Thursday, March 21, 2013

I have a problem. And you all know what it is.

I seriously can’t think of a SINGLE THING to write about today… other than Prison Break.


And precious few of you care to hear any more about it.

I’m obsessed.  Absolutely, 100% obsessed.  I watched all of Season 3 last weekend, and I think there’s a very good chance that I could be done Season 4 before this coming weekend is over.


And then it will be all finished.

It frightens me to think of a future without Michael Scofield in it.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself.

I’m trying to stall, but I’ve been unsuccessful.  I watch three – sometimes four, even five – episodes every evening.  I’ve started skipping Sens games in favour of my favourite ex-cons.  I even missed the big comeback win the other night.  I hustle through my exercises after work, using Prison Break as my reward… “Stick with it, almost done – then you get to spend time with Michael…”


It’s more than a little ridiculous.  I’m well aware.

And it’s never more apparent to me than when I sit down to right a blog post and I can’t think of anything else to write about

I also can’t really even discuss what’s happening right now (and OMG so much is happening right now!!!!  I feel like my head might explode!!!), because my dear friend Lindsay is watching it too, and I can’t spoil any of the surprises for her.  At one point, she was a full season ahead of me, and I was begging her to slow down so I could catch up and we could talk about it.  And she did.  I think we were on the same page for, like… a day.

Now?  I’m a full season ahead of her.  And if she asked me to slow up so that she could catch up to me?  I’d tell her to go fly a kite.  I just.can’t.stop.

Bad friend.  I know.

Seriously in need of an intervention.



Jillian said...

haha ur not alone! I'm needing the second season of breaking bad....I'm obsessed you can expect a post on that soon haha

Stacie said...

Admitting it is the first step...

Nancy said...

Ha, ha, do I need to pray for you, lol?

Stacy said...

i am not the least bit interested in Prison Break so I unfortunately just skipped right through your blog today...and that makes me sad :( LOL

Nicole said...

hey that's great motivation to keep you going though! See, the glass is half full!

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

I love your obsession with Prison Break and I'm telling you, I'll be doing a lot of traveling this summer and if I come across these guy out in Cali, I'm getting their autographs and pictures just for you! You just make me smile with your devotion to this show! :)

Emmy said...

Lol! Girl you might really need help. Once you get all caught up then do not allow yourself to go back and watch old ones

Jen said...

You just keep on posting those pics of Wentworth Miller....I LOVE SEEING HIM ON A DAILY BASIS!!!!!! It really is(was) the best show ever!!!

Janette Johanson said...

How long did this show last? I feel like its been gone forever although the view of Wentworth will forever be engraved in my head. Who names their kid Wentworth? Thank goodness he turned out to be a hottie b/c now the name is that much cooler! hah!