Thursday, May 03, 2012

I’m scattered. Let’s go random.

Gah.  What a week.  I’m not sure I know which end is up anymore.

So let’s go random, shall we?

  • This news *may* be, like, a week old, but the Sens lost.  In Game 7, last Thursday night.  It was sad and tragic and I felt a little like a fairy tale had gone completely sour.  But – BUT – it may be for the best.  Playoff hockey stresses me right out, and these days?  Well…I kinda don’t need the added stress.
  • That being said, here is my personal plea, for what it’s worth: ALFIE PLEEEEEEEEASE COME BACK…ONE MORE YEAR!!!

  • Last week, I was a bit of a basket case.  My dad’s committal was on Sunday afternoon, and I did not handle that - or the week leading up to it - very well.  I was kind of a spaz all week.  I even had an embarrassing little meltdown at work last Thursday morning.  (See?  Hockey stress + emotional stress = Messy Jill.)  I’m really, really glad that’s over.  The silver lining to that dark cloud?  Once again, I was able to look around and see that I was surrounded by my amazing, supportive family & friends.  I’m truly blessed.
  • Last Saturday night, a big group of ladies hit the Crazy Horse in Kanata for Lindsay’s Bachelorette.  It was a hoot!  Amanda, Rebekka, and I, had a blast dolling Lindsay up for her “final fling before the ring”, and then when we joined the rest of the group at the bar & grill, the fun really began!  We passed out beads for all the lovely ladies, as well as nametags and asked them to come up with raunchy, naughty names for themselves.  (I was “Juicy Jillian”!)  Then we presented Linds with a list of tasks to complete, and I must say, she did VERY well at knocking those items off the list.  The only one she was unable to complete was getting on-stage & singing with the band, because they wouldn’t let her – and judging by how jam-packed and crazy the dance floor was, I didn’t really blame them!  There’s a REASON why they call that place “The CRAZY Horse”!!

bachelorette 9

  • Our little town was rocked this past week when news broke on Sunday that the body of an 18-year-old boy was found on a backroad not far from here, and a 19-year-old boy had been accused of his murder.  When I found out who the guys were earlier this week, I was completely shocked and rattled.  I don’t profess to know either of them very well, and I haven’t seen either of them in a few years, but I knew them a little at one time, and what has happened just breaks my heart.  I think of them both as very sweet, kind boys…helpful, polite, happy, down-to-earth, genuine…not one bad descriptive comes up in my vocabulary.  Now one of them is gone, the other’s life has changed forever…and two families have been completely devastated.  I still can’t wrap my head around it, and I can’t stop thinking about it.  My thoughts and prayers have been with both families all week long.
  • Are you feeling my stress yet?  Is it emanating through the computer screen?  Well, add this to it:  The flu is making the rounds around here.  I’m doing my damndest to avoid it.  KNOCK ON WOOD…I’ve been lucky so far!
  • I had my very first Meatball Sandwich this week, on my very first visit to the legendary Prescott Hotel in Ottawa.  I’ve been wanting to visit the well-known establishment for years.  The verdict?  Loved it.  But next time, I’m going for the square pizza!

  • I’m very sad that I’ve only just started paying attention to American Idol in the past few weeks.  I watched the audition rounds, but then dropped it because nobody was wowing me.  I should’ve stuck with it.  I adore Phillip Phillips.  I’m so sad I missed all that valuable time with him.  (That being said, I believe Joshua Ledet should win.  And by declaring so, he will probably be voted off tonight.  It’s the Curse of Jill.)

now i'm having the biggest crush!

So, SO sad that I missed all those weeks of HIM!!!

  • We’re just over a week away from Lindsay & Ryan’s BIG DAY!!  Woooo!!  Now, I need everyone to do me a big favour, please…Cross your fingers and pray to whatever God you believe in, that my friggin’ dress fits next weekend.  The diet hasn’t been going well.  Nor has the Exercise Fund Jar.  I need all the divine help I can get.
  • Now, I’m always giving Lindsay crap for “jumping ahead” in time – like, she’s dreaming about Christmas in July, stuff like that.  I always tell her to live in the moment, enjoy the now.  But I have to admit, I’m kind of looking ahead in anticipation of the summer right now.  NOT that I’m looking past Lindsay’s wedding, because I’m very excited and pumped – but once that’s over, the next big thing is that I’m going to be an auntie again…!!!!!!  *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*  I’m going to get to snuggle with another little niece or nephew!  Luke & Amanda are expecting in early July :)  And so is my friend, Sara & her hubby Graham.  Super, super ecstatic!!  You guys know all about me and the babies… :)
  • Speaking of babies… Here’s an “outta the mouths of babes” moment…My mom was telling me this morning that my brother-in-law was in a bit of a collision last night that resulted in a 5-car pile-up.  No injuries (at least, that I know of), but because of it, Chris was late getting home.  While my sister was bathing the kids last night, I guess they were talking about why Daddy was late, and Caden asked, “Mommy, was it Jilly who ran into him?”  Nice, Caden.  Thanks a lot.  Clearly, he hasn’t forgotten about the fender-bender I got into with him in the car last Spring

I think that’s all I’ve got for today.  Sorry I haven’t been around much this week…I promise, life should be calming down a little soon!

Happy Thursday!!


VandyJ said...

Sounds like life has interfered with your blogging. Not necessarily a bad thing. I got a bit tired just reading about all you've been doing.

Nicole said...

if she's due in July, you're going to have a birthday month twinkie!!

Sarah said...

I had the flu, its horrible, but the postive side is I lost 7lbs...SO if you do get the flu witin the next week, your dress will definitily fit!!! haha

Jo said...

What a week! Good news, it's Friday Yay! Hope next week is calmer

nancy said...

Jillian, I agree, your dad's committal was tough, I had a cy afterwords. I am hoping this closure will bring some relief to the grief.

I am praying your dress will fit!

Lets hope next week is uneventful except for Lindsay and Ryan's wedding! I think we could all use a break from the intensity of life

Jillian said...

I'm in total agreement about the crushing feeling that is your team getting out of the playoffs. Our local WHL team the Moose Jaw warriors got knocked out in round 3 by Edmonton...I was sooo sad but not for long as my life got crazy