Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WWTKW: Ah, food. My favourite subject.

It’s We Want to Know Wednesday Q&A!!!


The lovely hostesses, Mamarazzi and Queso, are asking questions about food this week.

Food??  Yo, I’m IN.   Due to my current lose-weight-project, I’m not getting to eat much of it these days, so I might as well talk about it instead!

Here are the questions:

1. What is the one thing (food or drink) that you MUST have everyday?  I don’t have any supreme addictions to caffeine or chocolate.  Back in the day (like, one month ago) I would’ve said chips, but as we all know, I have cut the chips & all of my other evening snacks right outta my life.  So I have the unfortunately boring answer of water.  I could not survive the day with a million gallons of water.  And I don’t need to Crystal Light that shizz up, just give ‘er to me straight and cold, thankyouverymuch.


2. What is your "go to" food when you don't feel well/need comfort?  Well, generally when I’m not feeling well, the desire to eat goes out the window.  (This is how we know Jill is really sick.)  So generally, in those situations, I go for the old childhood sickie foods my mom used to serve – chicken noodle soup, toast, ginger ale.  As for comfort food?  That could be any number of delicous delicacies – pasta (lasagna or spaghetti), chili, cake, McDonalds…I’m famous for soothing myself with food.  And it’s usually very, very bad for me.

3. Is there a dish that you make that people request when they visit your home/a family favorite?  Not really.  I usually make some sort of pasta dish for pot lucks with the friends, but no one ever really requests it.  I’ve made homemade pizza for my family and friends and they all seem to like it.  And at the office, they seem to enjoy my lasagna (which I have to make for them soon!)


4. What are 3 foods that you have TRIED and do not like and will NEVER eat again?  1) cooked or canned mushrooms (I have just recently discovered I actually like raw, fresh mushrooms, but I don’t think i could ever stomach them cooked or out of a can); 2) Sushi – really didn’t enjoy it; 3) Escargots – my uncle made them once in these little pastries with lots of garlic butter – but I just couldn’t get past the rubbery texture.  YUCK!

…and our final question comes from Dee at Homesick Cajun

5. What is one thing that you love to eat that people would think is weird and/or gross?  I don’t know if I really have anything gross… I know how Amber feels about poutine, but I think she’s one of the rare few who think it’s gross.  (Her and my mom!!) 


My dad used to make peanut butter & raw onion sandwiches and I tried it once and really liked it, but I haven’t eaten that in years…  I don’t know!  I think that’s about as weird & gross as it gets.

I love food…I could talk about this all day!!!


Lindsay said...

Did you say LASAGNA??? Yes, please! :-)

Love one of your co-workers! xo

Peanut butter and raw onion.....YUCK!

Stacy said...

Yea - not liking the combo of PB and onion...

Amber said...


While I was reading through this and then saw the poutine comment I literally smacked myself in the head and was like, "I can't believe it wasn't mentioned until now!" haha

Ok so, Crystal Light. I used to really not like that stuff but then I tried their "on the go" packets and they are a nice change from water. In general I'm not a big juice drinker so I don't use them often.

People ask me to make lasagna too. I don't even do anything fancy with it, I just "assemble", haha.

I've been hungry all day, I already ate my lunch and I'm still hungry. This post doesn't help!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that so many people hate mushrooms but to me, they're great!!

dddiva said...

I just wanted to stick this in there- I actually poisoned myself with TOO MUCH WATER and my drs said it could/should have killed me because I knocked out all the other nutrients out of my system? Don't ask me how I always do the weird stuff that shouldn't happen to anyone.

Sarah said...

You make the best homemade pizza!! YUM! and those twice baked potatoes you made for us a few times. I miss the nights where you would cook us both! mmm mmm mmm!

VandyJ said...

Not really a fan of raw mushrooms but love them sauted in butter and then on top of a burger with melty swiss cheese.

sarajo said...

What is poutine?

Kristine said...

I am jonesing for some poutine and I think peanut butter and gummi worm sammiches are da bomb!!! I eat all kinds of weird shit when hammered. Just sayin'.

Mamarazzi said...

"back in the day" you kill me!!

i am so impressed with your food choices compared to one month ago. i need to make a major change soon. i am currently addicted to celery, but i have yet to release myself from naughty stuff too.

Dee said...

Ok, next time I have one of my "weird" sandwiches, I've got to add onions lol!

Alicia said...

peanut butter and onion?! now thats a new one to me! and i'm a plain water kinda gal too. as long as its cold, i'm good! thanks for linking up...i'm off to go have dreams about lasagna now!

Nicole said...

so I still haven't figured out what this Poutine thing is all about! It's even in food network mag this month! I need to get out more! And I tried turtle once, it's gross :) so is Escargo :) AND the dish that I make that always gets requested is my Mozzarella dip that has been renamed Tucker's Dip... LOL :)

Mindy said...

I drink water, but I hate drinking it. Good for you for loving it! :)

Peanut butter and onions? Yuck, lol two of my most hated foods.

Nancy said...

I hate poutine too. I get asked to make turkey, lasagna with red wine sauce, ham, biscuits, buns, hamburgers. I won two cooking contests with chili bean dip and miniature ambrosia frit cakes...they are more like a muffin than a fruitcake.

Home made pizza used to be a Friday night tradition here. Now I am hungry!