Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tuesday This & That

  • Something’s wrong with me this morning.  I woke up feeling very tired and groggy, which is very usual for me these days.  I’m not normally an “I NEED COFFEE” kind of girl, but this morning, I needed it.  And I’m sitting here debating a second.  In fact… Yes.  I think I definitely need a second.
  • I’d understand this groggy fuzzy cobwebby feeling if I’d been up late last night, or if I was hungover… But I went to bed at my usual time, slept well for a good 8 hours, and of course I wasn’t drinking on a Monday night (or any night lately, for that matter)… It doesn’t make sense.  The only thing I can chalk it up to is that I took a 24-hour Extra Strength Reactine before I went to bed because my allergies have started (ugh.)  … perhaps that is what’s doing this to me?   Still doesn’t really make sense, since it’s the non-drowsy kind, though.  Mystery.
  • Despite feeling kinda outta sorts, I saw this on Facebook this morning, posted by The Assertive Girl, and boy did it resonate with me.


  • No, I haven’t quite got to the “run faster” part – or even the “run” part at all.  I thought about it again last night, but it ended up being just another fast walk around town.  I think I’m getting there, though…
  • Last night, I had my measurements & progress pictures done, as I’m entering the final 4-week phase of my TurboFire schedule, and it was by far the biggest results I’ve seen so far.  I had lost 8.5 inches overall since my last measurements four weeks ago, and a grand total of 25 inches overall since I started on January 7th.  Feeling really really good these days!  (Except for this morning, of course. lol)
  • I don’t feel I’ve devoted enough time lately to telling you all how much I love Adam Levine.  I really, really, really love Adam Levine.



  • Problem I’m currently having:  I can’t seem to get through The Stand by Stephen King.  It came to my highly-recommended (“You like Stephen King?  This one is a MUST!”) – and I started it over two months ago.  I’m still only about half-way through.  It’s not that I’m disliking it.  It’s just that it’s so bloody long.  I have other books on my shelf crying out to me, but I feel like a quitter if I don’t finish this one.  What’s a girl to do?
  • This song.  Love.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up the Sens/Habs game on Sunday night.  Folks, this was one for the ages.  The kind of game that really made me proud to be a Sens fan.  After all the years of people mocking my team, calling them “soft”… We finally had a night to lay all of that to rest.  This playoff rivalry with the Habs has been intense – a big hit in Game 1, some nasty comments coming from both teams (the most famous of which had Brandon Prust calling our coach a “bug-eyed fat walrus”), etc – and it all kind of blew up all over the ice at Scotiabank Place on Sunday night in Game 3.  At the end of it all?  We had a 6-1 victory, a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 series, an infamous full line brawl that saw the Sens winning ALL FIVE fights on the ice, a new hero born with our rookie JG Pageau scoring a hat trick… and a night that Sens fans won’t soon forget.

Sens Habs 2013


  • Oh, and was I ever proud of the Sens fans who took that annoying OLE song that Habs fans sing all the time, and changed it to “Pageau, Pageau, Pageauuuu…Pageauuuuu…Pageauuuuuuu…”  A thing of beauty, that was.
  • Game 4 goes tonight in Ottawa.  In case you’re wondering… I’m just a teensy bit excited. #TeamWalrus #PeskySens

sens fans


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VandyJ said...

Isn't it nice to get results you can see? Congrats on sticking with it.
My running starts the week. Not really looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to the results.

Sarah said...

It's probably your allergies making you feel wonky; fatigue is a sympton. My allegies have also started and I feel a little off today too, groggy. And congrats on the weight loss success!

Jillian said...

congrats on the weight loss! isn't it just the greatest feeling ever?

Stacie said...

Ugh, allergies, they bite!

Congrats on the inches lost, you are disappearing before our eyes!

Nicole said...

I was watching The Chew this morning (but I think it was last weeks episode) and they said that a study done said women hit their looks peek at 30 and men hit theirs at 34 and then said Adam Levine as one of the men examples and I immediately thought of you. This was done by Cosmo or one of those and the guys on the Chew were like um... we men love all aged women and that's geared toward 24 year olds trying to tell them what they have to look forward to. :)

Mama Badger said...

Now that was random at it's finest. I do bet the groggy was the 24 hour allergy meds. They either perk you up or slow you down. At least you were able to sleep.

When you decide to run? Try Active's Couch to 5K program. They make it easy to get started. REALLY easy. You'll barely know you're doing anything and then suddenly, bam, you're running. It's a good feeling. Good luck.

Mind Of Mine said...

Well done on the weight loss regime. I have much respect for that and I am super proud of you.

I feel the same way about reading a difficult book, although its taking you so long, you feel like you have to keep going and books which call out to you and may be an easier read, will just have to wait because you can't quit.

Julie Maloney said...

I'm fairly sure it's a statistical fact that the stand takes about two and a half years to get through.

Mrs. Match said...

I hate that dragging, cobweb feeling. I've been getting that lately-apparently it's pretty common in the 3rd trimester. I take a lot of naps, and I'm still tired. I get mini bursts of energy, I get one thing done and then I'm beat. Match will ask what I did for the day, and I'll be like, I put away the dishes, AND I walked the dog, like I just climbed a mountain. Lol!
Great job on the weight loss progress. 25 inches is impressive!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Way to go on the awesome results! You should be very proud of yourself! :)

There are some 'non-drowsy' stuff that might not necessarily make me drowsy, but definitely makes me groggy and tired - especially certain types of cold or allergy medicine. So I'm betting that Extra Strength Reactine was the culprit.

Adam Levine is so divine, isn't he? :)

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