Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April… You were good times!

After the long, dreary winter days of hibernating, it finally felt like life got busier – and more fun! – once the nicer days of April rolled around.  It seemed like there was something to celebrate each and every weekend!  At times, I was overwhelmed as the calendar became more jam-packed with events, but looking back on it all now, it was nothing but good times with family & friends.

Take a look…

Uncle Reid 80.1

On April 14th, my cousins Donna & Ellard hosted a surprise 80th birthday brunch for Uncle Reid.  That’s him in the middle of this photo.  He really enjoyed the party, and being surrounded by so many family members!

Uncle Reid 80.2 

With my nephew Caden!  :)

Uncle Reid 80.4

Danica cozying up to Ben & Kayla

Uncle Reid 80.5

Mom, Patti, Randy & Kara

Uncle Reid 80.6

Auntie Mo teaching Caden to play Happy Birthday on the Kazoo!  She has tried to pass her talents on to several family members – she only let me try it once, and she told me I was the loudest kazoo player she’d ever heard… LOL! 

Uncle Reid 80.7

The Youngs :)  These are my dad’s four surviving siblings (out of a family of 8 kids) – Uncle Ralph, Uncle Garry, Uncle Reid & Aunt Mona.  Love them all!!

Uncle Reid 80.8

Danica & I saying “Cheese”!!


After Uncle Reid’s party ended, we packed up and headed across the river to TOSH, to celebrate my mom’s 65th, as well as my cousin David’s birthday, with the other side of the family!


Neve meeting a new little buddy, Lane.  She’s a few months older than him, but they were about the same in size, and Lane was an even faster crawler! haha!  I love this pic, it’s like she’s saying, “Would you check out this kid, stealing my toys!!” hahaha :)


This was my first time meeting my beautiful baby cousin, Grace.  She was born on the first anniversary of my dad’s death, so I like to think she was a little present sent from him, giving us a reason to smile & celebrate on an otherwise sad day.  Isn’t she adorable??


My little cousin Dillon, eating – and ENJOYING – limes.  He also went after everyone’s lemons.  Never seen anything like it… lol!


Luke, Amanda & Nevie


Baby Grace sporting the new shades Danica had picked out for her ;)


Singing Happy Birthday to Mom & Dave!


Dillon’s chocolate goatee


On April 20th, our community gathered to celebrate the Kennedy Family, as well as raise funds for the new community centre to be built in the future.  Here is the whole family, with a picture of their parents, Joe & Dorothy Kennedy.  (That’s my “fave” cousin Donna right in the middle!)


Kathy, Sally, Betty, Anne, Ellard, and Billy Kennedy

I had the opportunity to speak that night on behalf of our Canada Day Committee, to thank the Kennedys for all of their support of our committee over the years.  Last year, they anonymously donated a beautiful new Canadian Flag.  The one we had was tattered beyond repair, and we didn’t have the funds to replace it.  Kennedys to the rescue!  They wanted no recognition for their generous donation on Canada’s “big day”, but on this night of celebration in their honour, it gave me great joy to finally be able to publicly thank them :)

CanadaDay Flag[1]


That’s my dear friend Brenda, with her mom Anne, dad Jack, and sister Christine


It’s becoming a trend for my Godson Cowan to show up all slicked up on my blog, isn’t it?? ;)  What a little stud… with his Grandparents, Anne & Jack


Kayla & I having fun on the dancefloor


Ben with last year’s honoree, Mae McCann


This past Sunday we had a family dinner, and this little princess showed up, looking very “Pretty in Pink”!!



I’m truly blessed to have some VERY cute kiddos in my life!!!

Well… That’s about it for the April photo dump!  What a month filled with wonderful celebrations and happy memories made with family & friends!  Here’s hoping May is just as fantastic!! :)


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Jo said...

Wow you really had a busy and fun filled April - here's hoping May will be the same!

VandyJ said...

Lots to celebrate indeed!!

I'm hoping May slows down a bit for us, but it's not looking like it will.

Stacie said...

The kiddos are super cute...and I am in love with that kazoo pic!

Steph said...

So cute! Looks like a great month!

Mrs. Match said...

the littles in your family sure are CUTE!! I love family time, and it's few and far between for my side, sadly. Definitely looking forward to my next family meet up!

Janette Johanson said...

Great pictures and Jill.... if you are wondering what your color is-- its pink. You look great in that color!! Hands down!

Nicole said...

Oh, I love all these pictures! So great!!

Connie Weiss said...

That is a super busy month!

HickChickBritt said...

You are looking so great! Keep up the good work. Looks like a fun month. I definitely did a whole lot of nothing. haha oh well except working and taking care of the kids and husband!