Friday, September 06, 2013

I still have no TV. But thank God it’s Friday.

Friday.  Not the best Friday in the history of the world, because I STILLLLL can’t watch my TV.  But hey, it’s not a terrible day, because… well.  It is Friday.
Let’s confess…
friday confessional
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I confess… I had almost given up hope last night - despite two phone calls from my satellite repair man to promise me he hadn’t forgotten me – that he was never going to show.  But he did.  In the dark, around 8:30 PM.  It took him all of 10 minutes to tell me my signal was perfect; that the problem was my receiver.  It is fried.  I need a new one.  So after all this, I STILL have no TV.  *sigh*
no tv
I confess… that nothing frustrates me more than things that just don’t work.  Cars that break down.  Washing machines that blow up.  Satellite dish receivers that get fried.  Life is just skipping merrily along and all is right in the world, and then BAM!!! - one of these (usually costly) inconveniences crop up.  And we have no control over when they happen.  Gah.
I confess… that I DO realize there are way bigger problems in the world right now.  Like Syria.  And Miley Cyrus.  Forgive me for dwelling on this one, folks.  It really is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 25:  (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE)  Miley Cyrus attends the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center on August 25, 2013 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage for MTV)
I confess… that I got up at 5:30 AM this morning to work out.  I avoid getting up earlier than normal like the plague, but because I wasted two nights this week sitting around for nothing, I had to squeeze TurboFire in today.  And 5:30 AM seemed to be the only available time today.
I confess… that I’m seriously, for reals, NOT a morning person.  All I need to do is get up the odd morning at 5:30 AM for me to remind myself of that.
I confess… that my grass is really long.  Again, going to blame that one on wasting two perfectly good grass cutting nights over my TV that still doesn’t work.  (Can you tell this one’s REALLY stuck in my craw??)
I confess… that I really don’t enjoy feeling this cantankerous over a stupid TV.  So here’s the positive:  It’s Fall!  I’m going to decorate for it soon!  I’m excited about tea and chili and apple sauce and Scentsy’s Pumpkin Roll and sweaters and scarves and boots and fall activities!! 
halloween autumn theme
*EDIT* My friend Priscilla just messaged me to tell me the leaves in this picture look like marijuana.  And she is so right.  I didn't even notice, just snagged it from Google images!  Whoops!  They're not mine, promise!!! LOL

I confess… that this “looking for positives” has already cheered me up – here’s some more:  I’m looking forward to dinner out with my Ma tonight, and my brother’s birthday brunch tomorrow, and just spending quality time this weekend with the fam. :)
Cheers to Friday, friends!  Have a great weekend… and be sure to enjoy your TVs. ;)


VandyJ said...

How super frustrating! At least you know what's wrong--even if it is not so easy or cheap a fix.

Yay Fall! I'm ready for the colder weather too!

Stacie said...

I shall watch something just for you...

Jillian said...

I hate when my tv box fries! But I am so ready for fall bring on the leggings, the tea, and the walks along the south saskatchewan! (I love saskatoon in the fall!)

Nancy said...

Ha, ha,remember when a certain someone wore a weed necklace to church?

Mrs. Match said...

Frustrating about the tv. Do you get Internet streaming up there? When I lived alone I was too cheap for cable so I just streamed all my shows on Hulu. Thinking of going that route again in the near future. Our cable has tons of issues and costs a fortune!
I can't wait for fall!! It was 100 degrees here today. Ughhhhhhj.