Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Too busy for a real blog. So here’s some pictures.

It’s too busy around here to even take a second to pee.  And for a girl who pees about eighty thousand times a day, that’s a BIG PROBLEM.


So, yeah.  This isn’t even a real blog post.  I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive, just too busy to do any real blogging.

How about some pictures from the weekend?  It was our annual Canada Day Committee Golf Tournament, and as per usual, it was a BLAST!!  Check it.

Golf 2013 Stole this one from Lindsay’s blog!  I didn’t get a picture of my whole team – here we are at our traditional picture-taking-spot on #4

golf 2013 3 Brenda, Sarah & Sue working the registration table

golf 2013 4

Party time back at the hall!  Garry, Glen, Wayne & Randy

golf 2013 6

Group shot!  Sarah, Graham, Sue, Brenda & Adam

golf 2013 10

Dance floor fun with Sarah, Linds & Brenda

golf 2013 9  

I was in such a good mood, even the Penguins fans didn’t bother me!!!

golf 2013 7

A hug from my fave celeb, Gail Gavan… and Dougie too!

golf 2013 12  

My bro Luke and his beautiful wife, Amanda

…aaand there were more, but now my Facebook is being a noob and won’t let me open any more of the pictures I uploaded there last night. So I guess that’s all she wrote for today folks!

Oh.  One more thing.  If you didn’t already catch it on Facebook or My Fitness Pal this morning… I have officially lost 50 lbs. 


Celebratory post to come.  Someday.  When it’s not so busy. ;)

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Amanda said...

Omg! Your looking awesome, just fading away!

VandyJ said...

You look awesome! Congrats on the lost poundage.

Stacie said...

Celebrate your weight loss, even if you are busy!

Jillian said...

congrats on the weight loss!! looks like you had a fun weekend too!

Nicole said...

OMG Jill that's AWESOME! I'm soooooooo happy for your weight loss. You motivate all us lazy goobs :). And your first part of this post made me laugh, maybe even a snort. no comment :)

Emmy said...

You look great! Seriously so so awesome.

Looks like a fun weekend and really it is good when life is so busy and fun that we are too busy to blog.

Steph said...

50 pounds? That's great!

You look awesome!

HickChickBritt said...

I seriously didn't recognize you in that first picture! Oh cow, you are getting so thin!!