Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My List of Lists

It’s been a somber morning with the news breaking earlier of a terrible accident in Ottawa involving an OC Transpo bus and a VIA Rail train, so I’m grateful for this opportunity to take my mind off of it and play along with some light-hearted blog fun…

Thanks to Lindsay & Shannon for the inspiration for today’s post!

I’m a list-maker.  I’m always creating lists – reminders of things to do, grocery lists, wish lists, my now-outdated-but-still-working-on-it 101 List… and if I’m stressed out or overwhelmed by a task at hand, I often list the steps I need to take to accomplish it.  Somehow, breaking it down makes it seem more manageable, and it makes me feel better.

That’s right.  Lists make me feel better.

So, seriously… how could I turn down the opportunity to make a LIST OF LISTS?!?!

Here we go…

5 Things I’ll Be Doing Over the Next Week

1. Finally getting my tail light fixed at Kanata Ford.  It was over a month ago that we discovered it broken, and I’ve been waiting for a call to tell me the part had come in.  I finally called them yesterday, and of course, the part is in but nobody had called me. gah.  Appointment is made for next Tueday evening…

2. Making lasagna for our Friday Lunch at work!  I’m making a big pan of lasagna Thursday evening to bring in to treat my co-workers, along with Caesar salad and garlic bread.  I don’t know if they actually really like it, but they always say they do, so I hope they enjoy it on Friday.

Lasagna - Messy 500

3. Decorating for Autumn.  I’ve been itching to do this since September hit, so I plan on digging out my box of gourds, leaves, and fall things to put out this weekend.

autumn decs

4. Watching Dexter.  That’s a guarantee.  I didn’t get to start Season 4 last night, but hopefully tonight I will!!

5. Running – and hopefully completing!! – my first “official” 5 K.  I’m so pumped and nervous and excited for the Army Run.  I’ve been running 5 K for almost two months now 3 days a week, but this will feel more “real”.  I can’t wait!!

4 Items I Need to Purchase

1. Riding boots.  I’ve got a few pairs of skinny pants/jeans and leggings, but now that the weather is cooler, the flats and flip flops that I’ve been wearing with them aren’t so practical.  I want a pair of high brown boots.  Payless Shoestore, I’m coming to you!!

riding boots

2. Paint.  October is going to be painting month at my house.  FINALLY!!!!

3. A new winter coat.  Last year’s is wayyyy too big.  A good problem to have, I guess, but I’m dreading the search for a new one.

4. Season 5 of Dexter.  Of course.


3 Shows I Can’t Wait to Come Back Into My Life

1. Survivor.  I’ve taken a few years off from watching Survivor, but I think I’m going to jump back in again for this season!

2. The Voice.  My mom and I have been watching The Voice for the past couple of seasons, and we love it!  Can’t wait for that sexy little Adam Levine to be back for my viewing pleasure several nights a week. (and Blake’s not too shabby either!)

adam and blake

3. Ottawa Senators hockey games.  I get a little shiver of excitement when I think of hockey being back soon!!  Only a few more weeks until the regular season begins…

2 Reasons I’m Excited For Fall

1. Pumpkineverything.  I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been a pinning machine when it comes to all things pumpkin.  My first attempt – the (non)Paleo Pumpkin Brownies - were a bit of a flop, but I can’t wait to try something else.  Nicole sent me a great Weight Watchers-friendly super-easy recipe yesterday to try, and I think I’m going to do just that this weekend!

sweet pumpkin recipes1 via

2. Fall activities!  Friends’ birthday dinner, Thanksgiving, Car Rally, Halloween… I just LOVE this time of year and the fun it brings!

1 Thing That’s Currently Bothering Me

1.  It’s hard to whittle it down to just one – there have been a few things weighing heavy on my heart and mind these past few days – but I’ll go relatively superficial here and say my dish issues.  Or my “dishues” as I’ve started to call them in my head.  I still don’t have a functioning TV.  I thought I had a plan in place to fix the problem, but it seems to be stalled now too.  I just want it all resolved and over with… *sigh*  It shouldn’t be this hard!!!!  There is an easy, temporary fix, though, and I think I’m going to take it tonight just so I can stop thinking about it for awhile, and be ready for Fall TV premiers and hockey.

So… what do your lists look like?  Feel free to make your own & share! :)


VandyJ said...

No lists here, except for grocery lists. Lists just depress me, they end up so long.
Hope your TV issues can be resolved.

Holly Richardson said...

I made a list this morning, feeling overwhelmed with things at work and something about scratching items off makes me feel SO much better.

Also, I have those exact boots from Payless and LOVE them!

Lindsay said...

Ahhh..A list...One of my favorite things! I wish I could find some darn pumpkin so I can make a treat! Boo! I love the boots! They will look great with your purchase from GT last week! Anytime you need a shopping/Montana's date to look for a new coat you know who is always willing to go! :D:D

Sarah said...

I also LOVE lists. I make lists for everything!!! I feel much more organized when I have a list to check things off.

Anonymous said...

It's SO sad - I have been calling everyone I know in Barrhaven and making sure they are alright. A coworker of mine takes that bus and missed it this morning but took the bus behind it...and saw everything!

October is the painting month apparently :)

Stacie said...

Seriously love lists, I make them for everything!

Anonymous said...

Omg. I have SO many lists! I don't know that I could whittle it down but I do what you do and start writing down the best way to accomplish the crap on my list. That's a chore in and of itself! I LOVE those boots and yay you for having to shop for a smaller size coat AND for running the 5k! You have made some amazing changes since I've been following your blog and it's inspiring! Keep up the phenomenal work!

Jo said...

Lists means work and I'm so over work today.

Nicole said...

I was sooooo totally craving lasagna earlier this week. I finally made some and it satisfied!