Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Laters, baby.

So.  It’s happened.  Finally.

I’m officially in love with Christian Grey.

Yes, a fictional character in a book

Whatever.  I’m not the only one.

Anyways.  Back, during book 1, did I love him?  No, not so much.  I mean, yes, I was intrigued enough by him, obviously, or I would’ve quit reading.  And picturing Ian Somerhalder in the role , as I’ve mentioned several times already on the blog, definitely helped. 

But quite frankly, back then he scared the crap out of me. 

Trust me when I say this book has introduced to me a whole new world that I never thought I would ever, ever be reading about.

At the beginning, I had to type “BDSM” into the Google machine.  (probably not an appropriate search term for the work computer, eh?) - I was that sheltered, that in-the-dark about this kinky, kinda freaky, totally terrifying…um…lifestyle

I was mad at Mr. Grey for being this way.  I wanted him to be a normal guy -  the Prince Charming that Ana deserves as her first love, not this Dark Knight with a Red Room of Pain creepo.

OK… truth.  It was a little hot at times.  I mean, it made me blush the same as any other girl.  I’m not that much of a prude.  And every time he said, “Laters, baby”?  Yeah, I’d get a little grin on my face. 

It’s the Grey effect.  No female is immune.

But still so effin’ weird to me that I felt embarrassed to be reading it, almost ashamed in a way.

(To be clear, even though I’ve warmed up to it a little more in book 2, I will still NOT BE SHARING THESE BOOKS WITH MY MOTHER.  Ew.)

But now, in the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, we’re finally starting to get to the bottom of it all; finally starting to find out what makes Christian Grey tick.  Why he is the way he is.  The deep, dark, painful secrets that have turned him into a twisted  (albeit hot-as-hell) control freak of a man.

I’m loving this part.  The way he’s changing for Ana?  Agreeing to be more “vanilla” for her?  Letting her into his world, telling her a little bit about himself?…Still fifty shades of f’d up, but becoming more human. 

And, if possible, much much more desirable.

Yes.  Definitely.  I’ve fallen in love.  I’ve finally – finally – reached the point when I don’t want to put it down.  When I can’t wait to get home so that I can sit in my big blue chair and read all evening. 

When I can’t wait to get home to Grey.

Everyone told me it would happen.  In the first book, I wasn’t so sure. 

But I’m sure now.

I’m addicted to Christian Grey.


Nicole said...

So it gets better. Oy I may have to try again... lol :)

Lindsay said...

It was only a matter of time...;-) Wine, dinner and impromtu book discussion right? I think so! xo

Stacie said...

Nothing like immersing yourself in a good read!

VandyJ said...

I love it when a book wraps itself around me and makes me long to get back to it.
I won't be reading these, but kudos to those who enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

I wanna read this series now!

Emmy said...

Everyone does seem to be liking these- but yep won't be reading them myself

Carly Ann said...

I was definitely surprised when I read the first book that I was actually interested in it. The sex parts were pretty intense, but it got less shocking as the book went on because I think I was more interested in what was going on with their "relationship". I haven't read the second or third books yet, but I really want to see how things turn out.

Date Girl said...

You know, I completely agree about the first book. I need to give the series a chance and read the second and third books. I was so annoyed with him at the end of book 1. What a total nutjob! I'm guessing it gets a lot better since all my friends won't stop raving about Christian Grey. Oh and I kind of hate how Anna always says, and he touched me...there. What is she 12? Lol. But yes, picturing Ian does a lot for me. :-) Isn't there talk of a movie? I don't know how they could pull that off without a Triple X rating.