Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Confessions

With tomorrow being Good Friday, I thought I’d jump the gun a little and post some confessions today instead… It’s been awhile since I’ve confessed, I’m due!!


I confess… that yesterday was a really good day.  When my head hit the pillow last night, I had a smile on my face, and I wondered, “How often does this happen – that you go to bed smiling, thinking, Today was just a great day…?”  Not often enough.  It felt good!

I confess… my happiness yesterday was largely due to reaching that 30 lbs. goal of mine.  I debated on whether or not to post about it on Facebook, because I often worry that people are either bored or annoyed by my weight-loss-Facebook-posts.  But I made my “30 Before 30 Project” public on Facebook (and here on the blog) to keep me accountable, so I figured I needed to share my victory – not because I needed the pats on the back, but because I figured I should follow up on what I’d started.  I was absolutely overwhelmed and grateful for all of the “likes” and comments my status garnered during the day.  I really do have the best cheerleaders a kid could ask for!!  Thank you to everyone for supporting me on this journey!! Y’all are the best :)

congrats 2

I confess… that while it was nice to soak up the satisfaction of reaching that goal, my sites are already set on a new goal: Can I lose another 20 lbs. before I turn 30 on July 28th?  That would make it the “50 Before 30 Project”… I’m ready for the challenge!

I confess… that I went to Fit Club last night, even though I was scared of the workout.  It was the Kenpo X workout from P90X, and I have always shied away from P90X (and Insanity, too) – thinking they were too hard-core for this kid.  Turns out? I loved it.  Punching, kicking, blocks – felt like I was back at Karate, and it felt great!!


I confess… that I have only one more episode of Prison Break left to watch. The finale.  And it makes me so, SO sad.  Like, devestated.  But I have to know what happens, so it’s probably going to be all over tonight. *sigh*

I confess… that the good news is my brother can stop telling me I’m insane once I stop talking about Michael Scofield.  Yipee.


One more picture of Michael… Just for you, Lukey.

I confess… the one thing I hate about my life right now – aside from the fact that Prison Break is almost over - is the fact that I have to pee every half hour.

I confess… that if the two worst things in my life right now consist of Prison Break ending and me peeing a lot, then I guess I don’t have much to complain about, do I?

I confess… that while everyone else is super-pumped about the long weekend, it’s more bittersweet for me, just as it is every year.  Thanks to my winter hours, I’ve had Mondays & Fridays off for the past three months.  I usually return full-time after Easter, which makes this my “last long weekend”.  I hate to see my long weekends come to an end…

I confess… despite that last statement, there’s something exciting and rejuvenating about the buzz around the office this time of year.  The snow is melting, the grass will be growing soon, the phone is ringing more, and everyone’s getting geared up for the new season.  Bring it!!!

I confess… that I’m looking forward to this Easter weekend.  Spending time with family – especially my favourite little monkeys – always makes me so happy, and I can’t wait to spend the day with the on Sunday!!  There’s also a chance I’m going to make it to the movie theatre (aka My Happy Place), and that will just be the icing on the cake. :)


I confess… that I’m not even really worried about the Easter eats this weekend.  I’m going to enjoy my food, but keep up my workouts & shakes, maybe get out and enjoy the warmer temps and sun on a few walks - and I’m confident I’ll be just fine.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!!  It’ssss BUNNY TIME!!! :)

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Stacy said...

Maddy and I are heading to see The Croods or whatever its called on Monday if you wanted to join us...LOL

Anonymous said...

Congrats on he 30lbs, Jill!! Keep it up, you're obviously doing so well (even with the struggles) :)

Nicole said...

Getting a good support group is what it's all about and doing that through facebook is awesome! And I'm with you, the other day I swore I was giving up water because I'm tired of going pee but I'm so glad my kidneys function correctly so it's a catch 22.

Connie said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!! You can totally lose 20 pounds by July.

Here's my confession: I didn't realize this weekend was Easter until two days ago when we were driving home from Dallas. I considered NOT telling my family and skipping it.

Stacie said...

Love all of these confessions and seeing you in such a happy place!

Emmy said...

And you should share and celebrate in your weight loss as that is seriously a huge awesome goal that you accomplished!! Very proud of you.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter

VandyJ said...

Woo hoo! You go! That is awesome to have hit your goal! I know you can keep it up!