Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Random Weekend Recap: Golf Tourney Edition

So much to talk about from this past weekend… And my brain still isn’t quite functioning properly, so prepare for the RANDOM…

  • Our Canada Day Committee Golf Tourney…it was this past weekend.  (That’s pretty much why the brain still isn’t functioning properly.)  What a day and night it was!!!  Happy to say all went very smoothly.  Thank you to all who came out and helped us raise money for the fireworks and Canada Day Celebrations, coming up on June 30th!!  We couldn’t do it without your support!!
  • We were thrown for a bit of a loop a few weeks prior to the tournament, when we were informed we had to be cleaned up and out of the hall bright and early the next morning, because Father Costello, the local Catholic priest, would be hosting a celebration there in honour of his 50 years in the priesthood after church on Sunday.  There would be many dignitaries coming for the event – other priests and bishops, and, well…maybe even the Pope, I don’t know.  For any of you who have ever attended our after-party, you know that it can get a bit …um… messy.  We usually all turn up later the next day, hungover, and take our time cleaning up the hall.  This year, we had no choice but to “clean as we went”, and have everything tidied up before we left so that the cleaners and decorator could come in and set up for Father’s gig.  Turns out, it all went very well, and when we locked up at 3 AM, it was a relief to know most of the clean-up was done!  We might have to continue this practice in the future!!
  • Currently, the committee members are firing emails back and forth reminding my brother of all the stupidly hilarious drunken things he said and did that night.  Entertaining, to say the least, but he’d kill me if I posted them here.  And I do want to see my niece or nephew when he or she arrives, so I shall refrain from publicly humiliating him here on the blog...even though I really, really want to. ;)
  • We were all chatting on Sunday about how well-behaved everyone was on Saturday night, despite the volumes of alcohol consumed by many of the attendees.  So of course, THIS was the headline on a local news paper’s  website yesterday: “Party poopers! Drunken duo poo in pool; make amends”.  I wish I was joking.  This kind of stuff only happens in my hometown…  I’m happy to report the “poopers” weren’t actually from my town, nor had they taken part in our tournament.  They were just visitors from across the river who missed their ferry ride home, and it was just coincidence that this happened on the same night at our golf tourney party.  I’m very glad we weren’t responsible for THAT mess!!!
  • Oh, I almost forgot.  I got stung in the crotch by a bee on Saturday.  I SO WISH I WAS JOKING.  I believe we were on hole #3 when I went to climb into my cart, and I felt a stinging sensation, thought I must be hallucinating, and finally yelled and jumped up, and the little bee flew out from between my legs.  Awesome.
  • (I’m okay, don’t worry.)
  • Amidst all of the golf stories of the weekend, I have a tragedy to tell you about.  My poor wee gangster fish, Jackson, passed away.  I don’t really know when, but I’m sure he was still swimming on Saturday morning when I left for golf…by Sunday afternoon, when I thought to check on him, he was floatin’.  I had no idea he was even sick.  I’d even recently cleaned the tank, adding fresh water and ridding the walls of the slime build up.  I just don’t know what happened…guess he wasn’t so ‘gangster’ after all!!
  • My other fish, the one with the big goiter growing out of his side??  Oh, he’s fine.  Swimming away, happy as a lark, probably thrilled to have the tank all to himself again.  *sigh*

That’s my random weekend recap…I’m sure I’m forgetting things, but as I mentioned, the ol’ brain isn’t quite working right just yet.  I think this is enough for one weekend, though, right?! ;)

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Stacy said...

when you got stung, I hope you weren't like when you were younger and killed it by slapping your knees together...we all know what happened then...you had two bee stings! LOL

Connie Weiss said...

Oh no! The crotch has to be the worst place to be stung!

So glad your golf thingy went well!

Stacie said...

Shame on your brother, using that baby as leverage!

And in the crotch, that sounds painful.

You might have cleaned your tank too well, our pet store guy told us that apparently the fish love the filth, too much clean shocks them.

I am Harriet said...

Oh man...those committees and the personalities.... Good luck to you.

Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a heck of a weekend!

Impulsive Addict said...

You got a bee sting on your who ha? OMG! I'm cringing!!! That sounds HORRIBLE!

I'm sorry about Jackson. That's sad news. Goodbye, buddy.

My hubby has tons of golf tournaments coming up. I hate golf tournament season.

VandyJ said...

Good to know you are OK after your close (maybe too close) encounter with the bee--imagine him trying to get all fresh.
Sad about your fish. Glad the goiter one is still doing all swimmingly and stuff.

Nadine Hightower said...

okay that just not a good place to be stung!!

I've been after Roy to kill some wasp by the carport but becz they are not aggressive he's not as worried as I am about getting stung... I can't only hope he gets stung and I will laugh!!
He's such JackAss!!

Emmy said...

Oh you poor thing with that bee sting!! That is awful!!
Glad the event was successful. And yes, good job being a good sister- though it would be funny to hear. So did the Pope actually attend the celebration?

Nicole said...

So if and when you get stung by a bee, you're supposed to scratch the stinger out otherwise you release the poison into your system. So Mark tells me after learning all this about bees since we've started our own bee thingy.