Thursday, February 28, 2013

Operation: Shrink The Spare Tire

I have a new mission for the month of March, folks.  And it is called “Operation: Shrink The Spare Tire”.

Ok, I know.  Like, how many Missions and Challenges and Projects and Operations can one kid have going at the same time, right?  I’m currently in the midst of my “30 Before 30 Project”, and I’m also just about to complete The Assertive Girl’s February Arms & Abs Challenge (even though I’m 99.9% sure I’m not doing the push-ups or mountain climbers properly, as I cannot seem to KEEP MY BUTT DOWN.)

Nevertheless.  When I saw the following graphic on fellow blogger Kelly’s post today, I knew it was something I had to attempt:


No, I in no way believe that I will have a SIX-PACK by the end of the month.  I mean, I’m still not entirely convinced I even have abs. They are still buried under so much blubber…A SIX-PACK???  That’s a long, long, long-away goal.

(Sidenote:  That’s always a funny conversation at Zumba, when our instructor Julia says, “Alright, we’re going to do abs tonight!”  And I cry out, “Ohhhh NOOOOO!  I don’t even have any abs!”  And she insists, “Oh, yes you do, love!  Everyone has abs!”  “NO!  Not me!!!”)

In my 8th week of TurboFire now, I can tell you that I’m pretty sure that yes, I do actually have abs.  Somewhere.  I can feel them after the Core 20 work-out, especially.  They are there.  But they are still severely hidden by my dear ol’ spare tire.

That’s the one part of my body that I wish would just disappear.  I mean, sure, it’s been splendid to note how skinny my neck and ankles are getting, and to see a little definition in my shoulders and upper arms, and to find that my rings spin almost loosely on my fingers now. 

But the one change that I’m desperate to see that I have yet to see at all?

Damn spare tire.  It’s as big as ever.


This is not mine… Mine is way bigger.

Well.  Maybe it’s not quite as big as it used to be, but it’s definitely still there.  Muffin-topping over my pants, and jiggling with every step I take.

What a thing of beauty.  Not.

I want the spare tire to go.away.

And so I’m going to work a little harder in the month of March to help that along.  I’m going to see if I can follow this Six-Pack (ha!) March schedule and see how it goes, along with continuing to follow my TurboFire schedule.

The results of the February Arms & Abs Challenge?  I’d say they’re just meh.  Mainly because, as I said, I don’t think I was really doing the push-ups and mountain climbers properly.  My butt’s always stuck up in the air.  The Abs part especially didn’t really seem to draw any results.  My upper arm strength has definitely increased, though, and I’ve noticed it in the Stretch 40 portion of the TurboFire schedule – a month ago, I didn’t even attempt to hold myself in plank position, and now I can do it – for a short time, anyways.

Plank position is a huge challenge for me.  I used to hate it when I took Karate, I despised it when I took Yoga, and my inclination is just to skip it and lie face-down on the floor until the planking part is over.


I’m hoping my March Operation will have me doing planks more confidently, and eventually holding them for longer periods of time.  I’m also thinking the daily sit-ups are going to help with the spare tire, and I think continuing to work on my push-ups is definitely a good thing too, to maintain that strength that I feel I’ve gained in my upper arms.

So I’ll be departing from The Assertive Girl’s challenges this month to take part in this one, and see what I can do about this massive roll of fat that resides around my mid-section.

Tomorrow, Operation: Shrink The Spare Tire goes into full effect.

Pray for me.


Stacy said...

i literally laughed out loud at the image you

Nancy said...

Ha, ha, prayers abound!

Steph said...

Keep up the good work! I'll pass on the ab challenge. HAHA! :)

Nicole said...

ok here we go...
1) QUIT putting yourself down! :) We all have some portion of our self we don't like... the main thing is life yourself up and you'll do awesome things. There are enough other people in the world to put us down.
2) I'll take the challenge with you. I can't even do a plank but that's my wrists. I don't know if they're weak or what!
3) I'm just so proud of you for doing this and sticking too it and you keep me motivated!
4) I just had to end on an even number :)

Nicole said...

oh yeah, and I guess 5) that image cracked me up so there has to be a 6) keep up the good work!!

Stacie said...

Looks do-able! That elephant pic was just the laugh I needed.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Maybe we can encourage each other, Jill. I just went back to Pilates class this week, and I feel like a bus hit me! :/

HickChickBritt said...

Ok I just printed it out, I am so doing this with you!!! Hold me accountable ok? I SUCK at remembering these things.

HickChickBritt said...

So I thought you did a plank on your elbows?! That is the way I always did them.

Jo said...

Your in week 8! That is amazing! Keep it up! ... as for the March challenge .... wow that looks good and tough ..... mmmh wonder if I should give it a try cause despite the weight I've lost I still have something round the middle ....