Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Confessions: Cookie Monster & Win a Baby Daddy

It’s that time of week again!  Time to ‘fess up.  Mamarazzi demands it.


I confess…I’m very excited to have the ladies in this evening.  I’m hosting a Lia Sophia jewelry party.  I love so many of their pieces, and I’m so excited to see if my friends and family are as smitten as I am!

lia sophia

I confess…that I had my first real “cheat” moment last night while preparing the food for the party.  Not that I’ve been entirely saintly for the past month when it comes to food, but all other “cheat” moments had been carefully thought out and planned ahead of time.  This was not.  I had a container of MacMillan’s White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie dough in my freezer, and decided to bake them up for the party.  When the first batch were fresh out of the oven, I jammed not one, but TWO!!! of the hot gooey cookies into my mouth before I could even process what I was doing.  I was literally left looking down at the crumbs in my hands going, “Huh…??  What…what just happened?”  I also broke my “no food after 7 PM” rule, as this transgression occurred at approximately 7:30 PM.


I confess…that I have vowed not to eat any more of them tonight.  And if there are leftovers, somebody’s taking that crap outta my house.  I clearly can’t be trusted.


I confess…that I dreamed I had a baby this week.  Not even the deep-fried kind.  A real one.  It was the happiest dream I’ve had in a long time.

I confess…to saying out loud yesterday that I wished I could enter Hot 89.9’s Win a Baby contest.  (A local radio station that is having a contest, geared towards couples that are having difficulty conceiving.  The winner will have their fertility treatments paid for.)  Unfortunately, infertility isn’t my problem.  (At least, not that I know of).  My problem is finding the…fertilizer?


I confess…that I then said – OUT LOUD – that I wished Hot 89.9 would throw a “WIN A BABY-DADDY” Contest.  That’s more what I’m looking for.

I confess…that my mom is probably going to kick my ass for writing this baby stuff.

I confess…that my diet (ie: food I can’t have) and babies probably occupy too many of my thoughts…

And that’s all I’ve got for this week!  Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy 1st Day of Fall!!!!


Amber said...

Babies have infested my brain too...and dieting, my arms are getting super fat again. *sigh*

That's kind of a weird radio contest, no?? lol

It's ok about the cookies, you did it and you moved on. Nothing to see here!!! *waves arms*

Happy Friday!!

Lindsay said...

BAh! It took all of my strength not to laugh out loud at this post! Ha Ha Ha!

Jen said...

Love the Cookie Monster pic! Enjoy your party tonight ~ you won't be disappointed!!!

VandyJ said...

When I worked at a combo bakery/deli my favorite thing to make were the butter sugar cookies--they tasted soooo good hot out of the oven. Not so good once they cooled, but hot and fresh from the oven--it's a good thing I didn't make them often, not much product would have made it to sale.

PKB said...

So since the party starts at 7, you won't be allowed to have any snacks tonight?? I looked at the catalogue online yesterday, they have lots of nice stuff. It'll be hard to choose!

Jill said...

haha - tonight I'm making an exception to the 7 PM rule - but I'm going to try really hard not to hang around the food much!!!

Sarita said...

Win a "Baby Daddy" contest! Now that is funny! You are a hoot girl! Hopping over from Mamarazzi! The Lone Tater

Nicole said...

I seriously giggled when reading about the eating not one but TWO cookies. Don't worry deary, we've all been there!

Kristine said...

My daughter is selling MacMillan's this week for dance class. I'm going to load up the freezer in white chocolate macadamia cookie dough. My ass will NOT thank me for it but it's so freakin' good....Damned evil cookie dough...

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh Jilly Jill Jill! You crack me up! You are so funny! NO MORE COOKIES! But good luck hosting your jewelry party. I hope the radio station can help you find a baby daddy. Maybe one of the baseball players would like to donate to your cause? Just a thought. ;)

I hope your mom doesn't kick your ass. Have a great weekend!

Stacie said...

I love home parties, they are so much fun. And warm cookies are so hard to resist!

dddiva said...

Hahahahaha that's hysterical, win a baby daddy. 2 cookies- I know very very few who could limit to hot out of the oven gooey goodness that much. Some of us can eat half the pan. Of course if it is this house- we don't even need to bake them, the dough is the thing that does it for us. ;)

Mamarazzi said...

lol Baby kill me!

i love happy dreams about having babies...happens all the time. sometimes i wake up and i am sooo disappointed.

thanks for linking up.

sarajo said...

I dream about babies...but usually it's about one of mine and something bad happens. Not cool.

You could totally borrow one of mine anytime! lol!

Cookies! Now I need some. :( Tomorrow I will have a cookie. :D

Nancy said...

Funny!!! Oh, ny goodness I roared at the baby daddy contest. If you won, you could have a baby as a single mom....hope your Mom doesn't kick my assettts.... just joking, Elizabeth!

Warm cookies, I had one and a half last time Livvie baked. They were little, though. Wierd, my verification word was troys....maybe he is saying hello to you Jillian!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, those cookies look so good to me. I've actually put cookies down the garbage disposal before just to stop me from eating them. They are my weekness.

Interesting baby dream!