Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday! Photo time!!

For the past year, my friend Lindsay has been planning, preparing, and getting pumped up for her wedding day…and along the way, she shared many of her ideas and thoughts with her readers regularly on her “Wedding Wednesday” posts.

(I even starred in one of them!)

Lindsay and Ryan finally had their big day on Saturday, and now they are off on their honeymoon.  So today is the first day in many, many weeks that her blog has not featured a “Wedding Wednesday” post (but go check out her guest, the lovely Kelly is posting for her today!)

I decided to pick up the “Wedding Wednesday” slack and have my own little post in honour of Linds & Ryan.  Especially since I finally got my camera back, charged up, and the pics uploaded!  :)

Those of you who are my Facebook friends have probably already seen these, but for those of you haven’t, here are a few of my favourite snaps from Lindsay & Ryan’s gorgeous wedding day…

The Bride-to-be in the hair & make-up chair

Ready for the dress!!

The newlyweds - Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Woermke

Bridesmaids – Amanda, Rebekka & I

Groomsmen – Luc, Jared & Graham

linds & i

I stole this one from Nancy’s Facebook, because I didn’t have one of Lindsay & I together on my camera

ryan, linds & nancy

Ryan, Linds & our student minister Nancy Best

Hamilton & Earl family photo

Woermke & Hamelin family photo

The Bride & Groom cutting the cake

Some of my besties at the reception – Sara (aka The Birthday Girl), Stacy, and Josee

Evan & Ricky, looking very excited!!!

The photo booth – and the costumes that came with it – were a source of GREAT entertainment during the night!!  (Ryan, Todd & Garry, looking their finest…)

There is a reason why I love my roomie, Sue… :)

me, sue, Linds

Me & Sue with the beautiful (but maybe getting a little tired? lol) Bride :)

group 1

Brenda, Sue, Adam & the Groom!!

cowan and I

I caught the bouquet…my Godson Cowan caught the garter…he REALLY didn’t want to put it on his head, but I made him…and he REALLY didn’t want to be in this picture, but I made him.  Isn’t he the cutest?!?  Can’t wait to marry him!!!! ;)

It was such a wonderful day filled with memorable moments that I’m sure Lindsay & Ryan will look back on fondly for years to come!  I can’t wait to see the pictures from Lindsay’s photographer, Julie C. Butler Photography!!

So that concludes my very first (but, God willing, not my last) “Wedding Wednesday” post…hope you enjoyed!

Oh, and be sure to head on over to Life’s A Beach, where I’m guest posting today for one of my favourite bloggy pals, Nicole, while she’s on vacation!

(grumble, grumble, grumble…)

Happy Wednesday :)


Emmy said...

Oh congrats on catching the bouquet! That is awesome. And love how receptions do the photo-booth thing now- definitely makes them more fun

Steph said...

Yay! You caught the bouquet. Who is the lucky guy?

nancy said...

Great pictures and post, too much fun, eh? That is such a beautiful picture of you and Lindsay. What a day that was!