depressing me that it's all melting away right now. Like, seriously - plus 7 in December?? Sheesh! And I checked the Weather Network 14-day Trend and all it's showing is above-average temperatures right up until Christmas - even raindrops on the 24th. That's going to TOTALLY piss me off if it's a green Christmas. However - the guys here at the farm keep reminding me that if it snows Christmas Eve, they won't be having very merry Christmases out plowing and all that. So I guess for their sake, I should be praying for warm weather. I just think Christmas sucks without snow.

Sharon said...

AWESOME recap jill. I did not pay perview the hockey game because I would not have been able to stay up that late. But you had an awesome recap! I simply love the good old hockey game!

Today is the 1st day of Christmas in the 12 days of Christmas song... so we should all get a partridge in a pair tree. :)

Last night I watched Degrassi... and with Top Model over I don't know what I will do with myself on wednesday night. The SENS should start playing on wednesdays!

Today has been busy hectic! I can't wait to go home. I am sending out christmas cards at lunch. And then that will be done.

Jill I recieved your lovely card yesterday evening as I was picking up the mail. Thank you!

Partridges in Pair Trees to all!

Jill said...

Hey Sharon! Glad to hear you got your card! The post office must be very speedy - just sent them on Monday! And I'm glad you enjoyed the recap of the hockey game.

I think tonight, seeing there's no hockey or TV shows to watch, I'm going to start my gift wrapping. I still have a few little things to pick up to complete a few gifts, but most of them are ready to be wrapped. It's my favourite part...Can't wait!

Stacy said...

We're stopping to get more Christmas presents tonight so by the time I get home, it will be bath time and bed!!
Jill - we also received your christmas card - thanks
Sara - thank you too - i was quite disappointed that Ricky's name was first though :( - haha just kidding!
It's so funny, both of ya's wrote something about having Madyson in the new - although, i had a dream lastnight that it was a boy - cross your fingers!!!
I don't want my Maddy turning into a Matty.
Anyways I'm sure there will be a Christmas show or something on - speaking of which, Jill have you seen the cartoon Grinch or Frosty or Rudolph - they were both on every night i think??

Jill said...

LOL...I watched the Grinch on Monday night, but I still haven't been able to watch Rudolph or Frosty. I hope some of those good Christmas shows are on tonight, because there's nothing else on, and it would be fun to watch Christmas shows while wrapping presents. I know I have Mickey's Christmas Carol & Santa Claus is Coming to Town on tape somewhere, so if there's nothing else on, I'll dig out those tapes. Good luck with your shopping tonight!

Sharon said...

Frosty Returns was on last night after Coronation Street... but that's only 7:30... what about 8:00, I might have to pull out my own copy of the cartoon Grinch!

Sara and Jill did the same with my card, they both mentioned that this is mine and Waynes first Christmas Married and we should cherish it and make it special. Nice notes from both.

Man I wish that Jack Frost would come back to Canada! I am not liking this green and plus temperatures are just making my Christmas Spirit run away crying! Yeah it's a big baby!

Jill said...

That's funny that Sara and I are writing similar notes in our cards!!

And I'm not liking these warm temperatures either. There's grass poking out of the snow and it's so slushy and muddy and gross. Ugh. Really not good for the Christmas spirit.

priscilla said...

You dudes might have to celebrate Christmas up in Otter Lake. We've still got quite a bit of snow, no grass poking through yet! But I am afraid that if this weather keeps up all our snow might melt before the big day.

Anonymous said...

Habs rule

Kenny said...

Jill its already 20 to 11, there can't be that many people wanting sod

Jill said...

No, but it just took me a really long time to write many interruptions this morning! (Todd's here...and for anyone who has ever heard me talk about Todd, you know that I've had a crazy morning!!)

Jill said...

And believe it or not, I did sell 50 rolls of sod this morning. Damned warm weather.