Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Randoms

  • Yesterday, I hit 100 FOLLOWERS!!  Woo hoo!!  I know I already treated you to like a billion pictures of yummy looking food to celebrate, but stay tuned - I may just have a little giveaway in store for you in honour of hitting this prestigious milestone!! ;)  Thanks to all for clicking the “Follow” button, I appreciate each & every one of you. XO
  • It feels cold today.  Like, really friggin cold compared to the past few days.  The weather man says it’s 9 degrees Celcius today, but it feels much colder.  Brrrr.   Bring on the +20 on Sunday.  I’m freezing my butt off right now.
  • The warmer weather has had me craving chip stand food.  Every night, on my way home from work, I drive by Mae’s and glance in to see if there’s any sign of life.  So far, no such luck.  Oh what I’d give for a Mae’s poutine for supper tonight…

  • So.  I finally attempted to Google Diagnose my fish this morning.  The bump is still there.  Last Friday night, some of my friends suggested that maybe it’s pregnant.  Which led to a whole ridiculously hilarious conversation on the mating rituals of goldfish and whether or not fish can even get “pregnant”, and then somehow ended with us watching a Youtube video of a turtle doing it with a Croc.  (No, not a real crocodile, just a shoe.  I can’t make this stuff up, people.)
  • So, back to the problem at hand.  According to the Google Veterinarians, my fish most likely has a terrible bacterial infection, and if I don’t treat him immediately, he will die soon.  I’m supposed to go to the pet store and buy some kind of medicine, quarantine him, clean my tank, put fresh water in, and hope & pray.  And it probably won’t work, but if I want to save my other fish, this is the only course of action I can take.  That sounds like a lot of work for a couple of fish, right?  I think I’ll just wait it out and see what happens. (If that chick that sent me fish hate mail before reads this, I’m gonna be in BIG TROUBLE MISTER!!)
  • You should all be fair warned:  When you go to Youtube and search for “turtle doing it with a Croc”, you’re going to be led to a string of videos displaying very risqué animal porn.   And simply by typing this sentence, I’m probably going to have every creepo on the interwebs coming to my blog.  JUST GREAT.
  • Sticking with the animal theme:  As the snow melts in my yard, I’m discovering little mounds of mud everywhere.  Each of them has a little hole in the middle.  My mother tells me that I probably have grubs, and mice or moles have been burrowing around eating them.  Blech.  The thoughts of mice and/or moles scurrying around my yard gives me the heebie jeebies.  I better not catch one of those vermin in my house.

This is not my lawn but it kind of looks like this.

  • This time change?  It sucks the big one.  I’ve always said, “Oh, time changes don’t really bother me, I adjust quickly.”  Well, not this time!!  I’m feeling so so tired this week.  So very, very tired.
  • I’m looking forward to a quieter weekend this weekend – with more relaxing, and less wine-drinking.  Last Saturday night, at Mae’s party, I drank wine.  Probably just a smidge too much.   I don’t handle my wine very well.  The next thing you know, I’m holding a Zumba class on the dance floor.  (Lindsay has photo evidence, unfortunately.)  That’s also probably why I’ve been so tired this week (can hangovers last this long??) and why my legs have been so sore.  *sigh*  Gettin’ too old, I tell ya…
  • Remember how I said I gave up my credit card for Lent?  Well, I’m still holding strong, but boy oh boy do I miss it.  I’ve been really wanting to order the next season I need of The Big Bang Theory on, but I keep telling myself, “After Easter.  After Easter.”  I really miss on-line shopping, though.

  • I have run out of chocolate.  I have to make a decision.  Replenish the Easter Eggs, or try to cut myself off the chocolate?  Tough decision.  What would you do if you were me?  (Hint: The answer is “Buy more chocolate, Jill.”)

Happy Thursday!!


Connie Weiss said...

Animal Porn! HA!

I bought 6 KitKats for my daughter's birthday party....there is one left. CRAP!

Chocolate is not safe around me.

Lindsay said...

100 followers!! WOW! Great job!! Bah ha ha Turtle: "Squeak..."
Such a random but fun discussion on the "pre-bachelorette". Imagine what the real ones topics will be, oh boy! ha ha!

Nicole said...

Ok congrats on the 100 followers! That's awesome!!!!

Then the weather, your +20 (I googled) is what we've been having all week. It's wonderful!

I still need to know what a Poutine is even though you've described it... and I need to know how to say it. Just saying :) That way if I ever make it to Canada (someday future goal) I pronounce it right and not like some Missouri Redneck :)

Our house when I was younger had a hole we didn't know about (it was an old house we didn't live in long, just long enough for mom & dad's to be finished being built) and we had opossums in our house one night.

And I hear ya about the time change. I'm not handling it well either ugh! Getting old sucks. Let me know if I should turn 29, since you'll be there a couple days before me :)

Jaime said...

100 followers -- congrats! I am nowhere near that. I am much closer to 0 followers than I am to 100! As for the fish issue - I stand behind you on the "waiting it out." The time change has wiped me out too, which, in turn, has made me grumpier than normal! Have a great weekend! Let me know when your next Zumba class is! LOL!

VandyJ said...

I loathe the time change. No matter when I go to bed at night, I'm still tired when I get up what feels like an hour earlier.

Kristine said...

It's sunny and 20* today. Utterly fabulous!!!

momto8 said...

i am you 102 follower! We have had that bacterial goldfish disease..and it is contagious! and passers to the other fish...we got it when my son mixed his goldfish with the other sons goldfish! they didn't last lon after that!
it is soo warm here in central sunny and 79!!
Pls follow back if you can.
did you give up all shopping?!!

Stacie said...

You already gave up plastic for Lent, don't go crazy and try to give up chocolate, too!

Anonymous said...

100 Followers - That's exciting! I just applied for two new credit cards with rebates in retail and for gas saving purposes. Do you have an Amazon card? I heard that the benefits are great..

nancy said...

Lol! I could have cried the other day when I got to the manse. The phone had not changed and it was just after 7 a.m. And that's after an hour and a half drive!!!!

Date Girl said...

Join swagbucks and use your amazon gift cards for the dvds! Sign up through me if you haven't already signed up. Just saying!! That's how I get all my fun stuff that's not on budget. And how much do you love Sheldon?

OMG that video was hilarious. Eeerrmm. That little squeak the tortoise does. LOL!

I'm with you-sounds like way too much work for a couple of fishies.