Thursday, September 01, 2011

Meet the Flyers: Timmy Ball Player, Gerv & Micksburg

The first “Meet The Flyers” post was a huge success – you either loved reading about the players, or enjoyed laughing at their pictures (what? you pose for a mustache-close-up, it’s bound to make it to the blog!!)

So today, I welcome you back as we are now just over a week away from the GOFL Final Weekend Showdown. This time, I’ll be introducing you to three more players from the first-place Quyon Flyers.

We’ll kick things off with the 3rd baseman, wearing the #5 jersey, Tim Craig:

The Frenchman

Tim and his 2010 Worlds mustache, which he named “The Frenchman”

You know, one of my first memories of Tim was back before I even really knew who he was. I was scorekeeping for the 3-pitch league in Luskville, about eight or so years ago now, and he was the star shortstop in that league. My brother was also playing there at the time, and somehow we managed to get my dad out to a game to watch. My dad – like most fastball purists – doesn’t consider 3-pitch “real” ball. It puts a sour look on his face. (Even more so than usual.) And I can tell you after watching that game, the thing that disgusted him almost as much as knowing my brother was playing that so-called “activity” was that Tim Craig was, too. He was so impressed with Tim’s athletic ability and quick reflexes that he thought it was an absolute shame that he was wasting it in a 3-pitch league.

Last season, my pa’s wishes came true when Tim joined the Flyers, and thus, “Timmy Ball Player” was born. When I asked Coach Fleck what Tim’s assets are to the team, he didn’t hesitate: “Not much gets by this guy at 3rd. He does whatever it takes to get on base and uses his speed when he does.” Also, the fact that Tim married into the Pontiac Ice family means that he supplies the team with ice for the coolers at home games. Helping to keep the beer cold on game nights for the 2-for-5 special? Definitely makes him invaluable to this team…

Tim 2nd base

When Tim comes to the ball field, you can almost guarantee that he brings with him his own little fan club – his wife Tara, step-daughter, Lauryn, and two boys Greyer and Ashton. In fact, Grey can often be found hanging out with the guys on the bench, proudly wearing his red-and-white Combat hat, and trying to lure the guys into batting practice with him. He’s kind of like their own little mascot. Be sure to give him a high-five if you see him at the Final Weekend Showdown!

Next up, we have outfielder Curtis Daley:


Better known as “Gervais”, he’s one of the guys who started out playing fastball at a very young age in this town. He might be a little on the short side, but man, he can run – and always could. I distinctly remember watching him play as a kid, and he was quite often a source of frustration for the coach at third, who always had a hard time holding him up when he was flying around the bases. Now all grown up and wearing #2 in his third season with the Flyers, Coach Fleck refers to him as a quality team guy who is a perfect bottom of the lineup batter. “He usually keeps the innings going,” Kenny added.

curtis batting

The only problem I have with Gerv? The fact that every year, he insists that the best part of the Canada Day Parade in our little town is my brother Luke carrying the flag down to the Ferry docks for the flag-raising ceremony. I argued with him this year that I do the exact same thing, but he said, “No no, Jill. You can be second-best. But the best part of this parade is always Luke. Every year. I love it.”

By the time the Final Weekend Showdown rolls around, Gerv could very well be a new daddy as he and his girlfriend Simone are expecting their first child, due any day now. We all wish Gerv the best of luck, both on and off the field!

Our final player profile for the day will go to pitcher Joran Graham:


Joran and his stache, which he called “Merv”

Joran, more commonly known to his teammates as “Teddy” or “Micksburg”, has been with the Flyers for five years now. He is widely known as one of the hottest young players in the area, and often gets the call to represent at international softball tournaments. Wherever #4 goes, success usually follows. I asked Coach Fleck to tell me a bit about what it’s like to have Joran on his roster, and he couldn’t say enough good things about him. “He’s a great young pitcher, and keeps opposing hitters off balance all game. He also hits the ball with the best of them,” Kenny told me. Sounds like we can’t ask for much more.

I believe it was last year at the Gil Read Memorial in Carp that Joran ended up with something like four or five of the MVP T-shirts they handed out after every game. He practically could have been sporting one every day of the week. If he’d played a few more games, and he could’ve had one for every guy on the team. His presence on the Flyers’ mound led them to victory at that tournament last year, and likewise, he gives them a solid chance at winning any game when he’s in the line-up.

Joran playing 1st

The Flyers have an excellent opportunity to take their first GOFL title in the Final Weekend Showdown, and with this seasoned young star around, their chances only increase. With his biggest fan & girlfriend Brittany cheering him on, Joran can be counted on to do his best to help the team bring it home!

That wraps up this installment of “Meet The Flyers”. Next Tuesday, I will be putting the spotlight on Matt Greer, Drew Hathway, and Shawn Laframboise, as we draw closer to the FWS in Quyon!


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