Friday, September 09, 2011

Some weak confessions on pancakes, Rihanna, and skinny beer

Friday is heeeeeeeeeeere!!  I’m so exciiiiiiiiited!!

But in order to enter the weekend on a clean slate, I must confess.  All of my sins.  Or at least the silly things that are running around my mind.  Linking up with Mamarazzi


I confess…that the weird Mac & Cheese Loaf cravings of a few weeks ago have subsided, only to be replaced with dreams of fluffy, hot, buttery pancakes smothered in corn syrup.  This is what I think about when I wake up in the morning, when I pick at the roots and dirt I eat all day, when I go to sleep at night.  But better than a whacked out lunch meat, right?


I confess…I tried substituting lean ground turkey for lean ground beef in my chili recipe this week.  It was disgusting.  Word to the wise:  ground turkey is NOT a  good substitute for ground beef.  EVER.


I confess…that I hate Rihanna’s new song “Cheers (Drink to That)”.  I thought I liked it…I really did.  But it got stuck in my head, and not in a good way.  I couldn’t do anything without hearing it.  And it’s like the song that never ends.  I’d tell myself, “Okay, let the song end, then just don’t re-start it.”  Doesn’t work.  I hate it.

I confess…my house needs to be cleaned in the worst way.  But I’m ignoring it this weekend.

I confess…that I’m ridiculously excited about hanging out at the ball park tonight and tomorrow.  As if you didn’t already know that from reading this, this, this & this.

I confess…that this diet is throwing a serious kink in my “getting drunk” plans for this weekend.  I loathe that alcohol is so high in calories.  I guess it’s Molson 67 for me.  And no food.  If it goes well, I’ll be a skinny Sadie before you know it.


I confess…I’m ready for fall.  I don’t like to wish away a season, but I’m ready.  Bring on the cooler temps, the warm sweaters, the leaves changing colour, that smell in the air…Love it.


So. Those are some pretty lame confessions.  No deep-fried babies or anything.  Disappointing.  But that’s all I got!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)


Amanda said...

i think sleeman light is pretty low on calories and it doesn't taste too bad.

I'm sure I would lose a pile of weight if I would just stop drinking beer all the time- wow, does that ever make me sound like an alchy... i'm not, i swear.

Have fun this weekend, can't wait to hear all about it on Monday!

VandyJ said...

Yeah, I don't care what they say about ground turkey, it's most definitely NOT a substitute for beef. Also not a substitute for bacon.

Amber said...

Ok so, when I first tried cooking with ground turkey I didn't like it either. I didn't like cooking with it, I didn't like the way it tasted, but I've since given it more tries and it's grown on me. I use it more often than not now. I think the key is to make sure it's broken up really fine and to not leave it in big chunks (because then it tastes spongy).

Give it another try, I bet you'll get used to it!

Kara said...

I tried ground turkey once and it was sooooo dry it ruined whatever it was that I had made. I just look for the lean or extra lean ground beef now - I no that is not a good solution, but I don't want ruin any more recipes.

Jen said...

Amanda is right, Sleeman Light is a very low cal, low carb beer. Kev was on a low carb diet this summer and that is what he drank. Can't give up beer....
Have fun at the ball park this weekend! Go Flyers Go!!!

shannonjohnston24 said...

I use extra lean ground beef and lean ground pork for my chili and meat balls. It doesnt change the taste at all...ground turkey I save more for the spaghetti sauces because it doesn't need to be a meaty consistency. Red meat is really hard on my stomach and I've experimented a lot with ground chicken and turkey...some things just can't replace ground beef.

Nancy said...

I use extra lean hamburg and when it is cooked, I put it in a strainer and run it under hot water. You can see the extra grease run down the drain.

Have a blast at the ballpark and say Happy Birthday to Luke for me.
can't wait to hear how it goes...Go Flyers! Have fun at Western Days if you make it there too.

Stacie said...

Pancakes, yes! But with corn syrup, really? Still way better than the lunch meat though.

dddiva said...

I had porn star dancing stuck in my head for months. Now whenever we start singing (anything) Ian (4) says- stop you made it stuck in my head.

sarajo said...

Oh, sad. We like ground turkey. That's all we buy now.

Jealous of your plans for the weekend. I miss going to ball games. I really do.

Pancakes. Thanks, now I'm craving them too. :D

Meagan said...

what about a vodka water? 0 calories and you are always hydrated :)

AndreaLeigh said...

I try to hide ground turkey in recipes I think you won't miss it. Like when I make chili, I do one pound ground beef and one pound turkey.

Nicole said...

Lean ground beef is definitely the way to go! In fact one of my posts there were statistics about lean beef... I don't remember which post though!