Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Tale of Two Hockey Teams

Remember that hockey team I boasted about last week? The one that beat the Detroit Red Wings 3-2, and the goalie absolutely stood on his head?

Well, they played again Saturday night. Only this time, it was the Buffalo Sabres they beat, and once again, that same goalie stole the show.

So, what I'd like to know, as a fan of that team, is who the hell was playing the Boston Bruins last night? Or the Nashville Predators, or the Columbus Blue Jackets in recent days? You know, that team that lost 7-2, 6-0, 6-2 (or something along those lines).

That certainly wasn't my team. Not that well-oiled, smooth-running, red-black-and-gold machine with the hot young 'tender between the pipes. Instead, every second game, these other bums keep showing up. These lazy, nonchalant, far-too-fancy, lackadaisacal bunch of flunkies, who are not turning my crank.

It appears to be a severe case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. From one night to the next, we the fans have no idea which one will be making an appearance. How can they play so hard against some of the best teams in the league, and then be a complete bust against teams they should be beating? At this level, at this stage in the game, when fighting in an air-tight Eastern Conference for a playoff position, every game should be huge. They should be "getting up" for every opponent, no matter how mighty or lowly. Motivation should not be a factor - they should be giving their 110% every night. Every night.

So why, then, are they not?? Emery cannot be faulted; he has had no support, especially last night. And on a night when it should have all been about making The Big Z regret leaving Ottawa, it would appear that Mr. Chara got the last laugh.

I'm completely discouraged and disenchanted with my Sens. One night, I'm thinking They're back!!! and the next they've got me thinking What the...??? Consistency has been an issue all season long, and it has especially become a problem in the past two weeks. People were blaming it on the absence of Alfie, Schaefer, and Redden. Well, last night, the only piece missing from the puzzle was Wade, so that's no longer an excuse.

I was wrapping presents last night while watching the game, and it was putting a serious dent in my Christmassy mood. I'm getting a little sick of wondering Which team is going to show up tonight?? We've now hit a part of the schedule in which we will be playing 15 of 20 games at home, and I'm going to be in attendance for two of those games, so I'm justifiably starting to worry that it could be a huge waste of my money.

The only good thing about it all??

The Leafs lost last night too. And that always brings a smile to my face.


Kenny said...

Better blog today Jill.

Chara definatly had the last laugh. They are still right in the playoff hunt. As long as they get in no one (but Bryan) has to worry what happens then.

Last year they came out way to strong at the start and then got lazy at the end of the year. This year its going to be the other way around. Mark my words, you can come back to this when they finish 6th in the East. That's right 6th everyone sees that. You can say good job Kenny later as they still have a lot of work to do. They will do it!!!!



Sharon said...

Hi Jill,

I liked the topic of the Blog today, however, I was not able to watch the game. I still have to modify my Star Choice Package to include some Sports Net... Anyways, that's too bad they lost, I believe they have yet to win against Boston... ah vell, I believe they will pull it out. I think Kenny is right! And I still believe as well!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are definitely worrying me right now too but they will pull out of it. I really hope they go into the playoffs between 6 and 8th. They can fly in under the radar and march their way to the top. They've never been in that position before!!


Jill said...

I hope you're all right...And I, too, STILL BELIEVE. I'm just really wishing they would be that awesome team I saw beat Buffalo every game! Seriously, how can they be so stellar one night, and so pathetic the next??

Glad you guys liked today's Blog better. I try to keep my people happy. ;o)

Stacy...or Kenny...Sharon maybe?? Sara ;) No one know said...

Jill I'm the only one that really matters

Stacy...or Kenny...Sharon maybe?? Sara ;) No one knows

Jill said...

Uh...who was that for real??

Sharon said...

Well Jill, I can tell you it wasn't me!

Some people are so rude, I went to Canadian Tire and we are all waiting in line patiently at the parts counter and this as bag behind me says "I jsut want to know if they have this part" and I turned around and said "I think we all are waiting to see if they have a part" and I gave him a dirty look because he was being a rude ass... I hate rude people!

Kenny said...

Jill I think it was Luke

Jill said...

I don't think it was Luke. Didn't sound like him. Hmmm... a mystery blogger.

So glad I'm done my shopping, I hate the crowds and rude people in stores around this time. Everybody thinks that they're the most desperate or most important. Makes for nasty shopping! Sharon, I can just imagine the look you would give the dude in Canadian Tire!! hahaha...

Sharon said...

Oh yes, it was an ugly one, one of my worst looks I think! He probably wanted to crawl under a rock after that.

Anonymous said...

Habs will win the cup beliebe me the parade will follow its usual route.

roziizz said...

I am sure no doubt in the end the Sens will have the last laugh.

So much for support of the fans, "through good times and bad, that's what fans are for"

This is when the Sens Need You, when they have off games... You can give them the drive, the energy they need to get powered up. But no, instead "some Fans" Cuss, complain and blame.... Look for solutions, bring encouragement..Let them know you believe, so they too can believe and start playing like they know....

Good or Bad, the Sens will get the Cup, its up to them when....

Go Sens Go.....All the Way

Jill said...

Another mystery blogger...?? Who are these people??

Kenny said...

Jill you can go and set up your blog so that

A) You see everything and if you don't want it posted you can delete it.

B) You have to be a member or blogspot to post. It is easy to do as we can al go and become members in less than 2 minutes.