Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day Boredom

*Note: I wrote this Blog yesterday, but for some reason it didn't publish...so here it is now, a day late, but like anyone out there is reading anyway!! ;o)

Happy Boxing Day!! I do realize that most of you are sharing the holidays with your families, and probably your last thought is to log on to Jill's World, but to be quite frank, I'm bored to tears, so I thought I'd come here and talk to myself.

It's been a recent revelation of mine that Christmas Eve is actually the best part of the holidays, and this year was no exception. Everything else kind of pales in comparison. (Okay, the Christmas morning hype around here with breakfast, stockings, and presents is pretty cool too.) But Christmas Eve was rockin' this year. Probably the best Christmas Eve in the past few years.

We went to Patti's, as usual, and I think that almost everyone was there. Even my cousin Jim, who had threatened to go South for the holidays. I took many photos, and if I show any of you the snaps, you'll get a pretty good indication of how much fun we all had...and how buzzed I got. I was mixing my own rye'n'cokes a little strong. Then there was the Tequila Rose (which I at one point licked off Randy's bar), and the Jagermeister (no idea how to spell that!)...Lots of guitar, lots of the Coconut Song, lots of good food. When Brandon, Kayla, Jim, Chris, Luke, Kristen, and I were the last to stumble out around 1:30, all I could think was what an awesome party it had been. I barely even noticed that there was no snow to frolick in!

So I figured I'd be able to sleep in Christmas morning, after all that alcohol consumption, but apparently that had no effect on my Christmas Spirit, because my eyes fluttered open a mere four hours later, at 5:30. I forced myself to doze on and off for another two hours before I heard Ma stirring in the kitchen, so I joined her for coffee. Kara, Chris, and Luke were next to rise, so we had sticky buns and mini quiches while we waited for Dad & Caden to wake up. By 9:30, the stockings had been opened and we were working on gifts. Highlights for me were the black puffy vest I've been asking for for three years, another season of Friends, a Karaoke machine, the game Cranium, the new Hip CD, the Rockstar Supernova CD (still love Lukas!!), Dirty Dancing, and a black half-zip fleece.

But then, that's when the Christmas let-down comes in. I've basically been lazing around ever since, snacking, watching movies, and being bored. We don't have any family functions to go to now, and while Luke has been gone with Kristen to her family stuff, I've been stuck doing nothing. It's called the Boxing Day Boredom. And I'm now sharing that with all of you!!

I hope Santa was good to all of you and that you continue to enjoy the holidays!!

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