Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Confessions: Yes, I’m still in love with Dallas Smith.

Oh, hello, my favourite day of the week!

Let’s get the ol’ Friday Confessions rollin’, shall we?


I confess… that I haven’t been as in love with anyone in a long time as I am with Dallas Smith right now.  For reals, yo.

I confess… that my friend Jaime, who was at the show Tuesday night, tweeted me the link to this Youtube video last night, and it literally made my day.  Dallas’ amazing voice + Chad’s total hotness = Jill’s a happy camper.  I love my Boys of Fall.

I confess… I thought Damon Salvatore would distract me last night from my Dallas Smith infatuation, but he didn’t really.  I want Damon & Elena to be together so badly, and each week that they’re not just frustrates me even more.

damon-elena-stefan-season-4-ms PAINT

I confess… that I downloaded a tune that I loved from Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, and it’s the only one getting regular play on my iPod these days, aside from Dallas Smith.  Here’s “Guilty Filthy Soul” by Awolnation.  Accompanied by a picture of Stefan, Elena, and Damon.  Enjoy.

I confess… that I’m school-girl-excited to see the final installment of The Twilight Saga next Thursday night.  It’s probably good that the series is wrapping up, though, because I’m getting too old to be school-girl-excited over vampires and their hybrid child, I think.

breaking dawn part 2 2

I confess… I’m having a Twilight marathon tomorrow – watching all the flicks to get geared up for the grand finale!

I confess… that I might be almost as excited to eat at Montana’s Thursday night as I am for the movie.  Or maybe even more.

I confess… that I have to learn how to play Euchre because I’m supposed to play in a tournament next Saturday, and aside from a few little lessons over the years, I have absolutely no frigging clue how to play.  I would like to call upon all Euchre players in my family – that means you, Mom-Luke-Kara-Chris – to give me a crash course this weekend.  Please and thank you.

I confess… I’m so looking forward to the down-time this weekend!  Dinner out with my momma tonight, Onslow School Christmas craft sale tomorrow, then my Twilight movie marathon for the rest of the day, and nothing but church and relaxing (and hopefully Euchre) on Sunday.  Snacks, couch, comfy-ness, hot chocolate… bring it!

I confess… that after writing yesterday about how much I love to sleep, I had the worst night’s sleep ever last night.  Of course I did.


I confess… that I can’t leave off without a little more Dallas.  Here’s to the weekend, folks, might as well “jump right in”… have a good one :)


Jo said...

Have a great weekend Jill!

VandyJ said...

Those relaxing kind of weekends are good to have. Hope yours goes the way you want it to. And the sleep does not elude you.

Marvi Marti said...

I am 49 years old and here to tell you, we are NEVER too old to be school girl excited over vampires!!!


Mrs. Match said...

I'm really excited to see Twilight too. And omg YES to Damon, and BLECK to Stefan. He drives me crazy with his whiney-ness. He's a total wiener. ;-)

HickChickBritt said...

So I have never heard of Euchre before. So I asked my good friend Google, and he said it was pretty fun. I am still confused about how to actually play, but I have always wanted to play cards with people(besides poker, everyone always wants to play poker) Ok I just read what I wrote, and it all kind of sounded creepy and like the only friend I have is Google and he won't play cards with me! haha. Oh well have a nice relaxing weekend!

Nicole said...

I still have yet to see Breaking Dawn part 1... I'm so far behind the times! Heck, I haven't even seen the last Harry Potter movie and I really liked HP. Mark keeps telling me to wait... grrrr!

Stacie said...

Can't wait for Twilight!