Thursday, September 05, 2013

The night the satellite repair guy forgot about me.

Yesterday, I told you all I had GOOD NEWS!!! because I had finally got the name & number of a satellite dish repair man that worked in the area, and he told me he’d be at my place at 5:15 to fix my dish which hasn’t worked properly for over a year.

I was stoked. 

But I was also apprehensive.

I just had this feeling all day that things weren’t going to go well.  I had this feeling that he wasn’t going to show up; that I would waste a whole evening waiting around for nothing.

Why?  Why would I feel that way?  Why, after he clearly said on the phone the night before, “OK, I will see you tomorrow night, 5:15.”

Well.  The reason I tend to feel this way in situations like this is because it seems if something’s going to go wrong, it’ll happen to me.  I have zero luck when it comes to this kind of thing.   I will lose my car in the parking lot.  I’ll go for an oil change and discover I have a broken tail light.  I’ll take a whole day off work to wait for furniture to be delivered, only to have it arrive 10 minutes before the end of the window they promised me.  Without the pillows that come with it.

Sure enough, my gut feelings on this one were right.  I had invited my mom over for supper last night, and together we sat and waited, and waited, and waited…  I tried not to get wound up, thinking, He’s probably just been delayed, don’t worry, he’ll be here…

By 6:30, I decided to try his cell phone.  Left him a voicemail.  He called me back a half-hour later, saying he was at a job nearby, that he was almost done, and then he’d be coming to my place.  Phewf.  Peace of mind, he was still coming!!

And then we sat and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more. 

Finally, Mom said, “Jill, I don’t think he’s coming.  It’s dark out now.”

She went home and I sat and waited for another whole hour.  And during that hour, I stewed.  I missed my work out.  I could’ve been cutting the grass.  I’d told Brenda I’d stop in after he left, but how could I do that when he never even arrived??

It was a whole flipping night of nothing.

Finally, at 9 PM, I decided there was no chance in hell he was going to show, and though I hated to call and bug him again, I figured I needed to to find out what happened and if he was going to be able to come some other night.

As soon as he heard my voice, he said, “Ahhhh JILL!!  I forgot all about you…”

It turns out that the job he was at when he called me took him longer than expected, and by the time he left there it was dark, so he just went straight home.  Didn’t think of me again until he heard my voice on the phone.


He promised he’s coming tonight.  I said, “So, definitely tomorrow night?”  And he said, “Yes, yes, definitely tomorrow night.  I will put your name on my dash so I don’t forget.  That’s what I normally do.”

You can understand how this doesn’t exactly fill me with comfort and confidence in him.  He didn’t even give me a time this go-round, so I don’t even know when to expect him.  Just he’ll “definitely be there”. 

Doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies.

So, my dearly beloved blog friends, this is what I need from you.  I need you ALL to cross your fingers and toes and eyeballs and send positive satellite dish vibes my way this evening.  Please pray to any or all Gods that you believe in that the Satellite Repair Man remembers me, that he comes to my house, and that he’s able to fix it all tonight.

I know.  There are more important things in the world to be sending vibes & praying for.  However, when I’m in the midst of one of these clusterf*cks, I lose perspective and it becomes all I can think of.

I need my dish back.  Before all the good Fall TV starts.

Please, friends.  Pray for me. 

And for the Satellite Repair Man.


Nancy said...

Ha, ha, Prayers abound.

VandyJ said...

Fingers crossed and good thoughts sent both to you and the Satellite Repair Guy.

Emmy said...

Everything crossed! Though it makes it very hard to type ;)

Seriously though I hate hate waiting for repair guys, he had better remember tonight

Jo said...

I've been trying to get someone to come and look at our boiler for months now so I know exaclty how you feel.

Fingers crossed he'll be there as soon as you get home from work.

Mrs. Match said...

Ugh, I hate waiting around for service calls! And the for him to just plain forget? That's rough. Hope you get it fixed soon. In the meantime, can you stream your shows online? I used to do that when I lived alone and couldn't afford cable.

Stacie said...

I heard no news reports of a crazy Canadian doing in the dish repair man, so can I assume that he showed and you are back up and ready for fall TV?