Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I have so many things to say today.

I feel like I have a MILLION things to talk about with you guys this morning.  Brace yourselves. ;)

  • I was off on Friday, and the interwebs were not functioning here yesterday, so I feel like I have been cut off from the world for, like, ever.  There is nothing worse than a non-functioning interwebs.  Seriously.
  • So.  Let’s start at the beginning.  Where my last post left off…  And that was with a sexy picture of RPattz.  Yes, I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 at 10 PM on Thursday night with two of best Twihard pals, and we loved it.  LOVED IT.  I can’t think of a better or more fitting way for it all to come to a close, and I was so very satisfied with the conclusion.  Honestly, I was beaming as the credits started to roll.  And I already can’t wait to see it again.  Just not quite ready to let it all go yet…

breaking dawn part 2 3

  • I can’t really discuss the movie in great detail, because I don’t want to give it away for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see it yet.  But let’s just say…  Bella rocked it as a newborn vampire; Renesmee was so cool, even when she was a creepy CGI baby; Jacob taking his shirt off was, of course, a highlight; Edward was his usual sexy sparkly self; and they took us all on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that had us all gasping and shouting out loud…all of us.


  • I’ve only heard of one person who didn’t like the movie, and it was a boy, so I don’t think that opinion counts.  The boys don’t get it.  I remember forcing my brother to watch the first one with me many many moons ago, and when it was over, he looked at me, totally stone-faced, and said, “That movie just combined the three things I hate most in movies.  Love.  Vampires.  And sparkling.”  Nope.  The boys just don’t get it.
  • Last week, I talked a lot about how I was trying to learn how to play Euchre because I had agreed to play in a tournament with Lindsay at our friend Sharon’s on Saturday afternoon.  My mom ran through a few “fake” hands with me last Sunday, and then I had a lesson with the office ladies on Monday.  I had also downloaded a Euchre app to my Blackberry and had been playing it all week on my phone.  Still, I figured I was considered a complete rookie at best, and had absolutely no hope of doing well.   It’s a tricky game to learn, and there was no way I could become a pro in one week’s time.  But dudes, guess what?  We totally frigging won.  The WHOLE tournament!  I admit, Lindsay carried most of the weight and she pulled out the big Euchre to win our final hand in the finals, but I like to think I contributed in some small way – at least by not totally screwing it all up.  Big thanks to Sharon for having us, and a big congrats to my partner!  Can’t wait to defend out title next year. ;)

euchre 2_thumb[1]

  • A funny thing about this picture.  It was taken right after our big win, and when I jumped up to high-five Linds, I farted.  I just prayed that we were shouting and squealing enough that nobody heard it.
  • Another cool thing?  I decided Sunday morning at church to put some of my winnings in the celebration jar that is passed around at the start of each service.  (The money collected goes to Mission & Service Fund.)  As I put my money in the jar, I explained that a week before, I didn’t even know how to play Euchre, and that on Saturday I’d won a tournament - and the congregation cheered for me.  Seriously.  How awesome are they?!
  • The winning doesn’t stop there… I was so excited to find an email waiting for me this morning telling me I’d won the Poppy Seed Projects giveaway offered by Mrs. Match over at The Date Girl Diaries!  I can’t wait to pick something out with my gift certificate :)  Thank you so much, Mrs. Match!
  • And… I’m on a friggin’ roll here!  Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you all to head over to Nathan’s blog Life & Everything Else In Between because he had nominated me for his Hall of Fame, and I was hoping you’d all toss me some votes?  YOU GUYS!!  You all ROCK!!  I was so surprised to find out that I received 34% of the vote, officially coming in second place of the five nominees, and I’ve been inducted into the LEEIB Hall of Fame!   Go read my acceptance speech (and continue to show Nathan some bloggy love, of course!) – because basically I gush about all of you and how awesome you are!!!  It made my heart just glow this morning as I read the comments Nathan posted from the people who voted for me.  I love you all, I really do. :)

I feel like I have so much more to tell you.  But this has already gotten long and rambly, so I think I’d better cut it off here.  I hope you’re all having a great week.

Happy Tuesday! :)

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Stacie said...

OK, I loved the movie and totally agree that CGI baby Renesmee was weird!

And you know that for the rest of all time, we will all refer to that pic as the "fart picture", right? You will say remember that time I won the euchre tourney, and we'll be all like oh yeah, was that the fart picture?

Mrs. Match said...

Woot woot, so glad you won! :-) You're very welcome! I can't wait to see what you pick out.

Hahah, I can't believe you farted. That's hilarious. Hopefully no one noticed!

Yes, I was so happy with Breaking Dawn Pt. 2. By far the best one of the series. I can't wait to buy parts one and two now, and rewatch them. Match hasn't seen the last one, but he watched the rest with me. He hated the first (I thought they didn't do that great of a job either) but he liked the 3rd and 4th. I think he's going to love the final, but he RUINED the ending for himself by peeking when I was chatting with a friend about it. The turd!

Nicole said...

so glad you got that many votes! And yey for winning the Euchre match! You still have to explain what that is to me because I'm apparently dense :)

Anonymous said...

You're on a roll; send some of that luck over here and I'll play the lottery. ;)

Julie @Momespctive said...

I know what you mean about feeling out of touch, my phone broke and I'm without it for another day (making it two days total). I'm Facebooking everyone so they know I"m not ignoring them.

VandyJ said...

It's so much easier to be out of touch when you chose to be, not when you have no choice in the matter.
Congrats on all your wins!

Mind Of Mine said...

Awesome the competition.

I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn, I am going to go see it tomorrow. I didn't want to go at the weekend as it would have been to busy.

Anonymous said...

Whenever our internet is down I feel so lost and disconnected, it's weird how much we rely on it ;D
I still haven't gone and seen Breaking Dawn part 2, but I really want to! Just have to wait until we have the money to spare.
That's so great your congregation cheered for you!
Congratulations on your wins! Geeze girl!!

Jo said...

Saw Twilight this past weekend & also thought it was a really good way to end the series .... I liked that it was funny

Connie said...


You and your gassy ass!

LeeLu Creations said...

Ha! Love your bro's reponse to being forced to watch the Twilight movie. Still laughing!! I also saw the movie and was totally tricked in the end, so glad it ended the way it did. :)

SteveFrench said...

Loved the final Twilight film and I can't believe it's over! But I can't wait for The Host coming out soon. There is actually a cool contest I came across where we can win free screening tickets to The Host and a Twilight prize pack . Here is a link in case you want to share it with any of your readers: