Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Week Randoms

Tuesday October 29th.  And it feels like the middle of January out there.  too.damned.COLD.

  • It’s been “one of those mornings”.  You know the kind.  When you open your eyes, and you immediately get the feeling like you should just stay in bed.
  • I chalked that feeling up to the fact that I had set my alarm an hour earlier for this morning to get my workout in.  I am NOT a morning person, so doing this is rare – usually only when I know that I will have no time to do so in the evening. And with Doug still coming in to paint after work during the week, it makes getting the workouts in a little tricky.  So today the alarm goes off, and I open my eyes, and I literally feel like I’ve been asleep for 2 minutes instead of 7 hours.  And I seriously – SERIOUSLY – contemplated shutting it off, rolling over, and going back to sleep.
  • But no.  I ignored the crappy morning feeling, crawled out, threw on the workout clothes, and trudged downstairs, feeling as groggy as if I’d just woken up at noon with a killer hangover.
  • My TurboFire workouts this morning were Upper 20 + Stretch 40 – which was basically a 20 minutes upper arm strength session, followed by 40 minutes of Yoga.  Nothing too strenuous.  Maybe that was part of the problem, as I kept closing my eyes during the Yoga part and I legit thought I could fall back asleep if I let myself.


  • The dopey feeling continued, and was amplified when I went to leave the house with my purse, my lunch, and my coffee.  I grabbed my keys, then dropped everything on the floor to dig my winter coat out of the front closet.  After I put it on, I looked around and couldn’t find the keys.  I searched my winter coat pockets, my pants pockets, I dumped my purse upside down, searched my lunch bag, I even looked inside my toque.  No friggin keys anywhere.  And no friggin time to search further.  So I found my spare car key, and figured I’d just have to leave my house unlocked all day.  It was 5 minutes after I left the house before I discovered I’d shoved the keys into the pocket of my sweater.   gah.
  • My Scary Movie Marathon on Saturday was lots of fun, and clearly effective, as I haven’t gone to bed without leaving the hall light on ever since.  The Exorcism of Emily Rose seems to be the one that has stuck with me the most – even though I’ve seen it before.  Can’t seem to shake those images of the possessed girl, and I live in fear of waking up at 3 AM!


  • I paid closer attention to Jennifer Carpenter’s performance this time, since I’m now a big fan of hers (Debra Morgan!  F*ck yeah!) – and I have to say, her acting in this movie is pretty incredible.  Her portrayal of a sweet, innocent girl being possessed by 6 different demons was chilling and unnerving.  Scared the bejeezus out of me, in fact.

jennifer carpenter emily rose

  • Due to the Scary Movie Marathon – and just the weekend in general – I’m having trouble shaking my “weekend weight”.  Weekends are always difficult for me to stay on track with my healthy eating ways, but this past weekend was exceptionally bad.  Between Halloween candy, chips, pizza, Book Club snacks, Harvest Supper (including pie!), and those damn Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies that I can’t stop eating… well, let’s just say the scales were not my friend this morning.  I may never hit that “magic number”!!!
  • So the obvious solution would be to eat salads all week.  Except that I’ve been dying to try out a recipe for Bacon Jalapeno Popper Quiche that I saw on Pinterest.  I bought the ingredients to make it last week, and since my workout is already done for the day, I’m planning to whip it up tonight.  I’ll just have to try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting, that’s all. ;)


  • Have I mentioned my new-found love for the Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies?  I had to hide the container last night to keep out of them.

pillsbury cookies

  • On Saturday, there was a Roseanne Halloween Marathon on all day. I PVR’d it and I’ve been watching a few episodes each night leading up to All Hallow’s Eve.  Did you know I actually really didn’t like Roseanne when I was a kid?  I’ve learned I have a much greater appreciation for the show now than I ever did back then.


  • I’ve been trying to figure out all morning if this weekend is the time change I like or the time change I don’t like.  I think it’s the one I like.
  • Told you guys I’m dopey this morning…
  • I have to say, I felt really, really old this weekend.  Saturday night was the big Halloween costume party at Gavan’s, and it’s a night that I used to look forward to so much.  I didn’t go last year, and kind of regretted it.  This year, though, I had zero desire to go, and I was actually asleep on my couch by 10 PM.  I was wakened around 2 AM by people outside hootin’ & hollerin’ as they walked home from the bar.  That used to be me…
  • The really sad part is that when I woke up to the sound of voices and laughter, I at first thought it was my alarm clock, and that it was possessed.  Thank you very much, The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
  • I’ve always been a fan of Halloween, and despite being an old lady now, I can honestly say I still get excited for the big night.  I’m really looking forward to going to Mom’s, having a “fun” supper, and handing out treats to all the little trick-or-treaters.  Can’t wait!!


Happy Halloween Week, friends! :)

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Sarah said...

OMG that Bacon Jalapeno Popper Quiche looks amazing!!

I was the same saturday night, watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch! I had no desire to go to Gavan's. We always had tons of fun, but it's time to let the new generation of youngins' have their fun!! That definitly used to be us - me, you and sue walking home at 3am - im sure we were always very *quiet* though hahahaaaa

VandyJ said...

If I was ever to get Nick to try a quiche, that would be the one with the largest chance of success. It looks amazing.

Stacie said...

Having that day today...oh my stars!

Nicole said...

Remember - Spring Forward (lose an hour), Fall Back (gain an hour)!! Oh btw, I'll take a piece of your Quiche thankyouverymuch! I giggled when you said you thought your alarm was possessed and last thought, I know what a toque is. Aren't you proud of me?

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I am dying to know how that quiche turned out, it looks amazing! I wish my hubby liked scary movies...I don't like watching them alone!

Emmy said...

Oh if I watched that many scary movies I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week! I didn't used to mind them but they just get to me now. That quiche looks good!! I think I am going to have to try it too.