Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday. Confession time.

Ah, Friday.  My first Friday back to work since before Christmas.  What would it be without a few confessions?


I confess… that I thought it would be harder to drag my butt out of bed this morning for my “first Friday back” than it actually was.  I awoke surprisingly cheery and looking forward to the day.  No idea what’s up with that.

I confess… that it took me three attempts to get through the first episode of Sons of Anarchy.  The first time, I was kind of interrupted by a flood in my basement.  The second time, I kind of kept falling asleep.  The third time, I made it.  Am I hooked? No.  In fact, last night I opted for old Big Bang Theory over episode 2 of SOA.  I’m not giving up, though.  It took me five or six episodes of Prison Break before it won me over.


I confess…that while I did enjoy being introduced to Jax, he’s still no Michael Scofield!!

jax vs michael

I confess… that in googling images of Jax for that last confession, I ran into this one.  And I kind of forgot about Michael for a second.


I confess… that I think I might be trying out SOA too soon.  I thought I needed something to jump right into after Prison Break, but as it turns out, I think I just need more time to grieve.

I confess… that even I think that might make me sound a little insane.

I confess…that even though it’s still a week away, I’m already looking forward to celebrating my mom’s birthday!  We are taking her to TOSH, one of my favourite places, and I can’t wait!!

I confess…when I heard Wade Redden was dealt at the trade deadline on Wednesday to the Boston Bruins, I had very mixed feelings about it.  Being in Boston means I’ll hopefully get to see more of him (St. Louis doesn’t play Ottawa very often, but Boston is a division rival that we play regularly) – but I kind of dislike Boston immensely.  Not as much as I hate the Leafs, of course, but I’ve despised Zdeno Chara since he left Ottawa, and now he and Wade are teammates again.  He’s more of an “enemy” now.


I confess… despite this, I will cheer for the Bruins now as long as Wade’s in the line-up.  And as long as they’re not playing Ottawa.  I love Wade, but my heart belongs to the Sens.

I confess… that this appears to be my last “low-key” weekend on deck for a while…the busy spring and summer festivities are starting up soon, and while I look forward to the hustle & bustle of it all, I’ll be sure to savour these last few days of peace & relaxation!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a great weekend!!


Nicole said...

You should do a restaurant review for us and then you can guest post on my blog :)

And I have no clue what SOA is other than I've heard them advertise it. I thought it was more of a reality show than anything.... am I wrong?

Sarah said...

I also never hard of Sons of Arnarchy, what is this show about?

I have never been to TOSH, I always wondered if it was good or not. When we go to Arnprior which is not that often we usually go to PJ's or East Sides, I will have to check out TOSH sometime! Yes, give a review ;)

VandyJ said...

I've avoided SOA--I have friends who watch it and I guess it can get a bit violent--Big Bang wins every time in our house.

Jillian said...

I've been thinking about trying sons of anarchy it looks really good. You and your Wade Redden haha but at least you'll get to see him more!

Stacie said...

Do you feel like you are cheating on Michael a little;)?

Anonymous said...

Ladies: SOA is about a biker club and their lives. It's SUCH a good show. Some episodes are awful since you see what the life of a biker dude is - I found myself screaming at the tv alot haha! Jill - it'll take you a while to love took me about 5 episodes

Emmy said...

It is funny how when a player you love is transferred to a team you didn't like before, suddenly that team doesn't seem quite as bad.. still bad just not as bad :)

Angie said...

That is a really nice image of Jax!

Connie said...

You should watch Mad Men or The Walking Dead!

The Lovely One said...

I haven't gotten into Sons of Anarchy yet, either. I do, however, have an unhealthy addiction to The Walking Dead!

HickChickBritt said...

Oh wow, that's funny how many people haven't heard of Sons of Anarchy. I know so many people that watch it. I have tried a couple of times but I kept picking out glaring flaws. (Chris and I know lots of bikers) Anyway I guess I know more about that way of life than the average person so it was kind of frustrating how off some of the stuff was. I don't even remember what it was anymore but I remember thinking they should have done their research before writing the show. haha