Thursday, March 08, 2012

Life is weird sometimes.

Every so often, I tell you guys about the randomly odd things that I’m noticing in my life.  Today is one of those extra-special days. 


  • Posting about this is probably going to get me more fish hate mail, but one of my gangster fish has a very serious problem I think.  The other night, when I had my family over for dinner, my sister pointed out to me that the big one, Marley, has a huge bump on it’s side.   I’ve been observing it ever since.  I was hoping it just needed to take a big fishy poop, but apparently not.  I’m now thinking it has a tumor growing internally.  I don’t know if there are such thing as fish doctors?  Please advise.
  • Why, oh why, when I wear dark-coloured nail polish, do people think I’m going crazy?  A few weeks ago, I had on my Revlon Black Star, which I loved, and several people thought it was too Goth apparently.  This week, I’m sporting e.l.f.’s Metal Madness, and I’m getting similar questions and strange looks.  It’s just nail polish, people.  I’ll wear yellow next week.  Promise.

Not my fingers!  Stolen from Google Images

  • I’ve heard that peoples’ tastes change every seven years or something like that.  Well, it’s taken me 28 years, but I think I’m officially now a sweets person.  Not that I’d ever turn down a piece of cake before, but I preferred chips & dip and other salty snacks.  Since Christmas, though, I can’t get enough of the sweets.  My family mocked me for being the only person in the world to already have Easter candy last weekend.  Whatever.  I need chocolate on a daily basis now.  It just so happens that at this time of year, it comes in the form of Easter Eggs.

  • Sticking with the weird taste buds…remember my addiction to tea?   All different kinds of herbal and green teas?  Well, that’s over.  I stand and stare at all my boxes of tea bags – Mulled Apple, Ginger Peach, Lemon Echinacea, Chocolatey Chai, Peppermint…and I curl up my nose.  Now, I apparently just want good ol’ black tea.  Fortunately, I have discovered a new favourite.  Earl Grey Vanilla.  Love.

  • I’ve been missing Yoga.  I was doing it quite a bit pre-Christmas, but hadn’t really gotten back into it since then.  Until last night.  I went to Yoga and was absolutely appalled at how non-bendy I am again.  Terrible.  But it felt good to stretch it out.  I think I’ll be resuming my regular Yoga practices, effective immediately.
  • I can’t read anymore.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve tried reading, and it’s not working.  Not even my fluffy re-read of the Twilight series has been successful.  I’m stalled about two chapters into New Moon, and have no interest in continuing.  There are 5 books on my night stand that I have started and never picked back up again.  Weird.
  • What I have been doing a lot of?  Puzzles.  Also weird.  I have been working on this one puzzle with a picture of horses on it for about two months, off and on.  Last night, I sat on my floor for two hours, watching Friends and doing my puzzle.  It’s finally starting to take shape.  And I am now officially an old lady who would rather do puzzles than anything else.

  • Sunday is the giant legendary annual St. Patrick’s Day party in my town, and a week ago I was so excited about it.  Today?  Not so much.  I’m contemplating bailing.  Not feeling the green these days.  I’d rather drink tea and work on my puzzle.

So there.  All the odd and random floating through my brain this morning, spilled all over the blog.  Just for you.

Happy Thursday!


Nicole said...

Personally I like dark colored nail polish rather than bright pastels... if that makes sense b/c pastels aren't really bright but you get my drift right? And puzzles are cool... hello! My grandma did one once and laid her arm on them. a few of the pieces stuck and she didn't know it. Then she went out and did chores and opened gates for my grandpa, came back and realized she had 2 or 3 pieces stuck to her arm and was afraid she'd lost some, but she lucked out and they were all there when she finished the puzzle.

Jodie said...

I personally, like to wear dark nail polish... hello its winter and plus it makes my nails look longer!!

My post tomorrow is about magnetic nails... I think you will like it!! It's different and I've been wearing it non-stop this whole week!

Sarah said...

Me too! I was excited last week that St. Pats at Gavans was on this Sunday, but not so much anymore. DO I really want to go and get drinks spilled on me, DO I really want to go and stand in line for 20mins to take a pee, or sneak into the mens washroom hehehe.

It's always a good party, I know if I go I will probably have fun, but feelin lazy, I'm the same, Id rather sit at home on my couch.

Side note - You are way better at yoga than me. You can touch your toes..I can't..

and sorry to hear about your fish!

Shannon said...

I LOVE that nail polish - I can't put nail polish on myself though, my hands are too shaky but I love seeing all these different colors on people (or on my toes). As for puzzles, I'm too impatient. Maddy always asks me to do puzzles with her and I keep trying to dodge it, how awful is that?! I also didn't know that St. Patty's was on THIS Sunday at Gavan's! I figured it would have been next Sunday...weird! Casey is playing at Atko's on the 18th with his Dad id any of you are looking for something to do :)

Stacie said...

I wasn't really too worried about you until the puzzle part. Please reach out and let us intervene before you start mod podging, framing, and hanging them as art, OK? It is the least we can do for you!

Kayla M said...

You better be there on Sunday or you might have someone banging at your door ready to drag you out :)

Carly Ann said...

I'm definitely more of a salty person than a sweet too! If I crave candy or something, a pack of starburst will last me a couple weeks because i just need one or two to quench my craving!

Lindsay said...

Im guessing it was some BOY in our office that mentioned something about your nail polish? I like it! Very chic!

I really have missed yoga too!! It felt so good to meditate and stretch on Wednesday! I also really missed Zumba! It was good to bust a move and sweat it out last night!!

Looking forward to tonight dude! xo

nancy said...

OK, Jillian, I will be seriously worried if you start collecting cats...real ones, fake ones, you are too "Young" (pun intended) to turn into an old cat lady or something.....sorry about your fish, that doesn't sound normal

Date Girl said...

Drinking tea and working on a puzzle sounds amazing to me right now!
I also wanted to reach through my computer and steal your chocolate candy. Mhmmm cadbury eggs. Now I need to go buy chocolate.

Jo said...

Ha ha .... realy enjoyed reading that!

Emmy said...

I totally went through a puzzle phase! I have about 20 puzzles that I bought-- they are the ones from this guy-- love this style

But I don't really do them any more so your puzzle phase may pass and you may get back into reading or something else.

I heard that the taste buds change every 7 years