Friday, October 25, 2013

Freaky Friday Confessions (and some not-so-freaky ones, too)

Ahhhh FRIDAY!!!!  It’s here at last!!!

Linking up with Aubrey @ High-Heeled Love for some Friday Confessions…

Friday confessional high heeled love

I confess… that I tend to get a little obsessed with stuff from time to time.  This week, my obsession has been the story behind The Amityville Horror.  I saw the 2005 remake a long time ago, but I can’t remember what happens, so in preparation for watching it tomorrow, I googled.  (I tend to handle reading about scary stuff better than watching it, so I thought if I prepped for it, then I wouldn’t be so freaked out when I watch it.)  Needless to say, I’m now an expert on what happened in that house in Amityville.

amityville horror

I confess… that after immersing myself in the Amityville story, I went home to find my painterfriend Doug working at my house, and as soon as I opened the door, he yelled at me, “THIS HOUSE IS CURSED!!!!”  And I went, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DON’T TELL ME THAT!!!!”

I confess… that his theory is starting to sound plausible.  The first week he was working, he came down with a bad cold.  Last weekend, he got sick with the flu AND ended up with a stiff/sore/seized-up neck.  He tells me he hasn’t been sick like this in years, and is blaming my house.  I told him my house can’t be cursed, because I live next door to God, and God would not let anything bad into my house.  He disagrees.

I confess… that ever since he told me my house is cursed, I’ve been hearing noises and having those creepy, hairs-raising-on-the-back-of-my-neck-for-no-reason moments.  Gad dammit.  Scary Movie Marathon tomorrow might be a bad idea.

I confess… that I just typed out how I’ve been a little disturbed over the cuts (papercut-type wounds) that keep appearing on my fingers this week without me remembering actually cutting them, and how I’m wondering if maybe my house IS cursed and is taking it out on my fingers, and then I deleted it all.  Because I’m pretty sure that makes me sound clear-cut CRAZY.

I confess… that I am not crazy, people.  God lives next door to me.  I am fine.

I confess… that I keep buying Halloween candy.  I don’t know WHY because I’m not even going to be home Halloween night, and I’m not supposed to be eating Halloween candy myself.  So why the shit does it keep appearing in my house?  Perhaps it’s the curse.  And if that’s the case, I’m OK with that kind of curse.  The Candy Curse.  I like it.


I confess… that those stupid teeny-tiny chocolate bars are deceiving.  They look so tiny, so I tend to believe they contain no calories.  This is not true.  After woofing through a bunch of them last night, I decided to be a good kid and count up the calories.  560 freaking calories.  Ooopsies.

I confess… that I really wish my mother had never dragged out our old keyboard and put new batteries in it.  She had my niece and nephew over for a sleepover last night, and when I stopped in on my way to work this morning, Danica greeted me with very loud organ music.  It was delightful.  (not)

I confess… that I’m really happy we kicked Detroit’s ass the other night.  I hope that a small part of Alfie was thinking, “hmmm…might’ve made a mistake here…”

daniel alfredsson detroit

I confess… that I know I’ve said it before, but I really have a serious mad crush on Quinn from Dexter right now.

DEXTER (Season 8)

I confess… that once again, I have every reason to believe I live in one of the best little communities in the world!  This week a local girl entered a contest on the Country 101.1 radio station – she submitted a video of herself singing Miranda Lambert’s “White Liar”, as she and 23 other contestants vied for on-line votes in the hopes of winning the opportunity to open up for Dallas Smith in November.  It was a close race between Natasha and another girl, but when the voting closed at midnight last night, our hometown girl was the winner!  Through word of mouth, her family and friends in this town had everybody voting each day and the support shown by everyone was amazing.  Congratulations Natasha!!  She’s made it through the first phase, and while it’s still unknown what steps she has to take next, I can guarantee that everyone will be behind her in whatever way we need to be.  A bright and shiny example of COMMUNITY SPIRIT!  I love it!!! :)

Happy Friday, friends!!  Have a GREAT weekend!!


Sarah said...

Those little halloween chocolate bars are deceiving!! I checked this week too, they range from 50-70cals per bar...EEEK. But for some reason they are so yummy when in bite size, yet one is just never enough LOL my boss has a bowl full on her desk, it's hard to walk by and not grab one!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how easily you can freak yourself out with that stuff. We lived in a townhouse where our dog would frequently run to one of the rooms and look at seemingly nothing and bark at the nothing. It was totally scary, mostly because he's not a very barky dog; he doesn't just bark at anything.

Nancy said...

Jillian, pretty sure God lives in the manse too. I can bless your home if you want.

Nancy said...

Jillian, pretty sure God lives in the manse too. I can bless your home if you want.

Nancy said...

Jillian, pretty sure God lives in the manse too. I can bless your home if you want.

Kenzie S said...

This post made me smile! I tend to do the same thing when it comes to finding out the background on things, especially haunted things! I get super immersed in it. Yikes about your house maybe being haunted.. eek!

Mrs. Match said...

I keep buying halloween candy too, but mostly because Match keeps finding the bags I hide, and eating them! We should be getting a fair amount of trick or treaters, so I want to be prepared. I even bought what I thought was yucky candy, but he eats that too. Lol!

Stacie said...

My MeeMaw, who lived in the middle of nowhere and never had a single trick-or-treater, would buy candy from the time it started hitting the shelves, just in case anybody came. Of course, she ended up eating it all!

Nicole said...

So just out of curiosity, did reading about it before watching help?

Aroan Gunde said...

Yeah I liked this blog .I am chocolate lover . Nice . Thanks & God bless u

HickChickBritt said...

That is so weird about the little paper cuts. I wonder what could cause them.