Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WWTKW: This is my town…

…and when I say that, I sound like Montgomery & Gentry. 

(well, I sound like whichever one of them says that line in the song.)


So this week’s We Want to Know Wednesday is all about where you live!  Linking up with Scriptor & Kenzie.


The questions: 

1. Were you born and raised in the town you live in, or did you move to that town?

2. What is your favorite thing about the town you live in?

3. Are there any special annual events there?

4. What don’t you like about your town?

5. If you could live any where, where would it be?

My answers:

1. Were you born and raised in the town you live in, or did you move to that town?    Where I was born, where I was raised, where I keep all my yesterdays… Oh Montgomery Gentry.  You know me and my town so well!  I have pretty much lived here my whole life, except for a year or so when I lived in Hull when I was *supposed* to be going to University.  While I loved my roomies and many aspects of life at the apartment, I hated the city, and couldn’t wait to get home each weekend.

2. What is your favorite thing about the town you live in?  I love the close-knit feeling, the camaraderie, and the support that people show one another in times of need.  I love that most of my friends have settled here (or the surrounding areas).  I love that we can be in the country, but we’re not too far from the city, either. 

Oh, and the giant Elvis.  I LOVE the giant Elvis.

Elvis Quyon

3. Are there any special annual events there?  I think we can be proud of all of the special events our town holds annually!  Because I am on the Quyon Canada Day Committee, of course, our fundraising golf tournament and legendary Canada Day festivities are near & dear to me.  The Lions and Lionettes also host major annual events like the Duck Race, Community Days, and Car Rally.  They are events that pretty much everyone knows about and you barely even really have to advertise them, because everyone just “knows” when they are going to be and looks forward to them!  I also look forward to dinners and teas that the local churches hold each year.

35422_10150209665670554_554310553_13334942_6799152_n With my cousins on Canada Day 2010


The “young women” of our church at the Irish Tea this year

canada day 4[3] Canada Day Committee members getting ready for the parade last year

4. What don’t you like about your town?  I could list many things, but I choose not to dwell on the bad stuff in our town – I’d rather look at the positives!  But if I had to say one thing in particular, and I assume it’s an issue in every small town, it’s the talk.  One of the few bad things about a small town and knowing everyone is that people talk.  It seems nothing remains private.  I’m guilty of it at times myself, I know.

5. If you could live any where, where would it be?  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I honestly don’t think I’d pick anywhere else in the world to live.  It’s my home, it’s where I’m comfortable, and it’s where I can just be me.  I like to take vacations, and someday I wouldn’t mind having a cottage to escape to from time to time, but the road will always lead back home… :)

IMG_3629[4] The view of main street from just near my place

family photo 2011

With the fam on Mom’s front steps, Thanksgiving 2011


Anonymous said...

I always wanted to live in a smaller place for a while, to see if it was true that everyone ends up knowing everything about everyone. But I do think that'd get pretty old!

Jillian said...

I'm not from an overly small town but both towns that can lay claim to me are kind of small (Moose Jaw and Lloydminster) but I'll be the first to say that I love living in the big city and that it was perfect for what I wanted.

Stacie said...

Oh how they talk, everybody has a hotline to everybody in a small town, but there is plenty of good like you said, too.

Nicole said...

Awe, I love that song. I so wish I'd pick my hometown and I do because my parents are here, but if they were else where I think I'd pick there... lol :)

HickChickBritt said...

When I read the title I said it like Montgomery Gentry too! haha Oh your small town looks so nice. I always wanted to live in a small town with a front porch!