Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So MUCH to say.

Yesterday was Talk To Us Tuesday, and I had SO much to talk about, but no time to do it.

So let’s give ‘er today, shall we?

Boom.  Here we go.

  • A few of you may be wondering what ever happened to me and LOST.  I mean, I talked about it obsessively for months, but then I kinda dropped it.  Never gave my final thoughts.  Can I just say… I kind of knew what was going to happen?  I’m not sure if it’s because I subconsciously absorbed it from listening to other people talk about it years ago (when it was actually on TV),  or if it’s because I saw This is 40 around Christmastime (which was not a good movie to see for someone who was in the midst of Season 5 of LOST at the time)… but I think I kind of always knew they were all dead.

lost jack and vincent

  • If you’re currently watching Season 5 of LOST, I apologize for just blowing it all for you right there.  But that kid in This is 40 blew it for me, too, so deal with it.
  • I didn’t love the ending of LOST.  I also didn’t hate it.  I thought it was… kind of appropriate.  So many people have said that it would be unfulfilling, but I wouldn’t say that.  I was… OK with it.  And I was so happy they brought back many of the characters that had died along the way for the finale.  Like Boone, aka Ian Somerhalder.  The reason I started watching in the first place.  Little sexy-shmexy.


  • So, what’s my next TV-show-that-aired-5-years-ago-but-I’m-gonna-talk-about-it-as-if-it’s-current now?  Prison Break.  Helllloooooooooo Michael Schofield!!!!


  • Five episodes in, I wouldn’t say I’m madly in love with it, as people made me think I would be.  But Wentworth Miller is definitely hot enough to keep me coming back for more. H to the O to the T.


  • Oh!  This one’s for all you NASCAR fans out there!!  Remember two years ago, when I first entered a big pool and had to pick a driver for the year and didn’t even know anything about NASCAR?  Well, Carl Edwards won me a couple of races (and a couple of bucks) that year, but last year was a complete disaster.  I had the #21 pick out of 22.  By the time I got to make my choice, it had come down to Clint Bowyer or AJ Allmendinger.  My brother told me to go with AJ Allmendinger.  Wayne had the last pick and went with Clint Bowyer.  Bowyer won 3 races, and Allmendinger went to rehab.  That was a big FAIL for me.  This year, I drew the #2 pick.  And I had also done RESEARCH, so that I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone’s crappy advice.  (Sorry, Lukey, but I’ll never forgive you for convincing me to take AJ!)  I drew up a list of drivers, figured out how many races they each won last year, how they were expected to do this year, and then ranked them.  My #1 choice was Brad Keselowski, because he won the championship last year and he’s now driving a Ford.  (I wanted a Ford driver, in honour of my dad).  Of course, Jimmie Johnson went first, and then it was time for me to pick.  My gut and my research told me to take Keselowski – I mean, there he was on my list, with the big #1 circled beside his name! – but I started to second-guess myself.  Which led to me frantically running around the room to ask all the men who they would pick if they were me.  Which I’m sure annoyed the hell out of them.  And then I picked Keselowski anyways.  Even though he’s not hot.  (yes, I take their looks into consideration.)


  • The point of this long & windy NASCAR story?  Brad Keselowski better win mama some MONEY!!!  If he pulls an AJ Allmendinger on me, I’m gonna be pissed.
  • I have a question for you, friends.  I’ve already talked about it with my family and my friends and a NURSE – but now I need the Internet’s advice.  TurboFire.  Dudes, it’s doing a number on my knees.  I don’t even do half the jumping that’s involved because my knees have never been very good, but for the past week or so, I’ve noticed them being noticeably more sore and creaky.  Like especially when I go to sit down to pee.  (And if you may recall, I’m drinking water like it’s my job, so peeing is like… my second job.  I’m doing it a lot.  So I notice the creak in my knees a lot.)  I’m modifying the exercises more in hopes it will help, because I’m really not wanting to quit this program – I’m getting great results and actually really enjoying it!  What’s a girl supposed to do?!
  • My Sens.  I adore them.  They are currently playing without their #1 centre, their Norris-Trophy-winning defenceman, their top scorer from last year, AND the best goalie in the NHL.  And we’re on a 5-game winning streak.  Are they pretty wins? Nope.  But a win in a shoot-out is still a win.  God bless them.  #peskysens


