Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yes, I had a reservation? Pity party for one?

It’s true.  I’m totally having a pity party for myself today.

And it’s not even because of Barf Day, believe it or not.

(Or at least, not just because of Barf Day, although it really isn’t helping).

No.  The reason for my pity party today is the wonderful, the great… Erik Karlsson.  King Karlsson, as he’s known to Senator fans.

erik karlsson

Dudes, things got really dismal in Sens Town last night when our best player was taken out of the game indefinitely by a skate blade slicing his Achilles tendon.

As I watched #65 shouting obscenities, his face contorting in pain while he made a mad one-legged dash from the ice after Matt Cooke skate went right through the sock at the back of his left ankle, I literally felt my stomach sink.

And then I tried to peptalk myself. 

Okay, so that looked bad, but who knows.  Maybe it’s just a cut on the back of his leg, they’ll stitch him up, he’ll be good to go.  I mean, everyone on Twitter is saying players with Achilles injuries can’t even attempt to skate, and he DID try!  He tried to push off with that foot.  It didn’t work, and it appeared he was saying the F-word eleventy billion times, but he tried.  So maybe it’s not as bad as it looks.

But before the game even ended, the Senators announced that our beloved Karlsson had a lacerated Achilles tendon, that surgery would be required, and that he will be out indefinitely.

Depths of despair, people.  Depths of despair.

I seriously haven’t felt this gloomy about my team since Wade Redden left to join the Rangers.

I wanted to cry.  I still kind of do.

I’d like to think that our team has enough fight, fire & feistiness to battle through this and still compete, but added to so many other injuries on our team right now (most notably, the fact that our #1 centre Jason Spezza is also gone for the year, likely)… Well, it’s not lookin’ good, Sens fans.  Not lookin’ good at all.

I remember going into this shortened, intense 48-game schedule, many were saying it would be the team that could stay the healthiest that would likely do the best.

Up until now, I had high hopes.

Those hopes have been utterly dashed.

Last year’s Norris Trophy winner, and arguably the best player the Ottawa Senators have ever had, is gone, and he may never be the same again.

I’m not going to get into whether or not I believe Matt Cooke did this on purpose (although I have a hard time believing someone with his reputation stomped on the best defenceman in the league’s leg “accidentally”, being that it IS Matt Cooke, after all) – I can’t even muster up the energy to spew vitriol at him.

I feel deflated and devastated.

This sucks.

So, yes.  Pity party for one.

Happy Barf Day.


Nicole said...

Oh crap that looks painful! I'd drop the Fbomb too!! Poor guy!!

Stacie said...

Ouch! Sorry this is adding to the despair on barf day. It can only go up from here!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That's horrible! Doesn't make barf day seem so bad, huh? :/

Anonymous said...

Yeah Casey was really upset too! Plus Michalek with the pulled knee - poor Sens :(

Anonymous said...

Matt Cooke is a dirty player so I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional. Stinker.