Friday, April 12, 2013

Friends, it’s snowing. Let’s confess.

It’s Friday.  And that is the day that I confess.


I confess…that I am NOT in cahoots with Mother Nature, and that I am NOT to blame for this storm we’re getting today.  Dudes.  I like snow IN THE WINTER TIME.  I’m no more impressed by this nasty little trick than any of you.  Snow in April sucks donkey balls.


I confess...that I feel like crying up to the heavens, “WHY US?!?!??!”  Of course, on April 12th, the day we planned to take my mom out for a nice dinner to celebrate her birthday, they are calling for up to 20 cm of snow and ice pellets and maybe some freezing rain too.  OF COURSE THEY ARE.

I confess…that I have to keep repeating to myself, “There’s no point in wasting energy complaining about something we have no control over.”  It is my mantra today.  Deep breaths.

I confess…that I’m still secretly hoping the weathermen are all bonkers. Or blowing things way out of proportion.  Or both.

I confess…that I like to pretend I’m one of those innovative cooks off of Diners, Drive-Ins or Dives, or Eat St.  Especially when it comes to paninis.  I have had some successes, some failures.  This week’s invention?  Avocado, tomato, and cheddar cheese with Tsatziki spread (I used the Epicure seasoning mixed with fat-gree plain Greek yogurt).  And ohmygod, it was delicious.

I confess… that I had that particular panini two nights in a row with oven-baked sweet potato fries, and it is officially my new favourite dinner.

I confess… that I’m still always a little bit surprised when I find something even remotely healthy that doesn’t taste like crap.

I confess… that my day was made on Wednesday evening when these little studs showed up at my front door…

Cowan and Johnny

That is my Godson Cowan and his buddy Johnny.  They were getting all slicked up for their Grad Auction on Thursday at school, and I was thrilled to get a “sneak peek”.  Handsome, handsome, handsome!!  They are some lucky ladies up at that high school, let me tell ya! ;)

I confess… that it’s always a good night when Cowan shows up at my door in a costume…

Cowan Halloween

Halloween 2011 I think…?

I confess… that I hope Cowan doesn’t see this blog post… He’s shy and hates when I put his pictures up on my blog! LOL!

And… I think that’s all I’ve got today, folks!  Happy Friday, drive safe, and keep your fingers crossed that the weathermen are all just bonkers, K?

K. Love to all of you. :)


Stacie said...

That cat pic is hilarious! Hope you thaw out soon!

Nicole said...

Love the kitty cat picture! Fabulous! And seems like all your peeps read your blog. My friend Aerielle and Doti read mine and hubby but that's pretty much it. I think my dad reads from time to time to make sure I don't make a complete fool of myself, when he doesn't agree, then he tells my mom and she lets me know about it. funny funny people.

Mrs. Match said...

Aw sorry to hear about the snow. Though I wouldn't mind if it was a bit chilly here. We're in the 80s, and it makes me scared for this summer. I'm walking around with my personal space heater, and sleep is rough when it's still in the upper 70s at 10pm!

Your godson is adorable!!

Beth W said...

Oooooo Cowan is a cutie!! We didn't have boys shy AND handsome when I was in high school. ;)

I hope the snow goes for you soon. I've been complaining, along with the rest of Seattle, about our constant rain and cold temps for the past 2 weeks (seriously, this is February weather for all of us).
Time for cocoa and Kahlua!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Snow? Wow, I can't believe it....I'm so's spring already! Your little godson is so cute. My little nephew got Prom King last night....I need to post some of his photos!