Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Confessions: On Nick Voss, Smart KD, and Bullies

It’s time to pour my heart out, via Mamarazzi’s Friday Confessional.


I confess…that I watched some of The X Factor over the past few weeks.  I told myself I wouldn’t, because who the hell needs Simon Cowell when you’ve got STEVEN TYLER BABY!!!!  That’s right, I was going to be faithful to American Idol and boycott The X Factor.  But curiosity got the best of me.  And honestly?  I saw enough good stuff that I’ll definitely be tuning back in for the boot camp episodes coming up.

I confess…that one of the guys I’ll be keeping my eye on is Nick Voss.  He was the first contestant that really impressed me.  And he sang an Elvis song, “Trouble”.  I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out why he charmed me…

Nick Voss

I confess…I could look at those dark puppy dog eyes all day.

I confess…that I actually ate and ENJOYED the “Smart” KD this week.  I wouldn’t exactly call it “health food”, but I guess if you’re jonesing for KD, as I do from time to time, it’s better to eat the “Smart” kind.  Right?


I confess…I wish they made a “Smart” poutine.  Or a “Smart” hot dog.  How about a “Smart” Big Mac?  I need to get somebody on this.

I confess…that I’m enjoying the book I’m currently reading, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult - but it’s disturbing me.  It’s a heart-breaking story in general (about a high school shooting), but I can’t stop thinking about this one part.  There’s a  flashback on the “villain”, Peter, at age 5.  So excited to get on the school bus with his new Spiderman lunch kit, so excited for his first day of school.  Within minutes of getting on the bus, he’s bullied and the other boys throw his lunch box out the window.  It breaks my heart every time I think about it.

nineteen minutes

I confess…that if I ever have kids, I might have to home school them.

I confess…that while I was never one of the cool kids in school, and I was bullied sometimes, I often think of this one time when I was the bully, and I so regret it.  Our class went skating at an outdoor rink across the road from our elementary school, and there was this boy in my class who was kind of nerdy and he was having trouble on his blades.  You know that scene in The Cutting Edge where the figure skating girl makes fun of the dude for having trouble with his toe-pick?  Well, I was doing that to this boy.  Every time he stumbled past me and fell, I’d shriek, “TOE PICK!!!!” and laugh at him, and he ended up in tears.  I could almost cry myself, thinking about it now.

I confess…that the book really has me thinking about bullying and why kids do what they do.  There’s no excuse for shooting up a school, but you have to wonder how far some kids are pushed in order for them to do something like that…  It scares me.

Okay…so maybe not the most uplifting post I’ve ever written?

But that’s what’s on my mind this Friday.  If you’d like to confess, head on over to Mamarazzi’s and link up!

Have a great weekend, everyone…And if you get a chance, do something nice for someone. :)


Anonymous said...

Bullying is one of those hot topics people talk about now and I am so on the fence. Obviously if it goes too far, then it's bad. But kids will always bully others and I'm of the mindset that a little is OK. It made me a stronger person. And some of the stuff kids said to me was HARSH, let me tell you. BUT, now that I have kids, I may change my tune. Who knows? Happy Friday!

Nicole said...

I wonder when it crosses the line of being picked on (which happened a lot to me) to becoming bullying. obviously, if the kids throw your lunchbox out the window, or you have to give them all your money, etc, bullying, but wonder where the line is verbally from picking on to bullying....

ashley said...

Oh my goodness, as I mentioned on Stacy's blog yesterday, the thought of bullying could bring me to tears. I wasn't the nicest person in high school and I will forever regret that. Now, the thought of that poor little five year old getting on the bus so excited and then being bullied makes me want to be sick to my stomach and bawl. I HATEEEEE bullying and it breaks my heart to hear of it happening, even more so to a little 5 year old!!! :(

Stacy said...

I can't believe how much bullying is in the news these days...crazy stuff! Majic 100 was talking about it all morning.

Sarah said...

Oh I love the X Factor. I was a little skeptical at first because I was sick of American Idol, havent watched it in years so I wasn't sure if I would like this new show but I am hooked, it is new and different, people are more real, i like the fact that's in an arena and the audience gets into it as well. And Simon isn't as mean, he is different.

VandyJ said...

I was bullied all through school--mostly mean girls being mean. Not sure what I'd do about the boys if they are ever bullied. It such a tough thing to define and police.

Jen said...

I have definitely been on both sides of the bullying coin. It breaks my heart to think about the way I treated other kids in school. It would break my heart to hear my child treating others this way.

jeez life is hard. We ALL need helmets!

Happy Weekend!

Sarita said...

I found a guy on FB that I used to make fun of and apologized. I can't believe that I did that!

Nancy said...

Good for you, Sarita! Jillan, you can always imagine the boy is sitting across from you and tell him how you feel and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness will come from above....remember the Words Of Assurance I speak each week? That's why we have the Prayer of Confession...

My brother was bullied terribly at school, he got beaten bloody regularly for looking too "Indian". I will never forget the sounds of kids yelling "put the boots to the Indian" and being afraid of being next. Horrible memories. Think I had better meditate to get rid of the negative feelings your post has brought up!

Mind Of Mine said...

Ha! Thank you for reminding me about The Cutting Edge, my brother and I loved that movie and especially the 'TOE PICK' scene.

Have you ever read We Need To Talk About Kevin, it is about a school massacre, it is a really well written book which really makes you think.

Have you ever seen the UK X-Factor, it is on its 6th or 7th year now, every household in the UK is glued to it on Saturday and Sunday nights. Cheryl Cole, who was a judge for a second the US version, it the nations sweetheart. Everyone loves her. You should check out her songs, Fight For This Love and Promise This.

Stacie said...

Kids can be so mean, but I have to remind myself that they learn it somewhere. I think it is adults who keep failing them. Sad.

sarajo said...

Oh, that just made my heart break. That's my worst fear, that my kids will be bullied. I was bullied all throughout school.

Now I need to go hug my babies!

Sandra said...

Did the same thing with the X-Factor. Said I wasn't going to watch it and now I LOVE IT! Plus I don't find Paula as nauseating. And when you find the Smart poutine, let me know. I'd be all over that!

Mamarazzi said...

i think i may need to try the smart KD...i do often jones for the mac and cheese, this sounds like a healthier option!!

thanks for linking up!! sorry i am sooo slow getting here, life keeps getting in the way!

OH, i also wanted to let you know that the My Happy List link party is moving to Tuesdays starting October 11, i would LOVE for you to play!

Amber said...

Smart poutine is no poutine... ;)

They do make low fat hot dogs, you can either get ones made WITH turkey or ones that are all turkey, but I know your feelings on turkey as a beef replacement, haha Give 'em a try they're quite good.

Bullying. *sigh* Bullying hits close to home for me, it's something I feel really strongly about, I don't understand why kids have to be so mean to each other and now it's so much easier to do it (computers, texting etc). Sad.