Wednesday, May 01, 2013

WWTKW: How high are my morals…?

Wow.  Spring has sprung, and life has become BUSY!!!  Can I, like, go home and do Yoga?  Or better yet… take a nap?  Please?

No?  OK.  Well then, I’m taking a five minute break then to take part in We Want To Know Wednesday with Scriptor & Kenzie, then!


1.) You found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot on the way into the grocery store. What do you do?

I’d probs take a gander around to see if there’s anyone nearby that may have dropped it.  But if there’s no one around?  I’m  pocketing that sucker.  If it was a $100 bill, that’s a different story, I’d probably try harder to find out who it belonged to.  But $20?  No way José, that’s finders-keepers.


2.) Is it considered stealing to take pens from a bank? What about extra napkins or plastic forks from a fast-food restaurant?

I think the banks chain the pens to the counter, don’t they?  Clearly, they value their pens.  If you yoink it out, chain and all, then I guess that’s stealing.  Extra napkins and plastic forks from fast food chains?  Nah, that’s not thieving.  That’s just back-up supplies for the glove compartment.  Everyone needs a little emergency stash, and the fast food restos seem happy to oblige. ;)


3.) If you know about something "illegal" going on at your workplace but you are not involved in it, should you tell someone or do you stay quiet?

Oh geez.  I HOPE I never have to deal with something like that!  I’d like to think I’m upstanding enough to report the illegal activity, regardless of repercussions… but I’d probably quit before I’d tattle.  That doesn’t sound like a great workplace to be in in the first place.  And we all know this kid doesn’t handle stress very well.  I’d run for my life. lol

4.) You accidentally scratch the paint on the car next to you in the lot. You know you got there after them so it is your fault. Do you tell them or leave?

A little scratch? I’m bailing.  If it happened to me, I’d be pissed, but I don’t think I’d expect them to wait around to confess to me.  Now if it’s more than a scratch – a ding, a dent – I’d wait for them.  My guilty conscience wouldn’t let me away with that.

5.) If you won the lottery - be honest - how much would you give to family members/friends?

Hmmm.  Depends on the amount of the lottery, I guess! haha!  If it’s BIG money – well then, yes, my family would definitely be taken care of in a major way, and I’d like to help out my friends too if possible – my TRUE friends, not the ones who crawl out of the woodwork and want to be pals after something like that happens!! lol!  I’ve always thought it would be fun to treat them all to like a weekend getaway or something.    But let’s face it… anything beyond myself & close family will be after I pay off my debts, get myself the luxury items I want, and make sure I’m set for the future first.



Stacy said...

our answers are very similar!! I guess we're good people!

Anonymous said...

I would be mad if someone scratched my car too but def don't expect anyone to stay. Guess that's the way it is.

Steph said...

I totally agree on all these.

The buffet of plastic wear and napkins is totally meant for stocking your glove box.

Hope you are doing well and having a great week!

VandyJ said...

If the car were very expensive and special, that would play into my decision to fess up.

Stacie said...

I may or may not be referred to as the Napkin Captain because I always grab a stack for my table at a restaurant....

Connie Weiss said...

Oh my gosh! I should have answered these questions today!

I have to confess that I stuffed a bunch of really great tea bags in Keith's suit coat when we went to the Buick event and I used them in a tin for my son's teacher gift.

AND I bought a lottery ticket today, because Keith's family is in dire straights and we can't help them. and I want to buy a house.

Jolene said...

I loved your finders keepers. LOL

Jo said...

Can't really argue with your answers.

Nicole said...

haha yeah if you yank the chain, that's stealing, but the banks around here have pens with their names on them that are cheap and they want you to take them so their name gets out there. Free advertising! :) And I'm your friend if you win the lottery... lol j/k... I'm your friend no matter what :)

Emmy said...

These questions were fun!
I think I would do the same with number 1.

I totally have a stash of napkins from fast food restaurants in my glove department; they are usually ones we have already got anyway but just didn't end up using but I don't think they really want us putting them back.

The lottery one definitely depends on the amount. I would definitely take care of my own family first, including getting my kids set up for the future then would help family-- I honestly don't know if I would go to friends though as it would be hard to say yes to one friend but no to another.

Mrs. Match said...

I would do pretty much the same the lottery winnings. I'd take care of debts and make sure money was invested for the future for me and my immediate family. As for the rest of the fam-I'd love to do something big, but I dunno. It's a tough call-more money more problems right? I would hate being hit up constantly, but I would definitely try to do something big, like pay off a big chunk of their debt or something.
Ugh, I hope I never scratch a car. I like to think I'd leave a note. But you're right, if it was a tiny scratch I'd probably bail. A dent, I'd leave a note with my info and insurance for sure!