Wednesday, March 06, 2013

All wrapped up in…

Two things.

First & foremost: Prison Break.


Like, for real.  I have seriously contemplated calling in sick just so I can stay home and watch 10 episodes in a row.  Of course, I wouldn’t ACTUALLY do that (hiiiiii Lindsay and Jared! if I call in sick tomorrow, it’s because I’m really sick, I swear!!!) – but I’m sleeping.eating.breathing Prison Break right now.  Totally occupied by it.  As was evidenced by the fact that I spent the first half-hour or so of work this morning discussing the show with Lindsay.  (She’s half-way into Season 2, and my goal this weekend is to catch up to her so we can actually talk  about it, rather than her squealing and saying, “Oh, there’s so much you don’t knowwwww yet!!!”)  Productive start to the day.

I’m in love with Michael Scofield.  I spend way too much time in the day thinking about him.   And how I want him and Dr. Sarah to end up together.  Is that even possible?  An inmate and the prison doctor?  I don’t know.  But it needs to happen.

110_and then there were seven_mich sara heartbeat

I’m also amazed at how quickly I’ve come to like all of these convicts.  I mean, the first few episodes, they all gave me the heebie-jeebies.  But now I like them.  I want to see them succeed in their plan.  Even slimy, creepy T-bag.


I’m already worried, though, because there’s only 4 seasons of this show.  That’s not enough Michael & Lincoln in my future.  *sigh*

prison break

The other thing I’m wrapped up in (but not quite obsessed with, a la Prison Break) is the book I’m reading – The Stand by Stephen King.  I’m still plodding through it, only about 200 pages into the massive volume, still really in the beginning stages.  But remember last week when I said I’m a hypochondriac and I keep worrying that I’m catching the disease that everyone in the book is catching?

the stand

Well.  This morning, when I went to my mom’s for breakfast before work, I found my nephew on the couch (he’s staying there for a few days on March Break) – normally he’s full of zip and bouncing off the walls, but today he was just lying there, looking flushed & clearly exuding no energy at all, and turning down all offers of breakfast.

Mom explained, “He told me last night he wasn’t feeling well.  He has a sore throat, he says, and a headache too.”

And my thought was, “Oh no!  He has the headache that goes with it, too!”

It took me a minute to check myself.  Nope.  You don’t know anyone who is actually sick, dumbass.  That’s in the book.


I seriously have nothing else to tell you about.  Other than my weight-loss project, but I yak about that enough, right?  So for today… Prison Break and Stephen King it is.

Happy Wednesday :)


Jodie said...

Michael Scofield completes my heart!!! Prison Break is one of the best shows.ever! I might have to go back and watch the seasons again!!!

Lindsay said...

You REALLY need to catch up to me and season 2 so that we can squeal together when something new happens!! It will all be new to both of us! Ha ha
Poor Caden. I hope he survives the deadly virus...I mean sore throat! Lol

Nancy said...

You rascal, Lindsay! Do I have to wear a mask and gloves today in the office, Jillian?

Amanda said...

Loved Prison Break - we watched all the season in October - November. Soooo sad that it's all over. The guy that plays t-bag plays in a new show on the cw called the cult, I haven't watched yet but might check it out.

Nicole said...

4 seasons that's it? I'm not sure I've even heard of it, or maybe I have....

Anonymous said...

That is a great show and The Stand is a great book. YOU have GREAT taste! :D

Connie said...

That prison guy IS cute. Did he do anything after this show?

Stacie said...

I can totally get sucked into a good series, especially when I have the whole series to watch at once and don't have to wait a week in between episodes.