  • Book that I recommend to everyone:  The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  Absolutely riveting.  Couldn’t put it down.  It’s our next book club selection, and I finished it in under a week.  Seeing the meeting isn’t until the end of April, I decided to tackle one of the bigger literary challenges sitting on my shelf in Stephen King’s The Stand.  I read a lot of Stephen King back in high school, but never took on The Stand.  It seems many deem it one of his best, and so I want to read it too.  It’s huge.  Oh, and I bought the uncut edition, which apparently has 400 more pages of text that the original.  Awesome. But only 100 pages in, I’m definitely hooked.  I’m still in the beginning stages when people are starting to get sick; there’s a lot of talk about phlegm and snot.  So naturally, when I’m reading it, I start feeling very mucus-y.  Hypochondriac in da house.

the stand

  • IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!  I love snow.  Still.  It’s not time for spring yet.  Bring it on.  I love the excitement that comes along with a good dumping of snow!  Time to cover up the mud & the yuck for another few days!!
  • Oh, and if you’re looking for my Oscar recap, you’ll be sadly disappointed.  I didn’t watch ‘em.  Watched curling with my mom instead. (aka, slept on the couch).  But someone needs to tell Kristen Stewart to brush her damn hair next time, OK?  The pictures I’ve seen are just a disgrace.


I feel like I have more to say, but if I continue on, this will become a novel.  Most of you probably stopped reading back at LOST.  If you made it this far… you get the Jill’s World Award of the Day.  Congratulations.



Stacy said...

I made it but I have to admit, scimmed through the Lost and Prison Break, scimmed through the Sens...LOL but I agree, her hair is a mess...she looks a mess all together actually!

Regarding Nascar, I wanted to pick Danica because she's a girl but Ricky was like I would pick I picked Newman and I'm in the same boat...the first race, I see on FB everyone cheering Danica on...and I just looked at if she wins or scores bigger points or whatever it is that happens...more than Newman, I'm going to be mad!! LOL

Janette Johanson said...

Sweet I get Jill's Award of the Day!
Mr. Wentworth is a hottie for SHO! I never watched Lost... and I"m glad I didn't-- I really want to find a show that will last till I die so I never have to see the show end. I get so attached. Kristin Stewart looks like she's high all the time and clearly doesn't care about her appearance-

Sarah said...

I loved watching Prison Break, so much suspense! And Kristen always looks like a mess...

Im not likeing the snow, I am so ready for spring!

LeeLu Creations said...

Loved LOST, hated the ending. I felt like it was their easy way out. I mean, really, how can you explain all the crap that went down on that island?? I don't know, I was disappointed but that's that.

Never seen Prison Break.

Kristen Stewart always needs to brush her hair and wipe that stupid scowl on her face. Maybe it's imprinted there so she can't?

I know nothing about knees but keep up the awesome work!

Nancy said...

Ha,ha, I get a gold star for reading all this. I am so sick of snow, but it had better dump after I postponed the AGM!

VandyJ said...

We've been getting snow too. Helps to deal with the cold when it's white and not gray or brown outside.

Nicole said...

We finally actually got snow too!!!!

HickChickBritt said...

Ah you crack me up! We have not had any snow this winter. Since it doesn't look like we are going to get any either I say bring on summer. Yep we can just go ahead and skip Spring. All we get is rain anyway.

Jillian said...

I love the Glass Castle its soo good! We have way too much snow here (there's talk of flooding). I here you on the nascar I do fantasy figure skating and its so frustrating when your picks don't perform well

Anonymous said...

Glass Castle sounds like a book I need to read. I love the ones you can't put down! Ugh. And don't even get me started on Kristen Stewart.. She just seems like such a bitch. Lol.. Sry. I couldn't help it and my zzquil is kicking in. Nite.

Stacie said...

The hubs wears some knee thingys, sort of like a black foam band, about an inch wide, that go right under your knees for support when he does his walking and refereeing. He swears by them. You can get them at a drugstore, sorry I don't know their proper name.

Beth W said...

Yeah, Lost's ending was like that for me, too. On the one hand...yay! People are doings things! On the other hand...they did not answer 80% of the questions they raised, and it kind of negated the ENTIRE plot lines of the Dharma Corp stuff.

Have you been watching Lost Girl? Speaking of yumminess....