Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WWTKW: School Day Treasures

Good morning, folks!  And Happy Wednesday to all of you!

Time to link up with Scriptor & Kenzie for their weekly Q&A…


This week’s questions, all about school:

1.) How were you as a student?
2.) What was your favorite subject and did you excel in it?
3.) What - if any - is your fondest school years memory?
4.) Did you attend college and if so, how was that experience?
5.) Would you go back to school - be it in person or online - if you could? (Or to earn another degree?)

My answers:

1.) How were you as a student?  I’d say I was a good student, but I was an expert at procrastinating, and I loathed homework.  I think I had the potential to be better.  I didn’t mind working hard in the classes I loved, but when it came to something like Math, I avoided it like the plague.  God, I hated Math.

i hate math

2.) What was your favorite subject and did you excel in it?  I loved English and Art, those were easily my favourite classes, and I did fairly well in both of them.

3.) What - if any - is your fondest school years memory?  Aside from hanging out with friends, I’d have to say it was the fun I had teasing/tormenting one of my teachers, Mr. Deogun.  He was my Physics and Chemistry teacher in Grade 11, and I think I drove him bananas.  I recall once taking my pencil and twisting it all up in my hair on top of my head.  Then I sat there, staring, while he wrote notes on the blackboardfor us to copy.  At one point when he turned around to explain something, he glanced at me and asked why I wasn’t writing anything down.  “You are just sitting there, looking like a monkey!”  I gave him a very serious look, and said, “Sir, I cannot find my pencil.  I have looked every where.  It’s just not here, so I can’t copy down the notes.”  He stood there just looking at me in disbelief, shaking his head, and finally said, “Jill!  It is right here! In your hair!  You MONKEY!”   I haven’t seen him in years, but my mom runs into him from time to time, and she said he always asks about my older sister and younger brother, and then will say, “And what about the monkey?  How is she?”

4.) Did you attend college and if so, how was that experience?  Yes, after graduating high school, I spent the next two years at Heritage College, a Quebec CEGEP, where I completed the Liberal Arts program.  I loved my college experience – it was just a bit bigger than my high school, I made some really great friends, and I honestly enjoyed everything about it.  My intentions were then to get a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English from the University of Ottawa, but I quickly decided that wasn’t the right path for me.  I ended up taking an Office Administrator course from a local business college – did I love it?  No.  But it was a means to an end.  I had dropped out of university and I needed a job.  I had decided office work was what I wanted to do with my day-job, with the intention of writing that “best-seller” on the side. ha.

5.) Would you go back to school - be it in person or online - if you could? (Or to earn another degree?)  I’ve toyed with this idea, especially with on-line correspondence courses.  I know my mom suggests it from time to time.  She’d really like me to get a degree.  But honestly, furthering my education doesn’t really interest me much.  If I were to take any kind of classes, I’d want them to be more in the field of creative writing.  But there’s a big part of me that knows I just need to do it.  Write something.  Anything.  I have to start somewhere.


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love creative writing, too. Love your answers, and I enjoyed reading about your school days! I need ro write my post and link-up, maybe later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Lots of online schools now and some offer pretty good creative writing courses.

Anonymous said...

English and Art were my classes too and like you, I hated Math!

Stacie said...

If you are going to go back, do it while you are young!

Sarah said...

I often look back at high-school math and wonder why did we learn that stuff? All those years I struggled to learn it, got tutored, failed it and for what???!!! I don't use that in life! How many people actually grow up to use formulas like that on a daily basis.. remember pi? the only pi I know now is with an E...i wish they would have taught us how to bake pie, now that is something i could use in my day to day life haha

Nancy said...

I really enjoyed classes through Athabasca Don't wait until you are my age, ha, ha. I have to say that receiving my M/Div was a total rush last week.

Emmy said...

Well everyone seems to be saying that they like writing, but you would hope so since we are a bunch of bloggers.

Jillian said...

I love creative writing...I'm a playwright so its a big part of my life. If I had it my way I'd be working on my BA in Theatre Arts majoring in acting and minoring in design from the University of Regina right now. Oh and I totally hate math too but I loved english, drama and choir

Jo said...

I just knew you were a handful

Connie Weiss said...

I love the monkey story!

Nicole said...

You crack me up. I so think we'd have been friends in school. I'd have done your Math if you'd have done my Science. I hated Science. It was interesting, I just sucked at it! I excelled at English and Math.

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