Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WWTKW: Would you rather…?

I’m in a really crap mood today.

Don’t even ask.

Still kinda trying to get back into the bloggy swing of things.  And still no pictures of T.O. to show you.

So let’s play some Wednesday Q&A, alrighty?


Linking up with Mamarazzi & Crazymama.

Here are this week’s “Would you rather…” questions:

{one} WYR...have your own private jet or your own private island?
{two} very good looking or very smart?
{three}WYR...have the ability to be invisible or the ability to fly?
{four} WYR...have the ability to read minds or control the weather?
{five} able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?

My answers:

{one} WYR...have your own private jet or your own private island? 

I want the island.  Right now. 


I realize the private jet would be very cool, and it would be awesome to tour around the world whenever I wanted, but usually?  Usually touring around the world sounds exhausting to me.  Chilling on a beach with a drink in hand sounds more heavenly than gallivanting around the world.

I’ll take the island.  This one would do quite nicely…

private island

{two} very good looking or very smart?

OK.  So.  I recognize that the correct answer is very smart… But just for one day in my life, I’d like to be very good looking.  You know that line in the Counting Crows song “Mr. Jones”?  We all want something beautiful…man, I wish I was beautifulI’ve thought that so many times. 

Meh.  I’m already kinda half-smart anyways.  Give me the beauty.

{three}WYR...have the ability to be invisible or the ability to fly?

Flying.  Definitely.  It’s one of those things you wonder as a kid, right?  Why can the birds fly, but not me?  I think it would be so insanely awesome to just fly around wherever I want, whenever I want…such a feeling of freedom.  And since I already turned down the jet, it just makes sense, right?

This just made me think of that moguls skier Jean-Luc Brassard who won a bunch of medals at the Olympics when I was a kid.  I remember seeing an interview with him on TV, when he grinned and said, “I love to fly!”

jean-luc brassard 

I’d love to know that feeling, too.

{four} WYR...have the ability to read minds or control the weather?


Reading minds…that could bring on a lot of unwanted responsibility.  Most of the time, I’d rather be in the dark than know others’ true thoughts. 

BUT!  If it could decide what days it was going to be sunny, rain, snow, or what have you…that I could have fun with!!  I’d make damn sure there was never any crazy storms around here, that’s for sure.  They scare me.  And I’d always have sunshine for my holidays.  I hate when crap weather ruins a good time.  It would also go hand-in-hand with my ability to fly.  I’d make sure I never got caught in bad winds.


{five} able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?

Take back anything you say.  I’ve really, really wished for this a few times in the past.  Not often, but there have been times when I speak before I think, and it’s not a pleasant feeling afterwards.  If I could just take that back…  Yeah, that would be nice.

Have a good one, gang.


Jodie said...

Sorry, you are in a crappy mood! Cheer up buttercup! :) I totally agree about controlling the weather!!

Sarah said...

I'd also pick a private island..ahhh, I wish! I would also pick good looks, the ability to fly, control the weather - so it only snows on xmas, only rains at night and sunshine all day! And I would also pick the ability to take back stuff I said, god knows there are have been few times where I should have kept my mouth shut and I didn't.

Stacie said...

Sometimes you just need a day to be in a crappy mood and not apologize for it....just take today for yourself!

Anonymous said...

You've got a deal - my jet flies us to your island! Yup!
Cheer up :)

Nicole said...

I'm sorry you're in a crappy mood! I was Friday! Hope things get better, plus look on the bright side, I think you're pretty! :)

Lindsay said...

DUDE! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SMART! Don't EVER let me catch you thinking otherwise! I might kick you in the throat! :)

Nancy said...

I am with Lindsay on this one, Jillian....check out your MOH pics and your profile pic from vacation at the camp!!!You are very smart, as well as beautiful. You also have one of the tenderest hearts ever....a wonderful quality in my eyes, a rocking aunt to the kids, great church supporter and friend. When you are feeling crappy, remember your Spiritual Gifts, you are a blessing to us all. Hugs.

Mamarazzi said...

um...hi, excuse me, but...i think you are beautiful. like really really beautiful. i am not just saying this either, i don't just tell people they are good looking unless they really are. and you, my friend, are.

soooo, believe it.

i got the jet so if you need a ride to your island let me know, you will share the island right?

thanks for linking up...

Forgetfulone said...

I think most of us agree on taking back our words. Sad, but true. I wouldn't mind having that island in the picture!

Jo said...

I would not want to control the weather. What if someone wants rain when you want sun or what if your weather choices affect the farmers badly and they are unable to grow enough food …. No thank you! I would far rather be able to read minds, when I wanted.