Thursday, October 03, 2013

Autumn Soundtrack

In a few very short months, my iPod will be exclusively tuned to songs featuring jingle bells, and as I bake in my kitchen, I’ll be dancing around to Justin Bieber’s “Under The Mistletoe”.

But it’s not time yet.

I need some tunes to get me through.  And these are the ones I’m lovin’ right now.  My Autumn Soundtrack, if you will…

We’ll kick it off with my current country fave.  I saw Zac Brown Band perform this one live at Bluesfest earlier this summer, and instantly fell in love.  I absolutely adore the line, “Sweetheart, I’ve been livin’ in a fantasy/But one day lightning will strike/And my bark will lose it’s bite/But don’t’ give up on me”.

Next, we have the extraordinary Ed Sheeran with a Bon Iver cover.  This one was a recent recommendation from my cousin Bucky.  He never fails me, and I can almost guarantee when Buck tells me to check something out, that I’ll be a fan.

OK, my American pals – please don’t be offended by this one, it’s all meant in good fun!  ;)  This one is wonderful for belting out at the top of your lungs while showing off your Canadian Pride!  Here’s Tim Hicks with “Stronger Beer”:

There are a lot of ladies from my generation who worship the ground B.Spears walks on.  I’ve never really been one of them, but I do have to say, her latest has instantly become my favourite song to run to.  As soon as she says, “Now get to work, Bitch”  I feel my pace picking up!

This one’s a little on the explicit side, and from the little bit of the video I watched, it also appears to be kinda porny… so beware.  Don’t let Jacob Hogarts bare bum down there scare you.  I love the song, the lyrics, the message behind it.  Coincidentally, it was the song playing on my iPod when I crossed the finish line of the Army Run 5K, and I thought, How appropriate…

I know the dancy-techno stuff is all the rage these days, and most of it I can pass on.  Not this one, though.  First time I heard it, I knew I had to download it. ASAP.

This one is megacool.  I love it.

And now, for my absolute 100% current fave… I love to belt this one in the car, pretending I’m all Taylor Swiftish.  I’ve been picking up the guitar a bit again, and this one is on the top of my list of songs to learn.  Now if only I could find a quirky-cute British duet partner… ;)

So…what’s on your playlist these days?  Tell me what I’m missing out on, folks!

Happy Thursday :)


Stacy said...

I do like that Avicii song...and this is the first time I heard the Taylor One...I am really liking Autumn Hill these days...I may pick up the CD at HMV...$9.99

Jillian said...

I love wake me up! I haven't seen that hedley video...why haven't I seen it yet (I am obsessed with Jacob Hoggard) and I like stronger beer haha canadians rule!

VandyJ said...

I just listen to the radio mostly--country because that's what we get here and I'm familiar with it. No real soundtrack. I should work on that, maybe.

Stacie said...

Love those last 3!

Anonymous said...

I'm already listening to Christmas music! I love, love, love it. All year! :D
Great tunes. I'm a Taylor Swift fan too! :)

Jo said...

We are big fans of both Ed & Bon Iver!

LoL Stronger Beer, very funny!

And all the others are being listened to here as well