Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday thoughts.

It’s Thursday.  And it’s SNOWING!!! :) :) :)

And I’m thinking about random stuff.  Shall we?

  • I love the snow.  So very very much.  But I work with many, many people who do not love the snow.  Because they have to plow it and shovel it.  It’s okay, I understand.  However, I was downstairs moments ago making my mid-morning cup of tea, and I was singing softly to myself, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”  And one of my co-workers roars down, “SHUT YOUR FESTERING GOB, SHUT YOUR FESTERING GOB, SHUT YOUR FESTERING GOB”.  Then he stomped out of the office and slammed the door behind him, to really drive his point home.  I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t have a nice ring to it at all.


  • Another reason I’m loving the snow??  Because tomorrow is our company Christmas Party!  It just puts everyone in a more festive mood.  Or… well, at least it puts me in a more festive mood.  The rest of them might be a bit cranky, actually.
  • I have a goal to accomplish on Saturday.  And that goal is:  finishing my Christmas shopping.  I have the kids done.  I have my Secret Santa gifts bought.  Now I just need stocking stuffers, and a few hostess gifts, and my baking supplies, and that’ll be all she wrote.  A week ago, I didn’t know if I’d be even close to being done by the first of December.  Thanks to Black Friday and on-line shopping, it’s now pretty much a guarantee.  Sweet deal.
  • My Saturday afternoon/evening plans:  Baking and making bark.  You can bet that Justin Bieber’s Christmas CD will be making a guest appearance in my kitchen.  Imma be under the mistletoe.


  • I got my flu shot yesterday, and holy mother of GOD, it hurt.  I don’t have issues with needles, and often when I get them it’s over and I don’t even realize it.  Yesterday, I felt the needle going in.  I felt the burn of the stuff being dispersed into my shoulder.  I felt it being pulled back out.  And it frigging hurt.  My arm has been aching every since.  I’m not 100% sure, but I’m thinking they may have done it wrong.
  • Last night, my sister-in-law Amanda and the little babes came for a visit while Daddy was gone to play hockey.  I was so thrilled to have some solid quality time with Neve.  She is sooo cute right now, full of smiles and squeals.  I couldn’t help but think of how fun Christmas will be this year with her, Caden & Danica in our midst. :)
  • I must take a moment to thank my sister and brother for being such good little elves yesterday.  I had a Top Secret Elf Mission for them yesterday, and they stepped up to the plate admirably.  I had to giggle when I sent them both an email first thing yesterday morning to make sure they knew what their missions were, and to ensure that they were co-ordinating with each other.  My bro emailed me back, saying, “I’ve already been in contact with the other elf.  Leave us alone Santa!”


  • Can you guys tell I’m excited for Christmas?  And it’s not even December yet.  Lord help us all. ;)

Happy Thursday, kids.


Lindsay said...

Well as much as I hate snow I dont even care that it's coming down cuz I am so excited for the Christmas party! I am in such a festive mood too! House decked out in lights and garland, Christmas gifts bought...eeek!!! Bring it on!!

Stacie said...

OK, is "festering gob" some sort of Canadianese? I've never heard it, but I might start using it, will that make me bilingual?

And done with your shopping, shut it, I don't want to hear it, I've barely started.

Connie said...

I love Snow!! I hope it snows here soon.

I can't wait for our elves to show up on Saturday!

VandyJ said...

Sort a jealoous of your snow. We are all brown and gray right now. At least we don't have ice.

Nicole said...

Festering Gob... never heard of that.... and I hate the snow, but we need moisture soooooo bad you can send the snow our way. Now we at least have 2 4x4 pickups to get around in :)

Jillian said...

ugh snow....we've had snow since the middle of october and we got more today. oh how I hate prairie living sometimes (people in the city do not know how to drive in the snow).

Beth W said...

I love snow, too! And your coworker should be reported to HR- that was not an OK way to treat you (or anyone) in a professional setting. And I'm guessing he was taking out anger for something else on you.

Now, send some of that snow down here, please, so I can go play in it. :D

(Also, sometimes needles graze a nerve, which would account for the pain. I've had that with allergy shots before, and it sucks...I hope the aching fades soon!)

Mrs. Match said...

I'm the weirdo that likes the rain. I wish it would snow here! I'd be thrilled. Your coworker is gross!
I need help with a white elephant gift. Any ideas? I'm just about done other than that. Oh and I'm still trying to figure out a fun present to tell the family we are having a boy. All the ideas online are so overdone. I'm not doing it with food!
What do you do for stocking stuffers?

LeeLu Creations said...

My flu shot this year really hurt too!