Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tuesday Random

It feels like all I do is ramble randomly on the ol’ blog these days, but that’s just the way she goes, I guess.

Here I go again!

  • Tuesday mornings are when I do my official weigh-ins, and as of this morning, I had lost 28.2 lbs from what I weighed on my Day 1, January 7, 2013.  My initial goal of losing 30 lbs. is looming… Will I have accomplished my “30 Before 30  Project” by this time next week???  Fingers are crossed!
  • I’ve been digging out my smaller-sized clothes over the past few weeks, and finally starting to feel comfortable in them again.  Phewf!
  • Yesterday, I did a little shopping at Old Navy with Lindsay, and my goal was to pick up some new work-out clothing.  Aside from my uniform, I spend more time in Old Navy Activewear than anything else, and a lot of it was starting to get too big on me.  It was a real treat to buy some better-fitting yoga capris, tees, and my favourite – the compression jackets!  I also picked up a few new pairs of pants for work, since my old ones are getting pretty sloppy-looking, and I was super-excited to purchase one pair that was TWO sizes smaller than the current pants I’d been wearing!  Woop woop!!


  • After hitting up Old Navy, Linds asked if I minded heading down a few doors to the Jacob Outlet store.  I said sure, of course, even though Jacob is a store I never go into because I just don’t fit into their clothing.  Yet, once we were in the store, a short-sleeved pink knit cardigan caught my eye, and so I dug out the largest size they had and tried it on… and it fit!!!  And I loved it!!!  And it was on sale!!!  :)
  • OK.  So.  I’ve just gone, like, what, 5 whole minutes without mentioning Prison Break??  I didn’t think I could do it.
  • There was a REAL attempted prison break in St. Jerome, Quebec, a few hours away from where I live.  Like, a serious one.  These guys hi-jacked a helicopter, flew over the prison, dropped a rope, and two inmates climbed up it and they took off.  When I heard it on the news yesterday morning, I got all excited about it.  And then I was sad to hear they got caught.  You know something’s wrong whennnn… You end up ROOTING for REAL LIFE CRIMINALS to ESCAPE FROM PRISON.  Too.much.Prison.Break.  !!!!


  • I argued with my mom and my sister this morning that maybe these guys were NICE, like most of the Prison Break characters.  Lincoln was framed; Michael fired a gun in a bank to get into the prison to break his innocent brother out; Sucre was incarcerated for a minor convenience store robbery (he just needed money to buy a ring for his girlfriend); Tweener was in there because he stole a little ol’ baseball card.  They weren’t really bad guys!   So maybe these guys who tried to break out in St. Jerome were nice guys too!  My sister’s reply:  “It was a TV show, Jill.  Of course they were all innocent.”
  • On the weekend, I changed the wallpaper photo on my Blackberry from a picture of my nieces and nephew to this:


  • And then I got concerned for myself.  For real.
  • I’m going to try to restrain myself from any further Prison Break talk today, other than to say this:  Something bad is going to happen.  I just know.  I can feel it.  I’m a few episodes into the final season now, and I’m starting to get very panicky.  This isn’t going to end well for Michael, is it, guys?  Is it???
  • One of my most favourite pictures recently is this one, that our minister Nancy sent to me this morning.  She took this picture of my niece Danica and I on Saturday at the Irish Tea at our church!  Thank you, Nancy!!


  • One year ago today, my mom and I had lunch on her patio because it was so beautiful out.  As I recall, the temperature was in the mid-20’s, the snow was all gone, and it was a gorgeous sunny day.  Today?  Well, I don’t think we got as much snow as they were forecasting for our area, but we have some fresh new powder on the ground, and temps are hovering around freezing.  What a difference a year can make, huh?

I seriously have nothing else to talk about other than Prison Break, and I know that nobody cares about it but me, so I’ll wrap this up before I start talking about it again. ;)

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Lindsay said...

I am so excited and proud of you!! It was exciting to go with you yesterday to shop! I can't wait to go with you again when those new things don't fit you anymore!!! You're simply amazing dude!! Love you! Xoxo

Stacy said...

way to go!!
you love that picture cuz you loved that day because you were full of danica cuddles!!

Nancy said...

I love that picture too. Gotta get those cuddles when Danica will allow them, ha, ha!

Nicole said...

OMG, Jill you're going to go away to paper thin before you know it! I'm so proud of you though! You should write a post on how you do it, down to the T so the rest of us can get some pointers! I've been doing Revolt and I'm not losing weight, like not at all but Mark says I'm toning up. Of course I'm not following the meal plan like I should... shame on me!

Jillian said...

I love it when I get to buy a size smaller in clothes! A few weeks ago I bought extra smalls in some stuff something I haven't done in years! My weight loss goal was to fit a brand name skate shop sweater....I sure do!! Its a large but still considering a year ago that it would've had to have been an extra large its a big deal. Yeah you need help for that addiction haha I like to think that somewhere there's an experimental physicist living with an OCD control freak Theoretical Physicist

Stacie said...

You look so good, I can really see the loss in your face. Keep it up!

Emmy said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome! So nice to have to get new clothes.

And yea-- probably weren't innocent guys that were escaping out of the real prison :)

Mrs. Match said...

Great job!! You are such a badass!:-)
I am so excited to buy new workout clothes this summer. I am overdue for a trip to Old Navy-they have great maternity clothes for cheap. Gotta love it!
PS do you watch 1600 Penn? I love how the dad of the first daughter's baby works at Old Navy, and she thought he said he was IN the Navy. Awkward!

Impulsive Addict said...

WAY TO GO on the weight loss! Way to make it your bitch!

Ok, wait. You were SAD when the bastard was caught? Yes, too much tv for you, sister!!!!

What a great pic of you my friend!

Thanks for linking up!! xoxo

Stacy Uncorked said...

Rambling random is always a good way to go, in my opinion. It's so interesting! :)

WooHoo! Way to go on the weight loss! You are truly an inspiration. :)

OMG on the whole real prison break thing!! Scary!! I sure did like the show, though - not to mention both Lincoln and Michael are HOT! :) And now I want to watch the series again. :)

Awww! What a sweet picture of you and your niece!!

I love that you are a Prison Break fan - you can talk about it any time you want as far as I'm concerned. ;)

Snow Teaser, Omarosa the Witch, St. Patty’s Day Fun Fail but Pot Roast Win: RTT Rebel

Mind Of Mine said...

28 pounds, get down with your bad self, you skinny bitch!

Prison Break, you are on the finale run, you are in for an exciting ride. What has been your favourite season so far? Who is your favourite character, I absolutely love Prison Break. It's gripping!

Connie said...

You look amazing!! Don't you just love buying smaller clothes.

Great job!

HickChickBritt said...

Holy Cow you can tell such a difference in that picture of you! You have just inspired me. I always get off track because I feel like it is going to take forever to show results but your arm and face look so much thinner! I am starting revolt in April, I have got to get control of my eating! What are you eating?