Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Summertime…Sweet Summer Plans!

I always consider the Quyon Canada Day Golf Tourney as the official kick-off to summer, and it didn’t disappoint this past Saturday with hot temps and cool drinks! 

Now, on the last day of May, the sweet taste of summer is even stronger, despite slightly cooler weather today.  Tomorrow is JUNE!!!  After seeing many of my fellow bloggers making their “summer fun lists”, and after booking some fun summer plans with friends and family myself, I decided to share my very own Sweet Summer Plans!!

  • One of my biggest goals this summer is to accomplish as much off my 101 List as I can, and I’m going to start that off this Saturday when I “Walk for a Cause” in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in honour of my Dad.  The weatherman is calling for a cool, rainy night, so maybe this isn’t so summery…but I’m counting it!
  • CANADA DAY!!  Can’t wait to celebrate with my committee and my town.  We have some kick-ass fireworks, y’all.  In fact, I call them legendary.

  • This one is kind of weird, because I always hated going strawberry picking when I was a kid, but…I really want to go strawberry picking this summer.  I probably will hate it again as soon as I start, but I just have this yearning to be in the berry patch at least once.

  • I want to eat ice cream and banana-flavoured popsicles whenever possible.  I don’t think I did enough of that last summer.  I want to enjoy simple summer treats.
  • The beach…Oh, how I love going to be the beach.  I think I only made it to the beach in Norway Bay once last summer.  I want to spend more time there this year!

  • A few weeks ago, my mom told me of tentative plans to spend a few days at my aunt & uncle’s camp not far from Norway Bay.  I got shivers of excitement just at the thoughts of it.  Some of my best childhood memories are from times spent at the camp with my cousins.  I haven’t been there in years… The thoughts of going back?  Well…that would just make my summer.
  • Another weird one for me, considering I hate fish?  I want to have a fish fry at Aunt Marion & Uncle Eric’s.  We had one a few years ago, and it’s the only time I’ve ever tried fish that I’ve enjoyed it.  I’ve already put in my request to Aunt Marion!
  • Continuing with family plans… My mom keeps talking about how she thinks the whole gang of us (aunts, uncles, any cousins that would be available) should head to the Ladysmith Hotel some night for wings.  I’m determined to make this happen!
  • I’M GOING TO WING NIGHT AT WINGNUT’S!!!!!  Whether she wants me or not. ;)

  • I just want to spend more time in a lawnchair with a book in my hands, and a drink in my cupholder.  I didn’t do that nearly enough last summer.
  • I have a roadtrip to Belleville planned with my Mom.  My sister is in her friend Andrea’s wedding there, and Mom & I have been invited too.  Very much looking forward to it!
  • I have ANOTHER trip planned in August, which will help knock a few more things off the 101 List – heading to TO via train, going to the CN Tower and a Blue Jays game…I.can’t.wait.

  • Have I mentioned lately that I’m going to be an auntie again?  Baby Young is due July 3rd.  So I’m thinking I’m going to spend a lot of time this summer snuggling with my new little niece or nephew!!!  Eeeeeeee!!

There’s so much more I want to do…I want to go for more walks, take leisurely Sunday drives, spend time at the ball park…so much to look forward to this summer!

What are your plans?!


Amanda said...

I'm due July 7th! Maybe I'll meet in you in the hallways at the hospital ;)

Stacie said...

I love summer and I love wings!

Lindsay said...

Wow! It makes me soo excited for summer! So many fun things happening! xo

Lindsay said...

Wow! It makes me soo excited for summer! So many fun things happening! xo

Jo said...

Sounds like you have great summer planned...

Anonymous said...

During the summer between 8th and 9th grade, I went to Canada with my friend whose dad lived there (he lived in Arnprior and we stayed in a cabin across the lake from this little fishing town of Cobden) and we picked strawberries. That Summer, Jurassic Park had come out in theaters and the strawberry field was near mountains that my friend and I said must surely have dinosaurs behind them. LOL. Random, I know.

Nicole said...

Just don't wish summer away too fast by doing all this stuff... LOL :)