Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For Mae

This past Saturday night, our little community had a pretty magical evening. 

The Waterfront Revitalization Committee, a group of people who have been working hard these past few years to raise money to build a much-needed new Community Centre in our town – held a spectacular dinner & dance in honour of one of our most cherished community members, Mae McCann.


Photo Courtesy of Dolan Art & Photography

Mae owns a beloved local business, and is a supporter of almost everything that goes on in our town – fundraisers, sporting events, community events, and she’s always there for families in need.   She was certainly deserving of a night in honour of her, and the evening was made even more special by the fact that the Committee reached it’s fundraising goal of $150,000. 

We’re getting a new hall!!  YAY!!!

As I sat Saturday evening listening to the speeches & toasts being made in Mae’s honour, my wheels started turning, and I realized I had a few things I’d like to tell Mae myself.  I decided to write her a letter, which I’m going to mail to her.   But I thought I would share it here on the blog as well.  Don’t anybody show her, I want her to read it when it arrives to her in the mail!  haha!

I thought that by letting you all read my letter to Mae, you might understand a bit better just why I love my little town

It’s because of people like her. :)

Dear Mae,

I just wanted to send you a little note to congratulate you, once again, on the wonderful night we all spent honouring you at the Lions Hall on Saturday night. You truly are so deserving of all the accolades. I can’t think of a more kind, generous, & caring individual in our community than you, and to be able to honour you and also raise money for the Waterfront Revitalization Committee was a perfect way to spend an evening in March!

As I sat and listened to all of the fantastic speeches made that night by your family & friends, I couldn’t help but think of my own “Mae Memories” – and it made me want to get up and share them, too. But then I realized that the hall was filled with people who could have said a speech. Every last one of us holds you near and dear. Of course there wasn’t time for us all to get up and speak, but I did think that maybe you would like it if I sent you this note to share my own thoughts with you.

Of course, most of my memories involve your chipstand – one of my favourite places to eat! You are always so generous with your delicious food. I’ll never forget one summer when I was a teenager, Erin Hudson and I somehow got the job of painting the garbage cans down at the park, the ball field, and the hall. You knew we had one “trashy” job that day, so when we stopped to eat, you gave us our lunch on the house. And this past summer, when our Canada Day Committee was getting ready for the “big day”, I dropped by to pick up supper for everyone who was getting ready down at the hall.  I remember you asking me how our preparations were going, and saying that you were sure it would again be a big success. As the girl started filling our boxes with fries, you took the scoop and threw in extra, saying, “These folks are working hard for our town, they need to be well fed!” That kindness meant so much!


I never had the opportunity to work for you, Mae, but I did get to work next door at the restaurant. It makes me smile to think of all the times you came in, just to order a roast beef sandwich. When I’d ask you what you wanted on it, you always said, “Just plain, it’s for my dog.” I always thought that was so sweet!

I also really appreciated all the times you asked about my dad in the past year or so. You’d always tell me, “You let him know that I’m thinking of him and he has to get better soon, I want to see him out driving in the little red truck again! I miss seeing him when I’m driving around town.” I’d go home and tell him, and it always made him smile.

Dad loved Quyon, and he passed that love for this town on to me. I truly believe that this is the best place in the world to live, and that is because of people like you. You’re always there for people when they’re in need, and you’re a role model for young women like myself, growing up in this community and wanting to give something back.

Mae, you’re a treasure and we all love you so much. You’re more than just chicken burgers and poutines…You’re the heartbeat of this community. And you are so dearly appreciated. I hope you know that.

From one Quyon girl to another…all my love and thanks.



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Lindsay said...

Beautiful Jilly! Mae's gonna love reading it! xo

Jen said...

How sweet! Great job Jill!!!

Jen said...

How sweet! Great job Jill!!!

Stacie said...

Very touching letter! There is definitely something to be said for small town life!

Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! Great job on the letter! Do you think she'll respond?

Small towns can be wonderful! I grew up in a small town. I miss it.

Thanks for linking up with us pretty girl!

Amy said...

I don't know Mae other than the lady who makes poutines worth the drive from Shawville nor do I really know you Jill, just that you are a friend of Katie's. Nevertheless, the tireless community woman featured in the blog post and the kindhearted author are both testaments to everything that is so great about small towns. Proud to be from Shawville(and partially educated in Quyon ;) )

Another Blogger Mom said...

new follower from mamarazzi's WWTK =)

Emmy said...

What a wonderful letter and I am sure she will treasure it. How nice to live in a great town with some many memories.

Connie Weiss said...

What a sweet letter! I'm sure that she'll love it and appreciate that you took the time to write it.