Friday, October 11, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Confessions

Friday.  The best kind of Friday.  It’s sunny.  There is a long weekend upon us.  And it’s a Turkey Long Weekend.


But first… time to confess.

Friday confessional high heeled love

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I confess… that I pretty much cried for an hour straight last night watching the Glee tribute to Finn/Cory Montieth.  I thought I was tougher than that… But apparently I’m not.  I was a snotty, sniveling mess.  I haven’t been a faithful Gleek like many; I watched for one season and then only caught the odd episode here and there last year.  But I think even someone who had never watched the show before in their life would’ve been moved by it last night.  And anyone who’s ever lost someone could relate to how at least one of them was feeling.

Glee tribute

glee tribute 4

glee tribute 3

I confess… that I admire anyone who can sing through a lump in their throat; anyone who can sing through tears.  Last night, there were many performances just like that, and you know that they were real tears.  I’d imagine that show was probably one of the toughest things those actors will ever have to do.  Kudos to them for such a moving, honest, raw, and real portrayal of how they felt after losing their friend and cast mate.

I confess… that it felt really really good to be back at Zumba again last night!  I took a break for the summer, and the fall sessions started up this week.  I hadn’t realized how my current exercise routine was starting to feel stale until I noticed how pumped I was to be doing something different last night!

I confess… that I haven’t gotten into hockey yet this year.  I’ve only watched one Sens game (and they lost to the Leafs, joy to the world), and if someone asked me when they play next, I’d have to say I have no idea.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of Alfie or what’s going on.  But don’t worry.  I’ll get there.

Sens 1

I confess… that it took me a few days to figure out the PVR, but it is getting a serious workout now that I’ve got ‘er all down pat.  I have LOTS of TV to watch this weekend!

I confess… that it’s a good thing I have lots of TV to watch, because it appears I have a semi-quiet long weekend on my hands!  I had intended on cleaning – maybe even possibly washing windows – tomorrow, but my house is upside down due to the painting.  I think that gives me a free pass for the weekend when it comes to housework! ;)

I confess… that I’ve been a little disappointed with the painting progress.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, my painter was unable to come back after he did the patchwork on Tuesday night.  And I have no idea if he’ll be working on it this weekend, but I doubt it.  I think it’s going to take longer than I originally thought.  But I just keep telling myself that’s OK, as long as it gets done.  And hey, I don’t have to clean because of it.  Up side.

I confess… that I kind of had a bit of a lucky streak this week.  When I got my statement for my Amazon Visa, I noticed that it was less that I thought it should be.  Upon further inspection, I realized they had automatically cashed in my Rewards, so I had $20 taken off my bill.  Sweet!  Then on Wednesday, I was lucky enough to find the “treasure” in a contest that a local restaurant is putting on, and that won me a $25 gift certificate for their establishment.  My mom told me I should get out and buy a lottery ticket.   Something tells me my $20- and $25-winnings won’t translate into big money. LOL

I confess… that even though it’s a semi-quiet weekend, there’s still plenty to look forward to!  I’m going out for dinner tonight with my mom (gotta use that gift certificate!), I’m going to my nephew’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon (they’re doing a kids’ zip-lining course!  I wish I was a kid!), TUB RAVE is Sunday, and then our family dinner is Monday.  I have to wait a long time for my Turkey, but I know it will be worth it!

turkey and tub rave My two favourite T’s this weekend… Turkey & Tub Rave!!

I confess… that I still kind of can’t believe my nephew Caden is turning 8 on Monday.  EIGHT.  Seriously.  When did that happen?!?  Did he not just turn 5?!?

KidsKnow how you can tell he’s 8?  He thinks doing bunny ears in every picture is cool.  *sigh*  Poor Nevie.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian compadres!! :)


VandyJ said...

The humor of eight years olds only gets cornier--I have a ten year old and I know.

Jillian said...

I know how you feel my brother is turning 19 on sunday! I too have a fairly lowkey weekend though with me just about anything could happen haha

Nicole said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Jilly!!!

Anonymous said...

So after reading your post I had to do a lit'l Canadian Thanksgiving research and I think it's interesting that our Thanksgiving and yours are so similar and both recognize an explorer. And I love that we all do turkey. I'm curious though as to what else is on your menu. You should do a post about that. It'd be interesting to see what we have alike and what's different. :)
Enjoy your weekend and enjoy that whole no house cleaning thing, that, in and of itself is worth the painter not coming around. Lol.. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy said...

Eight, really?

Stacie said...

I confess that I was so jealous of your Thanksgiving that I made chicken cornbread dressing last night for dinner!