Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What's Shaking in Genoa City?

Good morning, gang!

Well, I know I have a few Young & the Restless fans out there, so this Blog is for YOU!! I'll admit, I've been an on-again, off-again fan of the show for years, and I haven't paid a whole lot of attention over the past year to what's been happening in Genoa City. However, last week I started watching more faithfully again, and boy, did I pick a good week to start tuning in!

As an ice storm hit the city, it seemed like everyone was dealing with trauma. Half of the town was stuck at Indigo where the Art Benefit was supposed to be held, including JT, who was worried about Colleen trying to get from the school to Indigo in the treacherous conditions. Little did JT know that Colleen was not only safe & sound at the school, she was also getting better acquainted with Professor Korbel. I detest the new Colleen and this cocky professor dude. Poor JT's at Indigo on his cell, trying desperately to reach her, and she's ka-noodling with her teacher. Ugh. JT and Colleen are one of my favourite couples on TV, but I really hate where their story arc is taking them.

Meanwhile, Phyllis, who is way overdue with her baby, got trapped in an elevator with her ex Jack, and of course she goes into labour. It's daytime drama, people. Did anyone think she wouldn't go into labour?? Personally, though, I think this storyline has been overused. It's already been done many times, including on Saved by the Bell, when Zack delivered Mrs. Belding's bouncing bundle of joy while trapped in an elevator. But back to Phyllis...She had sent hubby Nick home to get her hospital bag just as the storm hit, but do you think he had a smooth trip? No. He came upon an accident, so he stopped to help. Naturally, it was Phyllis' son Daniel and his wife Lily, and Daniel was in bad shape, so Nick had to rush to help them.

So now we have Phyllis giving birth in an elevator with her ex-husband Jack acting as her coach and doctor, while her new husband Nick is rushing her son Daniel to the hospital with his wife Lily giving him CPR in the back of Nick's car.

Of course, I'm only giving you a few of the plots that are unfolding here. There's also Brad and Sharon, and Victor and Nikki and Victoria, and Kevin and Janna, and so many more. It's almost as bad as Passions! (Okay, not quite...)

By the end of yesterday's episode, JT had picked Colleen up at the school and had no suspicions of the naughty rendez-vous his girlfriend had just had with her prof...But if I get my way, JT will find out soon enough and kick her booty to the curb. Then I'll step in as his new love interest. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Jack had safely delivered Nick & Phyllis' baby girl in the elevator, and they arrived at the hospital shortly after Nick arrived with an unconcious Daniel and a frantic Lily. Moments later, Lily announced that Daniel was going to be fine and the CPR Nick had instructed her to give Daniel had saved his life. After Lily thanked Nick for rescuing them, he was whisked away to meet his new baby daughter.

Just another day in Genoa City!!


Kenny said...


Did you find out if FNL is a repeat??

Jill said...

Kenny, you better watch yourself, or you're going to get kicked off the Blog. ;o)

No, I didn't find out, I'll check right now.

Sharon said...

I am really not a big fan of the day time soaps. They remind me of Aunt Bridget babysitting us and we would have to watch them when al we really wanted to do was watch cartoons. I am a huge fan of prime time stuff... the day time... BLA (5 thumbs down, WAY down)

Last night I didn't watch much of anything... wait a tic, that's not true! The Grinch was on last night. The cartoon one! I watched it by myself as Wayne was visiting Granny Hobbs. I will be watching it again on Christmas even though! FOR SURE! Along with the Jim Carrey version as well.

6 days till Christmas and it's snowing like a blizzard out. Big fluffy flakes. I love it. Maybe Mr Winter is in town for his time of year!

Stacy said...

