Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Tuesday Random

How about getting a little random today? 

Here’s what’s floating through your ol’ pal Jill’s brain this morning…

  • Remember last week when I vowed to be more careful with food, and felt “absolutely positive” that I could carry that vow through the weekend?  Well… Epic fail.  Dillon’s birthday party snacks were delicious, and all of my promises to myself to steer clear of them evaporated moments after I walked through the door.  When it became clear that my resolve to stay away from the food was faltering as I drifted closer and closer to the snacks on the island, my Aunt Nora helpfully suggested, “Try out the hummus & veggies, it’s Uncle Elson’s recipe and it’s filled with good stuff for you!”  And I was all like, “Mmm, yum, you’re right, so good!  But here beside it, there’s some jumbo shrimp… and some cheeses and cured meats and crackers… and oh hey, have you tried this Buffalo Chicken Dip?!” *scarf*scarf*scarf*
  • My willpower sucks.  BIG time.
  • The good news: I’ve been behaving ever since that food meltdown.  Another test tonight, though, as I’m taking my car to Kanata for an oil change, and there’s a plethora of my favourite restaurants riiiight nearby.  I’m having a salad.  I’ll take a picture to prove it.  No french fries!!!!

no fries

  • Despite the food slip-ups, I’ve been feeling really, really good during my jogs these past few days.   Saturday morning, I ran the longest I ever have, and last night I increased my time and distance again.  I have to twist my own arm to get out there and do it, but I get such a rush during and afterwards… it feels SO good!


  • For the past few days, I’ve noticed I have a new little woodland friend hanging out around my house… a big, grey bunny rabbit!  I’ve noticed him several times, just hanging out in my yard, munching on the grass.  He keeps catching me by surprise.  Where has he come from?   I mean, stray cats, the odd dog that wanders over – I’ve come to expect them.  But a bunny?!  I don’t know, but he sure is cute!
  • Dexter and I have reached that point in our relationship.  That point where I want to stay home with him all day.  That point where I have to psych myself up to do other things than just sit and watch him.  *sigh*  SUCH a good show.


  • I’m totally depressed, though, that these seasons of Dexter all seem to be only 12 episodes long, and that the current season airing is supposedly the final one.  It means that, even though I’m only on Season 2, there is already an end in sight. WHY can’t my TV loves just go on FOREVER?!?!
  • I have this slowly-unfurling desire for fall that has started to spread out deep within me.  Strange, since normally I dread the end of summer. I’ve always really loved fall, but getting over that “back-to-school, end-of-summer” hump has never been my favourite time of year… Normally, these few weeks leaving me feeling a little queasy and unpleasantly anxious.  So you can imagine my surprise when lately, all I can think about is hoodies & scarves & leggings, hot cups of Chai tea, being curled up in my cozy quilt with a good book, the beautiful changing colours of the leaves, going for jogs in crisp, cool evening air.  I want to try making my own applesauce.  I want to switch the scent in my Scensty warmer to “Pumpkin Roll”.  I want to dig out my fall decorations.  I want the smell of chili or spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.  I keep thinking of the scary movies I want to watch leading up to Halloween.  I’m craving fall.


  • Seriously.  We’re in the middle of a heat wave – one of the very few this summer has offered up – and I’m wishing it away?!  What the hell is wrong with me??
  • I’m trying so desperately not to think about it.  I’m trying to stay “in the moment”, and soak up these last few weeks of summertime.  I’m trying to get excited about the final chances to BBQ and wear shorts & tanks and eat popsicles and corn on the cob and go swimming and sweat hard.  I know I’ll miss it all when it’s gone.  Yet, I can’t seem to stop my mind from drifting to fall…
  • When I do look back on the Summer of 2013, I know one thing that I will remember… and that is Robin Thicke.  My summer song has been “Blurred Lines” right from the very beginning, and I realized yesterday morning when it came on the radio and I started dancing around right away that I’m still not sick of it. 
  • Speaking of which… I’m also still not sick of my Dallas Smith CD, either, apparently.  Been listening to it in the car to prep for his performance at Shawville Fair next weekend, and I so can’t wait to see him live again!

dallas smith

  • Last but not least of the random in my head this morning… I’m aware that I still haven’t written my farewell to Alfie.  But it appears I’m not the only one who isn’t ready to let go just yet.  Word on the street is our former captain took part in an informal skate at the Sensplex yesterday, and was on the ice in his Sens practice gear.  It hurt my heart to see the pictures.  I think I’m still waiting for someone to say, “Whoa!  Hold up!!!  All just a big mistake.  He’s coming back, guys!  Don’t worry!!”  It could still happen… right???

Alfredsson-Aug-19-2013 *sigh*

Have a great day, friends :)


Sarah said...

Me too - I'm usually sad summer is over, but this year not so much. I've been craving French Onion soup, but it's still too hot outside to make a pot of it so I can't wait for fall to come!! And thanksgiving,pumpkin pie, car rally! And buying new fall clothes in fun too, I need new boots!

Emmy said...

Whenever I run or go workout I never ever regret it- but yes just getting out to do it is often a battle, which drives me crazy as I know I will be glad I did.
I like summer even more now that my kids are in school as I love the easy days, no homework. Fall used to be a favorite but now I like summer even more-- though my kids are already back in school, so yea bring on the cooler weather!

Stacy said...

did you hear that Dallas Smith is coming to Centrepointe Theatre in November... I realize you see him practically for free next weekend but just thought I would let you know!

Lindsay said...

I want fall too!! Although it's not as surprising coming from me as it is from you!! haha!!

Jillian said...

I'm not ready for fall yet....my birthday hasn't come yet (next monday!). But soon enough I will be ready for costume planning (halloween and the catching fire midnight premiere), sweaters, and hot tea

Nancy said...

I love fall too Jillian. I went to my Mom's for my first swim of the summer yesterday, and wondered why I hadn't been there once or twice a week. :(

Nicole said...

That music video is weird, but the song is catchy :) the one girl in there reminds me of Anne Hathaway :)

LeeLu Creations said...

Love me some Blurred Lines. You can't help but move in some form or fashion when that song comes on. It's so fun!

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