Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

I have bad news for you guys.  I just have a random smattering of crap to share with you today, which means you’re bound to be hearing more about my love for Prison Break in the next few minutes. 

I apologize in advance for my obsessive personality.

  • So.  Prison Break.  I don’t know if I’ve ever watched a show that I love as much as I’m equally frustrated by, as this one.  Last night, I managed to squeeze three episodes in around a walk, supper, and the Sens game.  While the night before the episodes had me squealing and clapping my hands, last night’s had me on more of a roller coaster of aggravation.  Gah.  These brothers just can’t WIN! (Please note:  the episodes that make me squeal and clap my hands are the ones in which Michael and Sara kiss.  So far, they have been few and far between.  And this disappoints me.)


  • I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.  In all my Prison Break googling, I think I’ve ruined a few “surprises” on the show for myself.  One of the spoilers I’ve stumbled across in particular is really worrying me.  And I’m trying to put it out of my head, but it keeps creeping back.  Dammit.  I should never google things.
  • Horror of the day:  Getting the last two seasons of Prison Break in the mail from Amazon yesterday, and discovering that Season 3 only has 13 episodes?!?!  Wahhhhhh!!!  That must’ve been the year of that pain-in-the-arse writer’s strike or whatever the hell it was.  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that I thought I had at least 44 more episodes of Prison Break after Season 2 is over (one more disc), and now I only have 35.  And this breaks my little heart.  It’s like it’s already almost over!!!!


  • Thing I need to keep reminding myself of as I watch this show:  Every time I fear Michael and Lincoln are  in serious danger and might die, I have to stop and tell myself, “Their pictures are on the cover of each season.  Relax.  They can’t die.”
  • OK.  So.  The big bloggy news of the week is that Google Reader is going to be disappearing as of July 1st.  I didn’t really believe it at first, but this morning when I logged into my Google Reader, I got my official warning.  And I was severely displeased.  I hate change, and I hate techy stuff, and now I have to figure something out or lose all the blogs I follow. Gad dammit.
  • Rock of Ages!!  I never re-capped for you guys!!  See how Prison Break has taken over my life?!  I almost forgot to tell you about Rock of frigging Ages.  Yikes!!  Anyways… Rock of Ages was a total blast.  I went with my sister & her husband, and my brother and his wife, and I think I speak for all of us when I say… What a FUN night!  We went out to dinner first at Johnny Farina’s, a wonderful Italian place just down the street from the NAC, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner, delicious drinks, and laughed so hard we almost peed our pants over stories about people peeing their pants (specifically, me.  But that’s a story for another day.)
  • After dinner, we walked back to the NAC and found our seats.  The next few hours were filled with even more laughs and AMAZING music that’s right up the alley for this child of the 80’s!  I already sort of knew what to expect, being a fan of the movie, but the live show was so so awesome.  Even the guys – who were a little hesitant at being dragged to a Broadway musical – seemed to really enjoy it.  It was pretty incredible and I’d highly recommend it!


  • Following the show, I started getting texts and blurry photos from a group of friends who were there in a different level and section, and whom had run into Chris Neil at the NAC bar.  Naturally, I was insaaanely jealous, because I LOVE Chris Neil!  My sister told me to text them back and tell them, “Yeah, SO!  We saw Max Keeping!”  HA!  While I do love Max Keeping as well, it wasn’t quite the same thing… But needless to say, it was just a local celebrity bonanza at Rock of Ages on Saturday night!!

chris and max

  • I’m already looking forward to another fun Saturday night ahead, as the local C Kidz Kan group is hosting a Yuk Yuk’s comedy night & dinner fundraiser, and I’ve got my tickets reserved.  I really enjoy live comedy shows, and don’t get to see them often enough – so how could I resist when they’re going to be right there in my own little hometown?!  Such a fun night out, I can’t wait!
  • The only problem with having weekend plans?  It means I have to actually leave the house, and leave Michael behind.  This is becoming increasingly difficult.  Guys, I’m so obsessed.

wentworth-miller 2

  • You should all know that my mom is not a fan of my new obsession.  She totally tunes out the Prison Break stuff.
  • Oh, and once again on the “obsessed” topic… I watched two Mariah Carey music videos on Youtube yesterday.  Why?  Because my fanatic research on Wentworth Miller led me to discover that he starred in two Mariah Carey videos in the mid-2000’s.  I don’t even like Mariah Carey, but I favourited both videos on Youtube, and now I’m sharing this one with you.  He’s so hot.  You should also know that I haven’t even listened to the song, I watched it with the sound off.  I just needed the visual. Wentworth, in a suit & sneaks. That is all.

  • I really am sorry about the excessive Prison Break stuff.  But I just can’t help myself!!!

Doin’ the Thursday Happy Dance… :)


Stacy said...

Question...I don't use Google Reader, I mean i think it directs me there sometimes but I use Blogger - that is where I see my reading list and I read my blogs from there, I post my blogs from there I losing that? When Google Reader disappears, I have seen something about Blog Lovin ' does that mean I have to create a whole new blog and stuff???

Stacie said...

Jill - see Connie's post here a great breakdown of an alternative to Google Reader. She makes it so easy to understand!

VandyJ said...

I use my dashboard to follow most blogs--Google Reader confused me mostly, so I never really used it.
I would love to see Rock of Ages live!

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

Sooooo, is it safe to assume you're a fan of Prison Break??? Hahahaha! :D I know.. I have the same attachment to "Castle." I can't help myself!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

This Google reader thing, is it going to affect our blog roll/list on our Blogger home page? MEH!

Jillian said...

I use bloglovin and its pretty great Rock of Ages sounds amazing I wish I had tickets for when its here next month at TCU Place but I don't sadly.

Emmy said...

So annoying that they are taking google reader away, why do they change and mess things up?

And I might just have to watch prison break sometime :)

Mrs. Match said...

Yeah, frustrated with Google reader, but it has always had issues with my blog. I use Bloglovin' now, and I'm following you there. It's super easy-just copy paste your links into their search, and it finds them, and you can sort the blogs by type, or just have them all in a list by name. It's very user friendly.

Nicole said...

Ok so I may be late on the train here, but have you looked into bloglovin? It's not quite as good I don't think, but it still works just the same.