Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WWTKW: Ah, my favourite day of the year. NOT.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. 

Also known as BARF Day.

Yeah.  I’m not a big fan.  I try to be a happy, positive person, but I just can’t muster it on Barf Day.  29 years of being single and lonely will do that to you.  Last year just added to my love of the day, as it was the day we had my dad’s funeral.

Needless to say, I just try to grit my teeth and pray that it goes by quickly.

Photo: Grumpy Cat

Naturally, Scriptor & Kenzie are using this week’s We Want to Know Wednesday Q&A to get geared up for Barf Day.  And since I can’t think of anything else to write about, I guess I’ll force myself to play along! ;)


This week’s questions:

1. What is your favorite flower?

2. Tell us about your favorite Valentine’s Day:

3. Was Valentine’s Day a big deal when you were a kid?

4. If you could have any one thing for Valentine’s Day what would it be?

5. Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?


My answers:

1. What is your favorite flower?  I’d have to go with yellow roses.  They are my mom’s favourite flower, so I guess that’s why I’ve always love them, too.

yellow roses

2. Tell us about your favorite Valentine’s Day:  I have a few that come to mind, actually.  I’ve often gathered up my single girl friends and done something fun, being all like “WHO CARES ABOUT DUMB BOYS!!!” One year, I dragged my friends Sara & Erin out for dinner, and then we went to see the movie “Miracle” – a hockey movie, of course, just about as anti-Vday as you can get.  Another year, I went with some single friends to a Blue Rodeo concert.  We had floor seats, and it was a great concert, so that one was pretty memorable, too.

Of course, all those single friends are no longer single anymore.  I’m pretty much the last one standing.  Yippee for me.

3. Was Valentine’s Day a big deal when you were a kid?  Yeah, I guess so.  In my elementary school days, we always got each other Valentines, and I remember having fun making that little pocket thing to hang on our desks to collect the Valentines in.  It was a big deal back then.

vintage valentines

4. If you could have any one thing for Valentine’s Day what would it be?  


or chocolate.  whatever.

5. Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?  Actually, the plans this year aren’t so bad, so I really shouldn’t be doing all this moaning and groaning.  I usually watch anti-love-movies and eat junk, but this year I think my mom is planning to make a nice lasagna dinner, and we’re all getting together as a family.  I always enjoy those family dinners, especially being with the kids, so I’m honestly not dreading it this year.

And when I get home, I may watch Halloween:H20.  Josh Hartnett is in it, so he can be my Valentine.

Halloween H20 7

Happy Barf Day, kids.


Nicole said...

In college I referred to it as SAD day. (singles awareness day) You should so sometime (not tomorrow) watch Valentine's Day. I think you'd like the party they throw :).

Stacie said...

Well, I love ya....I know it's not the same as having a boy, but it's all I got...

VandyJ said...

Happy Barf day! Just hold your head high and enjoy your scary movie. (And don't forget to keep the hall light on!)

Steph said...

For what it is worth, I think you are pretty awesome!

HickChickBritt said...

Oh I'm sorry your dad's funeral was on Valentines Day. I can totally boycott it with you if you want. Since I am pretty sure Chris has no clue that it is Valentines Day, nor am I going to tell him because then he will feel obligated blah blah blah. I'm telling ya it is really not worth all the hype!

Nancy said...

I love yellow roses, I have three on my kitchen counter. I said a prayer for your Dad and you all this morning, that was a tough day for me to get through too. So glad you are all getting together for supper, and hope your Mom is well enough to make lasagna. Hugs.

Mrs. Match said...

When I was in college we called Valentine's Day "Single Awareness Day". One year my best friend made me a card with a heart and a no symbol through it, and a teddy bear in a noose. Dark, sure. Funny, absolutely. The ironic part? I was hopelessly in love with him at the time. Ugh!

Your Valentine's plans sound fun. I wish my family lived closer and could do more family dinners.

Match and I aren't huge fans of this holiday. We do like to use it as an excuse to have an overdue date day. I'm just glad he didn't lose his wedding ring this year!!