Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It’s gonna be a GREAT Random Tuesday!

  • It’s finally here!  The Chad Brownlee + Dallas Smith “Boys of Fall” Tour will be stopping at The Crazy Horse in Kanata TONIGHT, and I’ve got my ticket!  I’ve been anxiously anticipating this evening ever since I found out they were going to be in town, shortly after falling in love with Chad Brownlee at the Shawville Fair.  I can’t wait!  I mean, just look at these boys… who cares if they can even sing, right?

boys of fall tour

  • Good news is… they can :)
  • Needless to say, this day is probably going to drag on for-ev-errrr.  It always does when there’s something to look forward to after work!
  • Question going around the office this morning: “If you lived in the States, who would you be voting for today?”  My answer: Barack Obama.  He did get the majority of our office vote, but hey, what do we know - we’re just a bunch of Canadians.  It will be interesting to see how it goes down today for our neighbours to the South.
  • Speaking of someone getting my vote… Word on the street is Channing Tatum is going to be named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.  Can I get a HELL YES.

channing tatum 2

  • November seems to have completely snuck up on me.  Yesterday morning, I was already running late, and then totally forgot about having to defrost my car.  It was iced up real good.  I had the foresight to put it in the garage last night.  Thank God, because it was even frostier out this morning!
  • Oh, and this morning, while I was closing up the garage and letting my car warm up, some random guy walking by waved at me, then pointed at my car and made some kind of hand gesture that to me indicated he thought my car was very sick or something.  I just nodded at him, like, “I know, I know, it’s noisy, get over it.”  Sheesh. 
  • My family is officially abolishing Christmas.  I have whined and cried and kicked and screamed, but I have lost.  We are drawing names.  We have a spending cap.  Only the kids are getting presents from everyone.  It’s pretty much the end of the world as we know it.
  • Some of you may argue that we’re actually discovering the true meaning of Christmas rather than abolishing it.  To you I say… frig off.  I am still a kid, and I still need presents.  Without the limits of a spending cap.  arggghhhh.
  • Anyways.  Moving on, because the Christmas debacle makes me want to cry.  Back to happy topics.  Last week, I forgot to tell you guys I rented Rock of Ages.  And I loved it.  Sure it was campy and cheesy, but I LOVED the music, and I kind of thought Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx was a little bit…perfect.  I’m so excited that the musical is coming to the National Arts Centre in March of 2013!!!


  • Another thing that makes me happy (and a little bit torn, too)?  Last night, I was watching episodes of Lost Season 3, and Sawyer and Kate finally got it on.  And part of me was all like, “OH YES! YAY!! SAWYER & KATE!!!”  …but the other part of me was like, “Oh, poor Jack… he loves Kate, and now she loves Sawyer, and he’s trapped inside in this dark room while they’re out canoodling in their cages… no fair for Jack.”  But still… very happy for Sawyer & Kate. I’m sure many of you were five years ago, too. ;)



  • OH MY GOD.  I was just googling for pictures of Kate & Sawyer, and found one of them with a baby?!!?!  Are Kate & Sawyer going to have a BABY!?!?!  No, don’t tell me, let me find out on my own… eeeeeek!!!
  • But wait… poor Jack…
  • Holy cow, I love this show.

Happy Tuesday, kids. :)

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Lindsay said...

I say lets forget the rest of the day and leave early and go christmas shopping or something?!?!? ha ha! Can't wait for tonight!

Jo said...

Enjoy the concert!

Jodie said...

I'm excited to see who our President will be!! Channing Tatum is the sexiest man ever!!

VandyJ said...

I can totally agree with the Channing Tatum choice.
Both Nick and I loved Rock of Ages--so campy, but oh so fun too.
Have a great time at the concert!

Stacie said...

Drawing names sips. I say the more presents I get the better!

Anonymous said...

Kanata!!?? I went to their wave pool once, in 1993. Tons of fun. I stayed with my friend and her grandparents that summer in Cobden. I think her dad lived in Arnprior. That's the extent of my little-known Canadian city knowledge. :)

HickChickBritt said...

JEALOUS!!!Have fun tonight.

HickChickBritt said...
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Nancy said...

Jillian, I love that you adore Christmas so much. I feel for you...maybe instead of getting rid of presents for everyone you can all buy for each other but the gifts have to come from the Dollar Store!

TMW Hickman said...

You know what? If it makes you happy to buy presents for everyone, just do it. You can always give the gifts at a different time.

Yeah, I was NOT one of those people excited about Sawyer and Kate. I thought Jack was a better choice.

Tom Cruise, as ridiculous as he is, is a darn good actor. He's surprised me many times over the years.

Jillian said...

I loved Rock of Ages it was soo cheesy but Diego Boneta...oh soo hot. ah the National Arts Centre back in my high school days I performed in a massed choir on Canada Day there, but the rock of ages musical better be coming to saskatoon too it's been a long time since my last touring musical. I kind of wish I had tickets for the Dallas Smith and Chad Brownlee show here in Saskatoon next week but I can't really complain I've got tickets for Terri Clark and Kira Isabella in moose jaw on March 23

LeeLu Creations said...

I feel ya on the Christmas thing. I'm 30 something and my mom would still buy us several gifts. :) Not sure what this year will bring though since I tied the knot in May. She can't change course now!!!

And I'm lovin' that crybaby pic of Jack. Hilarious, lol.