Great recap of Y&R Jill and like you said good week to start watching again cuz a lot went on...you forgot about mentioning good ole' pychic Sylvia Brown has been a guest in Genoa City...lol
It was snowing here this morning too, in Ottawa but it looks like it has stopped. Everyone done their Christmas shopping? Hopefully, cuz there aren't too many days left and the days that are left, i wouldnt want to be near a mall or shopping center. Today is my last day of work - YEAH - maybe I can get some sleeping done during the day cuz i haven't been sleeping at night - Madyson just isn't cooperating at night - i hope this doesnt mean something like she's going to be a fussy baby or up all night or something...my biggest problem is i sleep on my stomach so i find it hard to find a new position to sleep in. Anyways...i'll check in later!

Jill said...

K: Just checked the NBC FNL website, the listing for the Next Episode is a FNL Marathon on Dec. 27th - they're showing 3 back-to-back re-runs to get people "caught up". So it's definitely on Xmas Hiatus. No listing for when it will be back in the New Year.
PS - How's your Nan doing?

Sharon: I watched Rudolph & Garfield Xmas last night, got me right in the mood!! Now the only major movies I have left to watch are Miracle on 34th Street (which I usually watch Xmas Eve day, but because I have to go to church TWICE that day I might not have time), and Elf (my favourite, so I'm saving it til closer to Xmas).

Stacy: Happy last day of work!! You must be looking forward to the break!! And then after Xmas you'll only have a few weeks and then it's BABY TIME!! Oh, and yes, I did forget to mention Sylvia Brown...I didn't see what happened with her reading with Katherine, but I'm sure whatever is bothering her, it will have something to do with the railroad tracks...lol...

It's been flurrying off and on here all morning, very light snowfall right now. According to the Weather Network, we're to get a mix of rain & snow on the 23rd, and then snow Xmas day and pretty much all week next week. I just hope it gets on the ground before Xmas and that it doesn't screw up everyone's holiday travel plans!!

Sarah said...

Hey Jill - Nice recap of Y&R. I listen to it on the way home from work on the radio, makes traffic just a little better!haha I have started listening to xmas music, got Magic 100 on right now, just puts you right in the mood eh! All we need is a bit more snow! I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I AGREE!!! Very BORING BLOG.... lol. Quick Note on the weather... it says snow on christmas day for quyon but it says rain for ottawa so don't get your hopes up too much... lol. Well, i'm done being scrooge for now!!


Stacy said...

Well we'll see what we get for snow but the sun is shining here now, the flurries have stopped and i doubt very much we will have snow for christmas, unless we get a major snowstorm with like 15-20 cm calling or something to make it stay. i would rather that than yucky wet snow that makes the roads sloppy and cars dirty. It was calling for 100% snow on the 23rd (which is Saturday) but now it's calling for sun and 0% precipitation so who knows!!
Yes Jill - it will be baby time soon enough, and perfect timing cuz you will be down to working only 3 days a week so you can come and visit us lots...!!

sara said...

Wow- I actually know about Y&R too! I never know about any of the shows on the blog but this time I do!! Thanks Jill. I watch Y&R at sleep time at Tara's...anyways Sylvia was funny..I was kinda surprised to see her.
Jill- Miracle on 34th street is on Wed night on CBC I think.
So we are supposed to get snow xmas day?? thank gosh.

Jill said...

Sarah: Welcome to the Blog!! (For those of you who would like to know - Sarah with an "h" is not the same as Sara without an "h"!)

Boys (and Sharon): See, there are a few people who liked my Y&R re-cap!! Can't please everyone all of the time!!

Luke: Glad to see you're so not busy at work that you have time to compare weather reports around the world. ;o)

As for the snow, I've kind of given up on my white Christmas. It's depressing, but what can ya do?? It's better to be prepared for green grass than hoping too much for the white stuff.

Jill said...

OK - I DO NOT trust the Weather Network anymore!! This morning when I checked the 14-day trend, there were snowflakes on almost EVERY day next week. Now, they're all sunshines and a few raindrops!! ARGH!! And like Stacy mentioned, Xmas day was snowflakes & 100% precipitation, now it's sunshine and 0% precipitation. Like, C'MON!!

Stacy said...

see - you cannot depend on the Weather Network whatsoever...well whatever happened to Jack Frost, can't he come and spread some white stuff??

Anonymous said...

Habs rule